Beyonce or Shakira?

After eating a subway with the husband, watching a documentary on aliens and space, falling asleep , I thought my day was pretty amazing.

Until I woke up from the nap.

I smiled, kissed Marcel and he had this BIG smile on his face. He was like ‘look what came in the mail’.

I was still sleepy, open the packaged and at first I didn’t get it. Was I looking at a cat’s fur, is there a cat in this box??  😀

He said open it up and take it out of the box.

Holy Moly it was this hair!!! He surprised me!!


Okay, I actually first had to breathe in and out before typing this blog post because my head was just everywhere.

I LOVE THIS HAIR!! (did I say that out loud? oops!)

Let me just go straight to the point. This hair is my favorite so far.


And of course I had to take a bazillion more pictures, because I mean, look at it.



So, you probably think this is great and all but how can I get this hair and what’s the financial damage?

13euro!! Here’s the link.

This is not sponsored btw!

if you want to know any more details, check out my video on the hair. (Btw thanks to everyone that viewed my videos. I’ve uploaded for 7days straight and each  videos got over 2,000 views!  Which is 14,000 for the week. It makes me happy so thank you)



Grey wig review

Hey lovers!

Do I look different? Perhaps like an Elf from the middle earth? (Get the reference?)


Anyway, that’s because I tried the grey wig trend. Yes, I know, a bit late right? But better late then never. It’s a synthetic wig btw.


The price: $11

It is actually the wig in the pictures. If you are use to buying from cheap stores then you know sometimes the pictures they use is not the product you actually get, in my case, it was the exact same wig.

The hair was soft and smelled well.


Fall out.

The hair tangles easily.

Buy wig here.

Some more pictures:


If you want to see more footage, I made a video for my Youtube. While you there, mind subscribing and help a girl out? I have like 167 subscribers 😉

Thanks in advance!

And if you are wondering about my eyes, and how you can get the same ones, here’s my Solotica contact lens video:


See you around, Chantal xx


Kylie Jenner Birthday edition colors review 2017


youtube picHey lovers!

I’ve decided to jump on the Kylie Jenner bandwagon and give it a go with the 6 mini matte lipsticks. I didn’t want to pay $29 for a lip kit if I wasn’t sure what type of quality it is. I’m not in it for the name, you know? I need that good quality products be it drugstore or high end make up.

Nonetheless, here’s the video with the swatches. What do you think of the Candy K on me?


Zonneweelde Geusthouse review

The past 2months my husband and I set foot on beautiful soil. South Africa, Doha, Italy, Belguim and The Netherlands.

We’ve been in many guesthouses, and I thought I’ll take some pictures and do reviews on the guesthouses. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up there sometime.

Zonneweelde is a guesthouse in South Africa. The Western Cape in Worcester.

It’s a huge house, seems somewhat Victorian on the outside but modern on the inside.

We were greeted by a worker who had been working there for years. She explained to me that the previous owners of the guesthouse sold it to these new owners and she stayed on.

We were one of the first guests in the hotel since the new owners.

She was polite. We are used to just paying for our stay, but at this hotel, they needed also your ID or passport for copies.

We gave her our passports.


The room was homely. I liked it. My husband would go so far as saying he loved it.

Something that’s important for both my husband and me was a good mattress. Nothing messes with our sleep 🙂 And the bed was comfortable. The sheets were clean.  There were mini couches in the room as well.

Altogether the room was tidy and beautiful.



It’s actually a part of the chamber. In the corner, they created a kitchen area. It consists of a bar fridge, microwave, and a kettle. We were welcomed in our room with coffee/tea/milk and cookies.  There were also two teaspoons.

I do not have pictures of this because we ate the cookies and drank the liquids before I realized I wanted to do a review on the place.


The bathroom was improvident. It had a stand alone bath. On one side of the bathroom was a massaging couch. There was a comfortable chair, a handbasin with a mirror and a toilet. Threw the window we had a view of the backyard and the swimming pool.




The balcony is quite big. It has couches and chairs outside with a smoking tray. The view is the street.







Zonneweelde is located right in the midst of the town. Food stores, markets, clothing stores, etc. was in walking distance.


Zonneweelde is on the safe side of town, but still be vigilant when you go for walks. Walking at night is not an option in my experience.


If you want to experience the culture of South Africa, then Worcester is a great place to start. They have black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue all types of races in one town. And if you are familiar with South Africa’s history, you will be fascinated by experiencing it first hand.


Zonneweelde serves breakfast. It’s a beautiful area where you can eat. However, being South African myself, I saw the breakfast, and it was typically South African oats. Which I had enough of growing up. Every single day so I told my husband I’d rather opt out. He, being Dutch loved it. You can have breakfast for an extra price, depending on what you choose.



It was R400/28euro/30us dollar for one person per night.

So for two people, it was R800 / 57 euro/ 61 us dollars.


Cash, VISA and Mastercard (There’s an ATM around the corner)


I liked it well. My husband loved it, especially the balcony. Was it worth the money? Uhm, yes and no. If you are just looking for a place to crash, then I’d suggest a cheaper place. There’s actually much more affordable places. I’ll review them later.

But if you are looking for a cultural experience then Zonneweelde will give you your money’s worth. Not at the place where you sleep but traveling around town. Everything is really close by.

Zonneweelde is a clean, luxurious place.

Let me know what you think about it when you happen to travel there.

Here are some pictures from a booking website.


Contact lenses review- Solotica

Hey lovers!

My Solotica contact lenses arrived. I’ll write a review about it in this post. But first, check out the video I made of it. 🙂


Well, welcome back. Did you enjoy the video?

So, like I’ve said here’s the review.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. I bought the lenses myself.


Why I choose Solotica contact lenses?
My eyes have always been a little blurry, but nothing too bad. But ever since 5yars ago, it became worse. Something that most of you might not know about me is that I wear glasses. Of course not when I take my pictures etc.

I forgot my glasses in South Africa, so when it was time to get new glasses I opted for contact lenses, and if I’m going to get contact lenses, why not experiment with colour?

I did research and discovered that I don’t like coloured contact because all of it looked scary on people.That was it until I saw the Solotica contact lenses.
They are the closest to natural eyes that are on the market.

The Company I bought from:

Since I’m in The Netherlands, it would make sense for me to order from a company close to me. All the other companies were in Brazil. I found a company online; based in the UK, and the shipping was free.

I do not regret buying from them. I received my package before the estimated time.

I could also track my package. The tracking number was free. The Company Do door-to-door delivery, and it’s a signed box.

About the lens:
The lenses are comfortable. The first time I’ve put it on, my eyes teared-up, but after 2minutes I hardly remembered that I had the lenses in my eyes.

The colour:
I have the Natural cristal colour. It is beautiful. My natural eye colour is brown, and the contact covers it well.

How long it lasts:
On the website, it says it lasts about 6-12months.

What came in the package:
The lenses and a lens case

Let me know if there are any other questions! 🙂

AVON HAUL- Try on #swatches

“They are just staring at you cause you’re bloody gorgeous. ”

2015-01-27 15.06.03

The lipsticks:


1. Fuchsia pop

2. Pink deco

3. Racy berry


2015-01-27 15.30.59

On my lips:

1. Fuchsia pop


2. Pink deco


3. Racy berry




2015-01-27 15.29.28

1. Peachy seen

2. Coral crush

3. Ruby rush


2015-01-27 15.06.31

I ordered some nail polish which I saw over at Karen from but they didn’t have it.

I’m really happy with my lip products!!

Have a lovely day, see you later 😚