Life & death

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.” 
― C.S. LewisThe Problem of Pain

Hey lovers

Today my heart is very sad.

This morning,  my day started off very well.  At 7am Shekinah gave birth to 3 kittens.  2 little white ones and 1 grey one like herself.

I  was beyond myself.  I wanted to shout to the world,  I’m a grandma!

Knowing that most people in my life don’t get the excitement (and perhaps think it a little silly that a human can act as if her cat is her child) I immediately knew that somewhere on this blog sphere there would be that one person who would get me! Because on WordPress, we each can find our own kind.

I started typing the most wonderful post ever.  The type of post where people can feel your euphoria through mere words.

Now I’m sitting with this knot in my throat.  You know that feeling when you want to cry,  but just can’t.

My favourite one died.  It was the one that looked exactly like Shekinah.

Shekinah when she was a baby

Shekinah when she was a baby


I’ve found the little body now.  😦

I wanted to take an #ootd of today and include the kittens and Shekinah,  but I’m suddenly not  up to it. Crying myself to sleep tonight.

Instead, I included yesterday’s #ootd




A cat’s guide to helping your human

Meow 😽

This is my human, her name is Chantal.

2015-03-07 17.27.45

Over all I think she’s a good human, she has strong teeth

2015-05-12 09.13.18

And her climbing skills are good


However, there are some things I still have to teach her.

The use of the tongue:

She has a dashing tongue,  but  she insists on wasting its talent on this:


I try to hint the obvious fact, that the tongue was made for cleaning yourself

2015-05-11 16.18.32

But sadly she doesn’t catch the hint.

That’s why I always stick around, I never know when she might need me.

The number one rule is to never leave her alone, not even one second.

First I had to lay on the floor while she’s laying in what appears to be a very big water bowl,  but she never seems to drink the water.


This process may take a while, so I insisted on a chair being brought for me.


I also have to be by her side when she goes into this room. I don’t trust it,  when she flash it, it makes a roaring noise.  I think it might be some kind of  wilder beast .

2015-05-10 16.36.42

When my human gets sick, I let her know that I still fully love her. I become one with the toilet paper and snot.


When she’s getting ready for work…


I help read through theories…and fall asleep.

2015-05-12 14.09.03

But that’s okay,  she loves sleeping too.


Granpa seems to be always taking pictures of us for the blog, so I always I have to look good in the picture cause the paparazzi is always following us..  Granpa is our paparazzi.


To make my human feel loved, I let her appear in my selfie too.


And she let’s me appear in hers. She calls it #iwokeuplikethis. I don’t think she has to mention it, everybody can see by her hair that she just woke up. But me, I’m flawless.

2015-05-12 14.38.43

I hate it when my human’s eyes leaks water. It makes me very sad. At those times I look straight at her to make her know I’m there for her.

2015-05-11 16.06.48

My human enjoys stretching


I encourage her by showing her how to split


Although I bite the hand that feeds me


She remains faithful in singing me to sleep. ‘Soft kitty, warm kitty…’

2015-05-11 16.29.44

Some people might call her crazy cat lady, but I call her mum. 💚💛💜😻😻😺😺😽😽

Emotional & thankful 💚💟

Here I am getting emotional over my cat, while there are people who gets emotional over real life issues, their next babies and marriage proposals.

But quite honestly, I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness for receiving this little, not so little,  furry creature, called Shekinah.

I remember the first time I held her, just looking at her with unbelieve: “Does God really trust me with this incredible cat life.? And oh my, she could have been the plainest kitten, but no, she is darn beautiful. ”


Her character evolved over time, and she went from sleeping at the end of my bed to taking over my bed. She’s become the first being I see when I open my eyes in the morning. She’s become my number 1 expense, whiskas cat food, vet bills and cat vitamin pills.  She’s made me socialise more, as she occasionally runs to the neighbours house.

We like the same things:

I like coffee, she likes coffee


I like taking baths, she like taking baths

2015-03-28 00.08.36

I love round shades, she loves playing with mommy’s shades until she falls asleep

2015-03-28 00.16.22

I love relaxing by the window,  she likes it too

2015-03-28 00.05.15

Over the past 3 months she has taught me things could be use for different purposes.

Like my hat can be used as a chair

2015-03-28 00.41.46

My face can be used as a scratching carpet

2015-03-28 00.40.46

But it’s okay cause she puts up with me.  She allows me to include her in my pictures, even though she CLEARLY had enough of me.


I also discovered some of her hobbies include DESTROYING the tissue paper

2015-03-28 00.36.36

But we share some hobbies such as sleeping

2015-03-28 00.48.30

Although she has unique ways of sleeping styles

2015-03-28 00.00.29

We both loves shoes

2015-03-28 00.10.16

We both love receiving water bowls for Christmas (her first Christmas present)

2015-03-28 00.38.38

But most importantly we both love God. Some days I fear she contemplates her life before God more than I do.

2015-03-28 00.30.21

She gave me the guts to start the blog “Chantal and Shekinah” and 3months later we have over 1000 subscribers. All because of her, I met all of you 💚💟

So next time she destroys the milk box, and create a milk swimming pool in my kitchen, I will join her 🙂

2015-03-28 00.14.07

Where is home?

Lately I’ve been thinking about where home is to me…

Here’s a little idea 🙂

Home to me is Friday night fish and chips on my plate.

Home is where the bra comes of and sweatpants come on.

Homes is where Shekinah sings an Opera song, meowing 5 am in the morning until I wake up.

Home is where God’s presence rest and no one is around to tell me what I’m suppose to be. Where it’s easier to remember who I am.

Home is where I continuously clean,  because I feel nothing is ever clean enough, but home is also the place I pull the covers over my head when my whole world is tarnished.

Home is where I sing like I have Beyoncé’s voice, dance like I have Michael Jackson’s moonwalk moves and Shekinah is my only fan girl/ groupie.

Home is where my 2nd cup of coffee is waiting, where my Coca Cola is in the fridge and where I am forgiven, appreciated and loved.

Here is some eye candy to indulge in 😍 I’m not a huge house kinda lady.

Oh and home is where I photo bomb Shekinah’ s selfies.

Photoboming Shekinah's #selfie

Photoboming Shekinah’s #selfie

#duckface photo with Shekinah

#duckface photo with Shekinah


Shekinah reacts to me #photoboming her #selfies

Shekinah reacts to me #photoboming her #selfies

Shekinah was suppose to eat the mice…I ended up eating more.

This might be a little disgusting, sensitive readers get a bucket next to your bed and lets get the vomiting party started.

I decided it was time that Shekinah got some training in hunting, not that she needs any seeing that she’s a cat. That’s what cats do. Yes? No.

Not Shekinah.

I took her to a  ranch where they give you a private piece of ‘field’ with wild mice so that your cat can hunt and eat it.

Long story short. Shekinah gave the wild mice one look and it was clear she had no interest of chasing it. She did smell one of them and gave a disgusting look. On our way out, the other people there showed proudly the mice their cats had caught and soon will eat. I had nothing to show, or did I? I passed a place where they sold mice. I bought two mice. So on our way back when everyone was showing their mice, there I was, a proud cat mom. Which would have been fine, if Shekinah was going to eat the mice. There I was with two mice in a box and no place for them. When I arrived in my town, I donated them to the local pet shop who gladly accepted them.

Here is some pictures:

Shekinah did not eat the mice but I ended up eating a lot of food.

2015-02-04 23.00.21

2015-02-04 22.59.30



Blueberry & mulberry cheese cake

Blueberry & mulberry cheese cake

2015-02-04 22.55.02

Home made tarte

Home made tarte

Homemade cake

Homemade cake

2015-02-04 22.52.14

Have a lovely day!

A letter to my kitty

Over the past few days I’ve concluded what I represent to you.

Your sleeping buddy- I feel very honored that you chose me out of all your options. I know Pooh and Tom the two bears are very upset that you chose me,as we kick them off the bed at night. Now I know what it feels like to wake up at 5am with a kiss, sometimes a lick and the occasional scratch.

Your tour guide- As we are always moving, I constantly need to introduce you to new places. Which is fine… but not after you’ve met the mouse and the grasshopper.  I am not that brave. Honestly, let’s never walk through a field again.

Your chef-  Canned Food?  No. Fish? Yes. Cooked fish, raw fish, tuna, fish& chips. Any fish, is a yes please in meow language. Thank you for making my life easier. It’s a nice feeling when someone appreciates what you cooked for them.

Your personal trainer- When I worship and lift up my hands to God, you seem to be thinking this is an exercise time, the way you chase my shadow on the wall.  However, the occasional meow let’s me know I’m not worshipping alone. You know what God says ‘Where two or three gathers in my name there I am’ well, me + you makes two so…

I can make a long list of things I THINK  I represent to you but I’m SURE that you represent to me a long prayed for friend. Indeed the moment I got you, my life changed. You scratched the only Ellie Saab dress I had, no more sleeping late, touching Pooh Pooh, decision between buying a coke or food for you- resulted in drinking less coke.

You challenge me in all ways. You make me become more myself. You brought a lot of love, joy and acceptance to my life.

So, would I mind being a 80 year old lady with 100 cats?

No, no I wouldn’t.  🙂

My kitty

My kitty, Shekinah