Beginner bloggers: 2 ways to make money

In the past week, some of you have asked me about mainly two things: What my thoughts were on Affiliate links (can you make real money with it) and what my thoughts were on Ko-fi (a link where your readers can buy you a ‘coffee’/donate $3.)

In this post I will tell you of 2 ways I know makes real money.


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Back in 2014 and 2015, I use to add affiliate links to my blog.

After that year, I stopped with most affiliate links because I did not see growth. If something doesn’t work after a considerable amount of time, and I’ve done my best, I simply move on to the next.

Now in 2017 I only do affiliate links that work for me and might work for you too, because there is logic in the method.

Tips on selecting affiliate links:
1. Go the website that you shop at the most, most companies have affiliate programs on their website. Sign up.

Why use a store that you shop at? Because if you are the average person, you don’t buy overly expensive things on a daily basis.

Most affiliate links that people put up, is overly expensive and so people don’t click on the link because they can’t afford it.
And if they do go to the website, mostly they don’t buy anything which influences your sales.

2. If you are thinking about selling a specific item, choose items that cost less then what people pay for currently in other stores.

Example: I found a company that sells human hair for extremely cheap. First, I bought the hair to see if it’s good quality. Once I saw it was, I contacted the company, told them I have a blog and would like to advertise their hair on my blog with an affiliate link.

I had the hair on my blog for a while but took it off once my blog content changed more to fashion rather than beauty.

(I’m getting back into beauty soon, so I might contact a few companies again.)

3. What’s your demographics? Which country visits your blog the most? Check your stats. Once you know, you can choose affiliate links catering specifically to those people. Get affiliate links from stores in those countries.

4. What do you post about? Fashion? Parenthood? Writing? It’s important to know this because the people who follow you are attracted to that topic. Choose an affiliate link that sells something related to that topic.

If you blog about being vegan, but your affiliate links are for meat products, you won’t make any sales.

Some readers asked about Ko-Fi
Let me first explain what Ko-Fi is.

It’s a platform where creators can set up a free account and link back to their website for readers to buy you a ‘coffee’.

It’s not an actual coffee but rather a donation of $3 (the average price of a coffee ) or more (if they want to give more) In this way, your readers can support you.

How do they pay and how do you receive it?
They choose an option to pay via their bank card or PayPal and you put your bank details or PayPal into your account.

Ko-Fi will let you know when you’ve received the money and it will be available to you immediately. No threshold.

I set up my Ko-Fi account last week and have received some caffeine from some of you, THANK YOU. It’s an incredible feeling to receive a notification that someone actually clicked on the button, and decided to support my blog in that way.


Screenshot of how it looks when you receive a ‘coffee’


If my posts have helped you consider buying me a ‘coffee’ click here.

Questions to the readers:
Do you use affiliate links? What’s the most difficult part for you when you think about affiliate links?

If you want to read more posts like these, I made a whole series of beginner blogger tips. Click here.

See you in the comments, happy living!











Meet the blogger Minakshi Dewangan

Today we are meeting a lovely new blogger. If you would like your blog to be featured click here. Don’t forget to include your blog website because otherwise I can’t link to it!


Meet Minakshi Dewangan

  • What’s your blog about?
      -My blog is about fashion and lifestyle related stuff. I love doing fashion and makeup and hair and everything but I wanted to do in a way that people can adapt easily in their life.😊
  • Would you consider yourself a…- I am a beginner blogger of course. As I am still learning and working on everything.
  • What’s your vision for your blog?
        To connect, to reach and to grow           more as a Blogger with whom people can relate easily. ☺
  • If your wildest fantasy came true regarding your blog, what would it be?
To get maximum number of beautiful followers as my blogging family who found my blog interesting so that it will push me More to serve them better.
  •  What are your worst fears about blogging?
 That people will not get bored and uninterested towards me and my blog.
  • Wild Cards!
1. If you didn’t have to sleep then what would you do with the extra time?
I will explore the world beyond my shell and write about them.
2. What is the most annoying habit that other people have?
All people in this world are one of a kind so it’s difficult to say which habit to put in annoying category but sometimes i do get irritated when people shouts to prove themselves right.
3. What skill would you most like to master?
I love Dancing and I wanted to learn more and more about it.


I had my first blog for 3 years and no one commented. It was on blog spot and I uploaded everyday. It was in 2010.

Why did no on comment? Perhaps they didn’t find it interesting, but I think it also got to do with me not tagging any of my post, or sharing it on social media etc.I really didn’t even know what a blog was.

I use to write in my dairy everyday, year after year but after I discovered the internet, I searched for an online journal. Somehow I came across blog spot and picked a journal theme. And so I blogged for three years not knowing people could see it.

Lucky no one did. I went back to it tonight, and checked the stats, only 2 people have viewed it from America. There was noting good on that blog anyway. A whole lot about Jesus and my views.

I’ve been on WordPress for 4years now and I’ve learned some things here too.

HNCK4034 (1)

So, why this entire story?

I’m starting a new series on my channel. It will be called ‘BEGINNER BLOGGER TIPS’

The postS will go up every Friday and Tuesday.

Let’s get into it!

What should you blog about?

Don’t stress if you don’t know what you want to blog about. Just write or post pictures of whatever comes natural to you. Do this for 1-3 months. See what you posted about a whole lot, and what not so much. The topic you posted a lot about is likely your theme for your blog. Viola, you found what your blog is going to be about.

If you find after 3months you still don’t know, that’s okay. I know great people who blog ‘a little about everything.’

How do I get followers?

After blogging for a month and tagging your posts, it’s likely that you have some people following you already. Now that you know what your topic for your blog is, you can search for other bloggers with similar content.

Comment genuine comments on their posts. People can tell when you are not genuine. Read the entire post before commenting. You might embarrasses yourself by reading the title, skimming through the post and then commenting asking for something that the person have answered in the post.

When you show interest in other people, people will show interest in you. If they don’t, then just move on. But people on WordPress are friendly, and they will normally come and check your blog out too. And that’s how you make friends and build a community.

What is quality content?

Make sure it’s not rushed, or like everyone else’s posts. Put a little bit of your personality in your work. I will go more in detail about it in next week’s questions. Also if you do not have a great camera for pictures, I will go in depth about websites that you can download free copyright images.

How much time should you spend on your blog?
You can spend how much time you want, but if you are serious about blogging, a minimum of 2 hours per day will do.

Why 2hours? Well, you have to think about a blog idea, then plan it. Then write it and find pictures for it. That already takes two hours if you put effort in. But say it took an hour, then you have one hour left. With that hour you have to find new blogs that you like. Also, see what’s new with your current followers.

Something I love to do is find different kinds of blogs, not only fashion related. Even though my blog is mainly about fashion. I do this because I get inspired by reading other peoples blog. It gives me a fresh perception and I channel that perception into fashion. And that’s how you keep peoples attention.

How often should you post?

That is what you prefer. I try to post twice per day, everyday. Why?  Words just come out of my fingers and I have the urge to write it down. It comes naturally to me. I have a goal of making blogging my full time career.

But how about you? Are you only doing it as a hobby? Then once a week is okay.

What if I don’t post on my blog for a while?

It happens to everyone. Life is life. Depression happens, period mood swings happens, people die, school work and work needs to be done etc.

When you do feel to come back to blogging, you are always welcome. People understand. You can explain why you went away, in a open way, like I did here, or just a light way, like I did here.  You can come back with a humble post or a BANG.

I think I will stop here for today. If you have any other questions then you can ask me in the comments below.

Did this first post help you? Anything else you want me to write on?

Next week’s questions will be:

How to improve your content

Ideas for topic to write about that will keep your audience attention.

The safest places to find free copywriter images, videos and software to improve your blog.

Happy living!

Chantal xx