Broke in style (Pieces under $5)

When I say broke in style, I mean broke AF. I’ve found some quality outfit pieces for under 5$. A lot of my readers attend university and I thought this post would be appropriate. I still have flashbacks from my university days.

Do you want to


pizap (3)

This post is in collaboration with Cristina and her blog is called Broke in Style. Go check out her blog, because she’s got the tea on budget items and shopping tips:)

Outfit 1.jpg

pizap (7).jpg

jumpsuit (1)

Fabric: Polyester & Lace


jumpsuit (3)

Length of fabric: 22cm


jumpsuit (2)

Fabric: Lace & stainless steel


Outfit 1 (1)

pizap (4)

jumpsuit (5)

Fabric: Chiffon


jumpsuit (4)

Fabric: Polyester & Stretch


Ali express has been my best friend for these clothing pieces. The longest item took 2 weeks to arrive and the others arrived quite fast. If you are wondering about the quality, it’s great for the price but it’s not Dior.

ANYTHING YOU CAN AFFORD ON HERE?? 😉 Let me know in the comments 😀



My Accessories collection

I was about to explain how to style accessories, but I think  Tabie did an great job doing that. We did a collab on accessories. Click on her name to see hers.

I rather decided to give you inspiration for accessories, and then choose what you like.


At first I was going to do pictures like I always do, but instead I thought why not film the accessories, so you can see it in action. I still curated some pictures of me wearing the accessories, but underneath every picture there will be a video if you want to see more variety of that particular item that I filmed.


I divided it into 3 sections, ‘chokers’, ‘classics’ and ‘occult’ like you see in the video. (More variety in my video)







Step Outin Style! (2)

You ever forget people actually read your blog?

I often forget that people are actually reading my blog. Even after 4 years and +-2000 followers.

I was about to just post this ootd, but let me explain for those of you who are here. Welcome & thank you.

So yesterday I came across tons of ootd’s that I took in the last few weeks but never posted. I decided to post them anyway, by scheduling in the post. So if you happen to see two ootd’s, this is the reason!

This was taken about a week ago. Why didn’t I post it? I don’t know. I posted something else instead and forgot about this ootd.


Enter a caption

Jumper: Aliexpress


Sunglasses: H&M


Booties: Mr Price


Nothing new, but oh so lovely.

I’d be lying if I say that this is the first time I’ve taken ootd’s but never posted it.

Tonight I’ve come across a little a lot and decided to post it anyway. I’ve scheduled them across this week daily, so if you happen to see two ootd post in one day, I didn’t switch outfits ( I really don’t have that much clothes) it’s just these forgotten ootd’s.

I hope you like!


Choker: Mr Price


Dress: Mr Price


Bag: Mr Price

I’ve got on the choker train very late, but I’m loving choker’s now so no one will stop me wearing it. 😉

I’m also into the off the shoulder trend from 2016 that went into 2017. Shoulders are sexy.

But both these styles have been around in previous eras, who are we kidding? Nothing new, but oh so lovely!

3 Ways to wear leggings! (Collab with Nerdy Natalie)

Natalie blew my mind away yesterday with her ways of wearing jeans! If you don’t know her yet, then check out her blog and follow please please please. It is epic. We’ve been blogger friends for 4 years now and when I send out a request to do a collab, she was the first one to respond.

I was so excited because I’ve been following her style for years and finally we got to do the collab together. We decided that she will do ‘How to style jeans‘ and I will do ‘How to style leggings’

Here’s what I came up with:

I basically live in leggings. I wear it to most events. So I decided to show how I style it for a chic look, a casual look and a sporty look.

Chic look


Glasses: H&M

To make this look chic, I paired my normal black leggings, with a lace white collar top, and black high heeled boots.


Shirt: Shein Leggings: Mr Price



Second look: Casual

For the casual look I paired my grey leggings with a white-tee, some ankle booties and a leather jacket.


Shirt: Gift Leggings: Mr Price Leather jacket: Woolworths Shoes: Mr price


Look 3: Sporty look

With this look I took my white leggings and paired it with my Adidas hat, top and some running shoes! About here my battry died so I’m glad I got this picture. Thanks for reading. Which is your favourite look?


Hat: Adidas Jacket:Adidas Leggings: China shop Shoes: I don’t remember


Well, you have to have interested in fashion of course. I was thinking perhaps an ootd? Summer or winter. (Depending on your country)

I’m feeling a bit spicy, like blowing up my creativeness.

SO, if you are up for it email me:

PS: This is for blogpost or youtube 🙂


Look book nr 2- Summer time

Hey Lovers!

I’ve been looking for the perfect play suit for a while and finally I’ve found the one. I like the rose print on it and the fabric is very light and refreshing for summer.

The best part is always the price and let me tell you, the price is right.


Play suit Price: $4.95 link

Here’s a short video I made of the ootd 🙂