The good type of exhaustion

I love these type of days.


Yesterday we went to the in-laws for Father’s day and it’s was amazing. We got to see the family and that’s always lovely.



My mother-in law and myself


It was a beautiful summer’s day, the tables were outside. We were all sitting around and chatting. Ate some lovely chocolate cake and Dutch pancakes.

When we got home it was about 22:00pm and I was completely exhausted. And that’s what I love. The type of day where I’m completely exhausted at the end of it. I cannot get over how light it still is at night in The Netherlands. It’s just before 22:00pm in these pictures and videos.

My husband and I still watch a documentary but I fell asleep half way. And was woken up the next morning with his soft kisses on my cheek.

Later today, after work, we went to the park for a picnic and some Kung fu for him. The scenery was beautiful.

Now I’m in bed typing this post and I’m exhausted. The good type of exhaustion.

All I can be is happy and grateful.




Get to know me (Reintroduce myself in case you forgot)

Hello! I’m Chantal and I like things.

What kind of things? Beautiful things.

I think it started  with my first white dress, when I was born in a little town in South Africa.


I discovered this world has a lot of beautiful things… that I can eat.




And that wild curls are beautiful


But I had to spread my wings and discovered what’s on the other side of the world. Are there beautiful things in Switzerland too?


Turns out the most beautiful thing I ever saw was there…his name is Marcel.


He asked me for a walk…down the aisle.

I said YES .. I love taking walks.


Now we live in The Netherlands, in his home town. Taking a rest from all those walks 😉


Now you know a little about me.

SO, why this blog? Let’s just say I never stopped liking beautiful things.

Here’s where I post all my wishlists, reviews,clothes etc! 🙂 Hope to see you around xx



1Hey lovers!

If you’ve been a regular Youtube watcher, you probably know the feeling you get when you find a Youtuber that you like. Someone new and refreshing.

I had that experience this week when I discovered Misss Louie on Youtube. You can see she’s put a  lot of time and effort into her videos and I like her style. The end product of her videos are always so beautiful.

The best part of her videos is, I’ve discovered a new online store.

Here’s my wishlist for today! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed curating it!
Chantal xx


I like the lace on this top. It can be worn as elegant, with a nude tank top underneath, but can be switched up to a more sexy look, if you decide to wear a white bra underneath.

The best part? The PRICE: US16$
find it here:

I like that at the review section of the clothes, people who’ve bought the clothes before  post pictures in the item they’ve bought.


I simply love this swimsuit because it will fit well on my body. I like it because it doesn’t show too much skin, yet has a sexy element-the see through mash fabric.

Also, it will hide the stretch marks on my sides.

Price: us$ 18

The price for me is still a bit high. I can probably find it cheaper somewhere else. Or can I?



I like the colour of the shoe. This colour will go with so many of my clothes.

And I’m a fan of the block heel. When I was younger I loved the thin heel, but my feet does not last 20min in that type of heels anymore.


I’m not ready to spent US$36 dollars on a shoe.
But that’s why it’s on my wishlist and not in my
shopping cart! Chic shoe though! 🙂