Beginner bloggers: 2 ways to make money

In the past week, some of you have asked me about mainly two things: What my thoughts were on Affiliate links (can you make real money with it) and what my thoughts were on Ko-fi (a link where your readers can buy you a ‘coffee’/donate $3.)

In this post I will tell you of 2 ways I know makes real money.


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Back in 2014 and 2015, I use to add affiliate links to my blog.

After that year, I stopped with most affiliate links because I did not see growth. If something doesn’t work after a considerable amount of time, and I’ve done my best, I simply move on to the next.

Now in 2017 I only do affiliate links that work for me and might work for you too, because there is logic in the method.

Tips on selecting affiliate links:
1. Go the website that you shop at the most, most companies have affiliate programs on their website. Sign up.

Why use a store that you shop at? Because if you are the average person, you don’t buy overly expensive things on a daily basis.

Most affiliate links that people put up, is overly expensive and so people don’t click on the link because they can’t afford it.
And if they do go to the website, mostly they don’t buy anything which influences your sales.

2. If you are thinking about selling a specific item, choose items that cost less then what people pay for currently in other stores.

Example: I found a company that sells human hair for extremely cheap. First, I bought the hair to see if it’s good quality. Once I saw it was, I contacted the company, told them I have a blog and would like to advertise their hair on my blog with an affiliate link.

I had the hair on my blog for a while but took it off once my blog content changed more to fashion rather than beauty.

(I’m getting back into beauty soon, so I might contact a few companies again.)

3. What’s your demographics? Which country visits your blog the most? Check your stats. Once you know, you can choose affiliate links catering specifically to those people. Get affiliate links from stores in those countries.

4. What do you post about? Fashion? Parenthood? Writing? It’s important to know this because the people who follow you are attracted to that topic. Choose an affiliate link that sells something related to that topic.

If you blog about being vegan, but your affiliate links are for meat products, you won’t make any sales.

Some readers asked about Ko-Fi
Let me first explain what Ko-Fi is.

It’s a platform where creators can set up a free account and link back to their website for readers to buy you a ‘coffee’.

It’s not an actual coffee but rather a donation of $3 (the average price of a coffee ) or more (if they want to give more) In this way, your readers can support you.

How do they pay and how do you receive it?
They choose an option to pay via their bank card or PayPal and you put your bank details or PayPal into your account.

Ko-Fi will let you know when you’ve received the money and it will be available to you immediately. No threshold.

I set up my Ko-Fi account last week and have received some caffeine from some of you, THANK YOU. It’s an incredible feeling to receive a notification that someone actually clicked on the button, and decided to support my blog in that way.


Screenshot of how it looks when you receive a ‘coffee’


If my posts have helped you consider buying me a ‘coffee’ click here.

Questions to the readers:
Do you use affiliate links? What’s the most difficult part for you when you think about affiliate links?

If you want to read more posts like these, I made a whole series of beginner blogger tips. Click here.

See you in the comments, happy living!











Shekinah was suppose to eat the mice…I ended up eating more.

This might be a little disgusting, sensitive readers get a bucket next to your bed and lets get the vomiting party started.

I decided it was time that Shekinah got some training in hunting, not that she needs any seeing that she’s a cat. That’s what cats do. Yes? No.

Not Shekinah.

I took her to a  ranch where they give you a private piece of ‘field’ with wild mice so that your cat can hunt and eat it.

Long story short. Shekinah gave the wild mice one look and it was clear she had no interest of chasing it. She did smell one of them and gave a disgusting look. On our way out, the other people there showed proudly the mice their cats had caught and soon will eat. I had nothing to show, or did I? I passed a place where they sold mice. I bought two mice. So on our way back when everyone was showing their mice, there I was, a proud cat mom. Which would have been fine, if Shekinah was going to eat the mice. There I was with two mice in a box and no place for them. When I arrived in my town, I donated them to the local pet shop who gladly accepted them.

Here is some pictures:

Shekinah did not eat the mice but I ended up eating a lot of food.

2015-02-04 23.00.21

2015-02-04 22.59.30



Blueberry & mulberry cheese cake

Blueberry & mulberry cheese cake

2015-02-04 22.55.02

Home made tarte

Home made tarte

Homemade cake

Homemade cake

2015-02-04 22.52.14

Have a lovely day!

Feast like a beast

I don’t normally fancy cake…

But when I do I bake a 30 cm cake and eat it alone

2015-01-28 23.00.44

I do not care about making a big mess


All that matters is getting a piece of the cake on a plate.

2015-01-28 23.39.47

And another piece


Add some chocolate topping


And another plate…


And another and another and another…


This is the moment I realize there is some left over chocolate I didn’t put in the cake

2015-01-29 00.03.32

Now it goes in my mouth.

Also, all the plates are dirty…



Here is where I take a moment to thank God for dishwashers,  then press the start button.

Now I’m going to cuddle in bed with Shekinah, put on Netflix and have a lazy day.

I work hard

I’m precise

I eat right

I get 8 hours of sleep

I’m clean and tidy

So whenever I eat a 30 cm cake by myself, I have no shame. A girl needs days like these. 😊😊