Fashion bloggers need to eat, right?

…delicious food of course 🙂

Kim Kardashian hair (14)

I told my husband I want to start eating healthy again and he was all for joining me. Thing is, Marcel eats anything. He is brave.

Me on the other hand, not so much. But when I do find something I like, I stick to it for years.

People who know me knows my daily menu because I can eat food I like day after day. Anyone else like that?

You can see why changing my daily eating plan can be a bit problematic.

After a few attempts at eating healthy, but not food I like, I gave up. And just used my brain. What do I like that’s healthy? I came up with bananas, blueberries,oats & honey.

Then I thought of something to make and voila here is the result. You like it? I thought about calling it a blueberry banana muffin because that’s what people will call it. (I googled it and it already exists ah)

However, I couldn’t find something quite like this. It has no flour. It’s not a muffin, rather a cake muffin hahaha!! For an entire family

I’m happy to report it’s delicious! Chantal approved 🙂

Anyway, here’s the video Check it out 🙂 And tell me what you think about it?




Am I ready for hosting my 1st party as a wife?

I only slept two hours. I couldn’t fall asleep last night and was up the entire night trying to sleep. I fell asleep at 7 am and woke up around 9am.

It was a pretty chilled day considering that tomorrow is my husband’s birthday party. This will be my first birthday party that I host as a wife.

I should be nervous, but I’m not. I love cooking. I love being in the kitchen. I can stand for hours throwing magic poisons in food. And I don’t taste it of course, the husband gives the approval. It’s always been a big smile with a big yes. (He loves food, who doesn’t?)

So while cooking up a storm today in the kitchen, preparing for tomorrow.  We got hungry and I decided to quickly make a subway inspired sandwich. Turned out pretty yummy.


I thought I’d share it with you! 🙂


How to make pancakes without eggs,baking powder, milk or butter

Hey Lovers!

I’ve been making these pancakes for a while now and I love it. It’s super easy and so affordable. You probably have these items on hand already! Use any toppings you have on hand!


1 Cup all purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

2 tbs sugar

1 cup water



Here’s a video on how I made it! 🙂