BEGINNER BLOGGER SERIES :The truth about blogging

I’m happy that the beginner blogging series is doing so well but as I was thinking about it earlier today some thoughts came to my mind.
Some things to remember as a beginner blogger.

Why do I think I’m in a good position to tell you these things?
1) I’ve been on the blogging journey for 7 years.( 3 of which was spent on Blogspot)

2) I’m not trying to sell you anything.

So, let’s get into it!

Will your blog become successful?
The tips that I’ve been giving you on the beginner blogger series is to grow your blog over time. Perhaps faster than the normal beginner blogger, because you have these tips and they don’t.

But I do not want you to get the idea that because you follow these tips you will be an over night success. No app or blogging services that I suggest will grow your blog so fast that it turns into a big success over night.

When I tell you about these apps and blogging services I suggest it because it works over a time period

But I also know that the people who created these apps and blogging services are a business. They want to make money, rightly so. Thus, they will amp up their product.

Example: Everyone knows McDonald’s. If you look at the advertisement in their windows or on tv, you will see the burgers are bigger and better. While when you buy the burger, it resembles the advertisement somewhat (has the ingredients that you saw on the advertisement.) However, the burger buns are smaller and the celery perhaps less.

That is called advertising. Portraying the product in the best way possible.

This is what every company do.

Even the ‘help blogging companies’

If there was a magical company or pill that would have worked well, then everybody would be great successful bloggers. Think about it.

The apps and companies might say in their description that it gives you the most search for word on WordPress and when you use it three times in your post it will pop up on the first page of google. That is true, but it will take a while for your post to get up there.

Is your blog even worthy of being on the first page of Google?

Is it ready for thousands of people to flock to? How is your content?

Because if your blog is not ready, then all those people that came to your blog will never return. This the apps and companies will never tell you this. But if you post one good post that people liked and you have not been working on anything else, people might lose interest.

People search millions of websites every day and the ones that stand out are the ones that have something useful/beautiful on their blogs. Give people a reason to come to your blog.

The companies and apps work over a period of time. Not over a night.

What audience are you looking for?
Also, something to look into is, ‘What type of audience are you looking for?

You can get many people coming to your blog, once of, and even follow you, but they will be ‘dead followers.’ Meaning followers that never interact, never visit your blog etc. Those are not the audience you are looking for when you are building your blog.

Even though they will show as a high number of followers on your follower count, your audience will never engage. You will feel like no one is reading your blog and interested companies who would like to sponsor you, will not because you will not be of benefit to them.

Let’s speak about sponsored content.

That is when you get paid by a company to post about an item or idea on your blog. It has become a frowned upon idea in today’s world because bloggers and vloggers will say a product is good when in fact it really isn’t.

But as a blogger, there are some great points to writing a sponsored post. If you get a sponsored post that means that you have been working hard on your blog and interacting with your followers. It means you have established a relationship with your audience while maintaining great content. THAT IS HARD WORK.

And therefore like any other job you deserve to be paid for it. Writing is a paid occupation. Scratch that. Interactive writing is what companies and business paid for (in the blogging community)

You can write the greatest posts, but if the people who follow you are not interested, then no company will sponsor you.

Feeling discouraged? Don’t be. Everyone starts somewhere. Or better yet, everyone starts off with no people commenting or liking their posts.

But they also move beyond that. How do you move beyond that?

If you get one comment on your blog, reply to it. Not just a ‘thank you’ but a proper comment. Think of it like this:

If you were asked to speak at an event and only two people showed up, will you speak to the two people or will you keep looking at the door waiting for more people to show up while ignoring the two people who came?

You will probably speak to the two people. Firstly because they are sitting right in front of you and secondly because they came to hear you speak.

They will go off and tweet, facebook and speak to people about the wonderful talk they listened to.

It’s the same with blogging. When you get only one comment reply to it. Check out the blog of the person who commented. Take interest.

Someone on their blog might read your comment and then click on your name to check out your blog just because you left an insightful comment. I followed many people like that. And met the most wonderful followers.

Blogging has become a paid career, thanks to social media and influencers. Blogging made much possible for me. And so it will do for you. But be realistic with yourself when you download the apps I have suggested or the companies. It helps, but there’s a reason not everyone who downloads it becomes successful bloggers.

Escape the propaganda and think for yourself.
I will keep sharing what works for me as I believe that it works over a period of time. And as you read and follow my tips keep in mind that no one has become an over night success by using any app that helps your blog gain more traffic overnight.

Persistence is key. Also, use your brain and think for one moment. Ask the question ‘What are my expectations of this app?’ Am I expecting it to work in one week and if it doesn’t will I go out and buy another one?’

How many apps will it take me to realize that nothing works in a short amount of time?

This happens often. One app doesn’t work so the next app that’s better advertised you go ahead and download or buy. Just to discover the same thing.

Really get real with yourself about the expectations and remember the Mc Donalds burger I mentioned earlier. 🙂

Life still exists outside of your blog.

When you begin to blog seriously with a goal in mind, blogging will take a huge part of your thinking. It will be with you daily in your mind: when you go out to friends. when you see your family etc.

And for that reason be aware that it will get harder to live life. You might be tempted to take out your phone and record a video or take a picture for your blog and forget to live. Looking back at only parts of your life in an edited filtered way.

Remind yourself to set time aside for your blog and time aside for your ‘normal life’. Just like you do with your job.

Yes, paying attention to blogging is hard work and almost a full-time job, but a day of relaxing won’t make your followers uninterested. Your blog will still be there when you return back to it. better yet, you might even have some inspiration.

So enjoy life and grow with your blog.

I hope this helps! 🙂 Are there any particular beginner blogger tips you want to know about? I’m preparing for this week’s post on the ‘beginner blogger series’ What are you struggling with your blog right now? Comment are welcome!

Happy living,
Chantal xx


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Meet the blogger Katy Bronsk

Last week I announced that I will be introducing a new blogger on my blog twice a week since many people I’ve came in contact with said they did not have a lot of WordPress friends.

Why not share the love you give on my blog with her blog? You can check her blog out here. A like,comment and follow will bring many smiles 😀 Remember how you felt when someone did it to you? No? Then you should probably read this post if you want to promote your blog on my blog for free. 🙂

And a big thank you to Mr. Militant Negro who offered to then re-blog your post on his blog to even more viewers!

Now *drum rolls please*

I introduce to you Kathy Bronsk


My name is Katy Bronsk and I’m an international student studying Finance in the US.
What is your blog about?
1.) my blog is mostly about studying, high school, and college. However, I also sometimes write about other random topics that I find interesting or personal topics that some of my friends or followers  had requested in the past. Once I start getting Finance related internships, some of my blog posts will probably end up being about that as well.
What type of blogger are you?
2.) I would consider myself a beginner blogger. I only started in March.
What is your vision for your blog?
3.) My vision for my blog is to use it to talk with fellow college students as well as to give honest advice to people who are starting out on their college journey or are still in High School.
What is your biggest hope for the blog?
4.) That it goes viral, of course.
What’s your biggest fear about blogging?
5.) As you had probably guessed, I’m not writing this blog under my real name so that I can have the freedom to be controversial and give my honest opinion regarding different topics, without the fear of offending someone (since people find anything and everything offensive this days). My biggest fear about blogging is that something that I write might end up having consequences for my personal or professional life.

The other fear that I have is that I get too lazy and/or life will get in the way of me writing it.

Wild Cards: 
If you had extra time what would you do with it?
1.) I would spend it drawing and probably working on this blog.
What do you like least in other people?
2.) That they do something stupid and than blame others for their failures.
If you could learn an extra skill , what would it be?
3.) I always wanted to learn to play the piano and to be good at music. I guess I never grew out of the “I want to be a pop star” phase but understand that it will not happen for me and so decided to focus on becoming the next Gordon Gekko instead.
The link to her blog is:

Not popular?How to promote your blog via social media.

I’ll assume that you know these social media platforms, not necessarily use it, but know of it: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Youtube.

These are all ways to promote your blog.

But you are not stupid, you know that already and perhaps have tried it too. But the people just don’t care. To some people, it is easy to promote their blog on social media because they are already ‘popular’ amongst friends and family or have friends and family who cares.

But to others, they don’t get the same attention so it will not be useful to say ‘share your blog on your social media.’

But not all hope is lost. In this post, I will be showing you ways to promote your blog on social media even if you are not popular or perhaps shy.

There is a website called medium. It’s a large community of people who like to read. You can post your blog post on there and it will show it to people who actually read blog posts on a daily basis.

This will expose your blog to an even bigger audience outside of WordPress.

Also, if you do not want your friends and family to know that you are blogging, this is a great way to go as apposed to Facebook etc where all your friends and family see your every move.

Use social media:
Everyone seems to be saying that you should sign up to as many social media as possible because that gives you a bigger audience. All of that is true.

But being on social media promoting your content continuously can suck your soul. The dangers with this is
* If you don’t get any response you will feel like a failure
*You spend your entire time promoting your content and forget about your real physical life outside of social media
* Contrast to popular belief, staring at your phone the entire day is not good for your eyes.

However, If you are comfortable with all of that, count it as a gift and use it to your advantage.

I, however, have tried to love social media and my phone but it occupies my mind and thus not paying attention to my physical life.

Choose the right type of social media for you.

So for people like me, choose one or two social media that you can handle. Preferably ones that you have the most following on.

On which social media do you have the most following on? Choose those ones.

Then set aside time to promote your blog.

For me, this is Facebook. I know when I post on Facebook, many people will come and check my blog out because my parents, siblings, childhood friends etc are on there.

It’s easier to get people who already know you to check out your blog oppose to strangers that first need to find interest in you. Those strangers do exist, so all hope is not lost.

When you promote your blog, make it interesting. Do not just post ‘Here’s my blog post, check it out’ I’m guilty of that, and people get bored by it when they have seen you post for the 5th time the same sentence, every day/week.

Instead, use an interesting picture. Preferably one you took, that will make people wonder ‘What is he/she up to?’

Also, words are very powerful. Use your words that will attract people to your post. Get their emotions involved.

Do not just post a link to your blog post. Make them see why it will be beneficial them to check your post out.

Try different apps to make your content a bit different from the rest of the people posting. 

(These apps are available on Andriod and Iphone)

If you use videos, try out the app alive. It’s the video editor Beyonce uses for her creative videos. It’s free. It makes your video come alive by giving you emotions that have motion, filters that are different from Instagram, songs, interesting text styles, and there’s a whole lot more on that app. It works on Android and iPhone.It’s easy and free, so why not check it out? (Not sponsored)

Other interesting video editor apps to check out; Hyperlapse & Squaready

To bring more attention to your pictures Snapseed is very effective. You can change the contrast, brightness etc on it. But so does Instagram right, so why Snapseed? Everyone is using the Instagram filters, Snapseed will make your pictures stand out, just because you are not using the same filters everyone else is using. it also gives you more options to play around.

If you are posting a beauty blogger or just want to improve your appearance on pictures and wonder what the top beauty bloggers use Youcam makeup is a good app. It smoothes out your skin, there are options to change your lip color, hair color etc. Whatever you are looking to enhance, it’s probably on the app. Just one thing, don’t overdo it. Don’t make your skin so smooth that you don’t look recognizable. Go for natural but enhanced.

If you are on Instagram you will notice that some of your pictures do not entirely fit into the screen. No crop is a photo editor that allows you to post the entire picture to your Instagram without cropping it. It also has filters, texts, and many more functions. Play around with it.

Get inspiration form the people you admire.

Go visit the social media of the people you admire. What do you like about their social media? Use that as inspiration and create your own.

If you want to read more about this topic, I’ve written more blog posts about it here.

I hope this helped some of you! Do you have any questions?

Until tomorrow.

Happy living!

Chantal xx

Why people are not viewing your blog/ No traffic.

I’m very happy that you are enjoying the beginner blogger series, but I’ve taken a look at some of your posts. I see that some of you have followed the tips I gave but still have little traffic coming to your blog.

I took some time out to think about it. I studied some statistics and now I’m here with this post.

WARNING: This will be painful to swallow. If you are not serious about blogging and you are content with only a few followers and views then stop reading this post.

However, if you want to make it big time, this might bring some light on why you are not receiving your desired amount of traffic.

There are not many people who search about the topic you write about

Analyst at google have discovered the majority of blog readers are between 30-55 years old.

Yes, there are bloggers and readers who are younger (like myself) or older like many of my friends on WordPress that read blogs. But if you want to make it ‘big time’ you should blog about a topic that is searched big time.

The size of the audience you blog for is small.

If you google the top 100 most popular blogs, you will see that the amount of people who are interested in the topic they blog about is about 5million. Not 5million people who read their blog daily, but 5 million people who are interested in the topic they write about.

Your blog post are too short

I’ve been guilty of this many times before. I noticed when I wrote shorter post, I would have interaction with my audience more. I would see an increasing ‘likes’ in my topics. However, when I go to my stats I would also discover that many of the people who ‘like’ the post never even read it.

Another reason to write longer post are that it reflects to people you are not lazy and have taken time to write the post. This will resolve people sharing your content or linking back to your content in the future.

Want to stand out among other bloggers? Writing longer post will do that. Many people are too lazy to write longer posts.

You might think people do not want to read long posts, but google favors longer post over shorter posts. It shows the search engine that you have more information on your post.

When you write short posts, people would generally think you are just another boring blogger, trying to blog.

You write when you feel good but not in other situations.

Tired? Sleepy? Moody? Still write. Get started with the first word, the first sentence until you finish your post. It takes discipline to write. Not many people are disciplined in today’s world because we are told to ‘not be too hard on ourselves.’ But the truth is, if you want to achieve something in your life you will need to learn the art of discipline.

You can read books about discipline (like the neuropsychology of self discipline) it can work. However, there will be no book that teaches you self-discipline better than yourself. You already know what the word means. How do you do it? Stop procrastinating and start.

Ask yourself: How badly do you want to succeed?

There are many books available in the stores to teach you about self discipline and I’ve given a lot of money to buying those books. But after I read it, I would feel sleepy and take a nap. Then discover a new and better book to buy on the topic of self-discipline.

The only way I discipline myself is to actually start with writing a blog post. You might fail and fail until you succeed.

You count your success by the amount of likes you get per post

People can ‘like’ your post without even reading it. It happens more often then we think. Actually on a daily basis. So don’t be disappointed if no one in the beginning ‘likes’ your content.

Many people view your blog, read your content and never like or comment.

I have people subscribe to my blog who read my blog via their email. When you post consistent good content, people will come around and let you know they love your blog. The amounts of times when people commented on my blog ‘Chantal, I love your blog. I never commented before but today I just had to’ is so high.

Also, don’t be disappointed if no one comments on your post. Yes, it sucks, but you get over it. Even up until today I post things and sometimes no one will comment, but when I look at my views, it is sky high. Traffic still flows. And traffic is what you want for your blog.

Do you feel like a failure after reading this post?

If yes, then I understand. I was hesitant to write this post because firstly I’m not one to write ‘To-do’ post telling you what to do. Because I’ve paid for seminars that promised that if I did what it had told me , it would work. And  most of it didn’t.

Secondly I think in this day and age many of us are like sheep, following other people and what worked for them.

There is something beautiful in thinking for yourself. On the other hand there is something beautiful in being open to other people’s suggestions. There’s a reason many of the people who blog and follow these rules find success. It’s been proven.

In the beginning I only blogged about my cat Shekinah and fashion because those are my passions. But as you grow your passions change.

Over the years my needs have changed. I needed to make money with my blog.  Only then I listened to the advice I’ve written down above. And only then I received more traffic on a daily basis.

Blogging is a journey. You are allowed to make mistakes before you grow. I think suffering and mistakes are a necessary part of life.

In the beginning of my blog I thought I had to write about my passion and be true to myself. I was convinced of it. Four years later, and now I understand the wisdom in these ‘rules’ I’ve written in the post today. I can say that it works, but it just depends on what you want out of your blog.

Don’t be discouraged. Keep blogging. Keep learning. Change what doesn’t work for you and keep what does.

Did this post help you? Any questions?

PS:  I’ve been thinking that I’m no longer only going to post about the beginner blogger series only on Tuesday and Wednesday because there’s so many questions you asked that I still have to do blog posts about and Tuesday and Wednesday is not enough.

Happy living

Chantal xx












The post that got deleted (When boobs become saggy)

I was surprised to see how many of you could relate to the post that was just live for about 5hours until I deleted it.

Why did I delete it?

Well, some of the family I mention in there felt that I should have contacted them first, even if the post was showing them in a positive light.

So, I deleted the post because they were right.

But not to worry, I’ve written a similar post about a year ago and thought I’d post it here for you. I speak about the same things etc.I have changed a lot since that post, but I kept it exactly the same.

Hope this makes up for the deleted post 🙂

Let’s get into it!


As I’m busy drying my hair,  the thought comes to mind ” I love being a woman”.

What seemed to be a simple sentence took my brain on a little journey.  As I was drying my hair,  my brain- and heart picked apart the reasons why I love being a woman.

First,  let me put this sentence into context.  Growing up I have always admired men.  Not in a ‘sexual’ sense”.  My father was my rolmodel since I was a child and even being 24years old and a little less naive,  he is still my rolmodel today.  Second on the list is my brother.  It is not that I had a sortage of women,  in contrary,  we have 7 times more females then men in my surroundings.

My favourite philosophers are Plato,  Aristotle,  Alexander the great.  Ever since childhood I was deeply into their work.  Reflecting on it.  Agreed or disagreed.  Making arguments in my head.  But when all is done, I always left with an admiration for their work.

While studying the bible men like David,  Gideon and Joshua had my fascination. Mighty men of valor. Men of war.  Men of blood.

Even the gangsters around here.  I grew up with most of them.  And I remember who they were before they became the town’s most feared.  I remember that they would teach me how to build a pushing car cart with wood and random weels that we found in the field. I remember how they will climb the highest trees to get my kitten out of the tree.  I remember when I accidentally fell in the community swimming pool that Roy jumped in to get my out,  eventhough he couldn’t swim and I was the one getting private swimming lessons.  I don’t admire them now for being gangsters,  but I don’t judge as well.  If there is one drug I could banish from our streets in South Africa, it is would be crystal meth.

At 18 I moved out of the house and lived on my own.  For the past 6years I’ve been priding myself in learning from my dad how to fix lights, random TV problems, how to change a tire and things that men do.

But being a woman never dawned on me.  Was I trying to be a man?  Mmm,  I don’t know.  However,  if so,  it would be extremely funny as I’m a girly girl. All my mannerisms and behaviour are feminine.

I didn’t know I was really a girly girl,  until I examined myself.  I love curls in my hair,  I love lipstick,  Elle and Vogue Magazine,  lace dresses and  white and pink pearls. Seems like everyone around me knew this, but me.

And now today,  we were shooting some pictures for my online boutique.  I had a  black leotard on. I feel like the last time I checked my body was when I was 18 years old.  Boobs B cup,  firm,  flat stomach,  slim thighs.  No stretch marks or cellulite. 👍 Over the past 6years my body has changed but somehow I still had the mental image that I had my body of 18 years old.

You might think how could this be, don’t I shower and see myself?  Yes, I do.  Mostly I take a bath.  Laying down in the bath makes the stomach look flatter and somehow water makes everything look better.  I’m always in a hurry when I get out of the bath,  don’t really look myself up and down in the mirror.

Today was my first shoot in front of strangers.  I have a leotard on. Events leading up to putting this leotard on included starring at myself naked in the mirror.

Wow! Hello Chantal.

I looked at my shape.  My breast have grown.  C cup.  Not that perky anymore. I definitely need a bra now.   I have hips now.  I am no longer one straight line.  My thighs are also more curvy. A few baby stretch marks and a lil cellulite.

And I fell in love with my body.

With being a woman.

With the way God created us.

We are designed with breasts,  to nurture and feed our children.

We have hips to carry our babies.

Our brains are wired emotionally.  Some days we cry at silly things and if you ask us ‘What’s wrong? ‘  we’ll say ‘I don’t know’. (We must came across very mysterious to men lol)

Today was a good day.  I figured out a few things:

1. The reason why the bottom part of the breast hangs out of the bra,  it’s simply because I went one size up.

2. I love being a women.

Many of my friends have breast cancer,  and some had to remove their breasts. Some of my friends struggle with obesity. I know many mothers. I know some people reading this are 83 years old (hey grandma) and thinking ‘You don’t even know yet what awaits you) and my point in writing this is not to say I have a awful body.  I know I’m blessed to have a very nice body.  It’s not just in my genes though,  I exercise.  But that’s beyond the point.  My point is, this might not be the rest of the world’s body,  but it is my body and my story.

What is your story?

Also,  I’m a relational Christian. Showing my butt on my blog is probably not the most Christian thing to do. Oh well.  There it is.  The picture didn’t just trip and fell on my blog.  I purposefully clicked on upload.  I’m done being shamed with bible verses.  I’m embracing my butt,  my boobs,  stretch marks and cellulite.  #freethenipple Okay,  I will never show my nipple but you get the point 🙂

Here is a quote from a poem I like by Maya Angelou “Still I rise”

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

But still, I rise.


Meet the blogger LIBBY JADE

…she loves fashion and horses.

Yes, I’m vicariously living through her right about now. 😉

Last week I announced that I will be introducing a new blogger on my blog twice a week since many people I’ve came in contact with said they did not have a lot of WordPress friends.

Why not share the love you give on my blog with her blog? You can check her blog out here. A like,comment and follow will bring many smiles 😀 Remember how you felt when someone did it to you? No? Then you should probably read this post if you want to promote your blog on my blog for free. 🙂

And a big thank you to Mr. Militant Negro who offered to then re-blog your post on his blog to even more viewers!

Now *drum rolls please*

I introduce to you Libby Jade

Outfit 1 (3)



My name is Libby, I am 21 years old and I live in Kent which is located in the Southeast of England. I am currently studying for a degree in Fashion Media and Promotion. I have two main passions in life; blogging and horse riding. Blogging is something I have only just ventured into, however horse riding is something I have been doing all my life and I absolute love. One day I hope to pursue a career within the fashion industry; whatever that may be.

Libby answers the questions, listen up 🙂

  • What’s your blog about? ‘My blog shares inspiring fashion, style and lifestyle topics as I venture into the world of fashion’. Although it is primarily about fashion and style, I do plan on introducing beauty and travel in the future. 


  • Would you consider yourself a 1) Beginner blogger – Although I have had my blog for a while now (since September 2016), I would say it has only been recently that I have started posting more regularly. I am still learning about the blogging community and figuring out how ways to inspire others, through my passions, works best for me. 
  • What is your vision for your blog? I guess I haven’t really thought about this question before, as blogging is something fairly new to me and something I do for fun whilst studying for a degree in Fashion Media and Promotion, as well as looking after my three horses (who keep me very busy!). At this point I can only really say my vision for my blog is to inspire people and be there for enjoyment. It is a creative outlet for me personally, in which I hope people will also gain something from (enjoyment, inspiration, maybe even reassurance or comfort in the future).


  • If your wildest fantasy came true regarding your blog, what would it be? That my vision becomes a reality. That I consistently create good quality content to be enjoyed by a loyal and friendly audience in which I feel connected to. And that maybe one day blogging will be my career, or at least a part of that career within the fashion industry. 


  • What is your worst fear about blogging? I try to stay positive when it comes to my blog. I don’t have a very big audience because I have only just started on this path; therefore I don’t expect too much. However, I would say in the future I fear my content quality will get better and better, but I will have very few people to share it with. 


  • If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? BLOG MORE!!! Such a typical answer right? haha. But it is true. I mean not necessarily actually writing and creating my posts, but having experiences which inspire me to write those posts; anything from travelling, spending time with my horses, spending time with my family and friends or just simply reflecting on what inspires me within the fashion industry. And also eating…I love food, lol. 


  • What is the most annoying habit that other people have? I had to really think about this question, and even as I write this answer I’m not entirely sure what to say. The only thing that comes to mind is dishonesty. Why do people lie? I just don’t get it. Honesty is the best policy (I can’t believe I’ve just written that, haha!). 


  • What skill would you like to master? If I’m being serious I would love to be able to confidently communicate my ideas to anyone! If I’m being not-so serious, I have always liked the thought of being able to crochet and make my own knitted bralets (a bit random I know). I did give it a go once but I didn’t get very far. 



Broke, In Style (Fashion Collab with Chantal De Geus)

Here is Crisitna’s budget blog post. Really great stores she’s introduced me to. 🙂

Broke, In Style

HI guys! So I found that Chantal De Geus was looking to do a collab and we decided to do one together! Be sure to check out her blog, she has great content!Since this blog is about showing how to stay in style while being broke. I know lots people can relate to this topic because they are in college and that’s why I decided to dedicate my blog post and my entire blog to it!

Here are several pieces of clothing that won’t break your bank account!

hmprod (2)

The first one is a Short Camisole Top from H&M. It comes in two colors: black and white, perfect for any occasion and they go well with everything. They are only $2.99 dollars.


This Rib dress is from Alcott, one of my favorite stores as you can find great products at very low prices. And one example is this dress, it…

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