Kylie Jenner Birthday edition colors review 2017


youtube picHey lovers!

I’ve decided to jump on the Kylie Jenner bandwagon and give it a go with the 6 mini matte lipsticks. I didn’t want to pay $29 for a lip kit if I wasn’t sure what type of quality it is. I’m not in it for the name, you know? I need that good quality products be it drugstore or high end make up.

Nonetheless, here’s the video with the swatches. What do you think of the Candy K on me?




1Hey lovers!

If you’ve been a regular Youtube watcher, you probably know the feeling you get when you find a Youtuber that you like. Someone new and refreshing.

I had that experience this week when I discovered Misss Louie on Youtube. You can see she’s put a  lot of time and effort into her videos and I like her style. The end product of her videos are always so beautiful.

The best part of her videos is, I’ve discovered a new online store.

Here’s my wishlist for today! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed curating it!
Chantal xx


I like the lace on this top. It can be worn as elegant, with a nude tank top underneath, but can be switched up to a more sexy look, if you decide to wear a white bra underneath.

The best part? The PRICE: US16$
find it here:

I like that at the review section of the clothes, people who’ve bought the clothes before  post pictures in the item they’ve bought.


I simply love this swimsuit because it will fit well on my body. I like it because it doesn’t show too much skin, yet has a sexy element-the see through mash fabric.

Also, it will hide the stretch marks on my sides.

Price: us$ 18

The price for me is still a bit high. I can probably find it cheaper somewhere else. Or can I?



I like the colour of the shoe. This colour will go with so many of my clothes.

And I’m a fan of the block heel. When I was younger I loved the thin heel, but my feet does not last 20min in that type of heels anymore.


I’m not ready to spent US$36 dollars on a shoe.
But that’s why it’s on my wishlist and not in my
shopping cart! Chic shoe though! 🙂


















































#ootd Married life

I realised I haven’t done an #ootd in a while.  I love doing these posts!  🙂

I hope you enjoy it too. I feel like in this shoot no fudge  where given when it came to me actually opening my eyes!  🙂

Where I bought the clothes:

Pink shirt: Mr Price

Black jeans: Zara

White faux wool coat: Mr Price

Black boots: Zara

My husband took the pictures.




ITALY- street style #ootd

Hey lovers.

I’ve been in Italy a week and I love the street style the Italians have. So,  I’ve base my #ootd on Italian street style.


I’ve noticed that there’s a few reoccurring clothing items on the street which is:

Statement bag, Heels and sunglasses


I wore my LV handbag,  with some enkle black boots and my dusty gold sunglasses.

Leather jacket


I love this leather jacket.  It comes with a grey hoodie attached,  but you can unzip the hood if you want to go more formal. In this look I’ve kept it zipped and paired a grey knitted vest with it.

Skinny jeans/ leggings


I love my leggings because it is so comfortable.  These leggings were made to look like jeans but with the comfort of leggings.

Ever been to Italy?  What’s your favourite Italian street style look?

I hope you enjoy it:)



Balmain fw 2016 women’s wear collection

​When Balmain sends me an email:

‘Miss Smith, shop the best tops at the new fw 2016 women’s wear’.

It was 00:17am and I woke up for my midnight sip of water. 30min later I am typing this post cause Balmain blew my mind.
My first impression of the Balmain fw2016 women’s wear collection.
The look:
Balmain’s fw2016 collection has a bit of everything. I gather Olivier focused on a structured look vs a flowy look.

The catwalk was fulled with very structured corsets and skirts.
The boning in the garment is somewhat visible through the corset.

Olivier took fabric and shaped it into the desired bodyshape that many women go for nowadays- the hourglass figure.
The structered bodice, goes into a tiny waist and accentuate the waist- giving it an hourglass figure look.
Most people can wear it and look like they had plastic surgery done to their body. And Olivier did that with fabric and boning.
A few dresses has open shoulders and there’s some interesting draping in some garments.

The fabric:
If you are not a  corset person, then you might want to go with the more flowy clothes. As the models walk, the soft loose movement of the garments were evident. There’s quite a few (what I assume faux ) fur items. Also loose strings strang together. Lace. Satin.Sheer.  Some fabric I have only seen tonight online and never before in my life.

The colours:
The colours are greys, soft blue, soft pink. Then later in the show it goes a bit more vibrant. Gorgeous golds and black.

The music:
Not only were the clothes refreshing, but they had a live band playing daring music.

The models:

There are many famous models in the Balmain fashion show. Kendall, Jourdan, Gigi, Karlie, that whole squad plus every other model was someone you’d know.

I love that with Balmain, you see a HUGE varaity of races. There’s so many different ethnicities in the show, compared to 99% of the other well known luxuary brands.
My favourites:

What to wear when you are traveling 😊

Hey lovers 😊

I’m traveling soon,  and I like to be comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of flying,  I’m not scared. I just don’t like flying from Cape Town to London,  from London to Switzerland,  from Zurich taking a train to Gland station, from Gland station a ride to destination. This is the journey that awaits me.

So as I said,  I like to be comfortable, but also chic.

Last time I travelled this exact journey and made the huge mistake of travelling with a huge suitcase, an even bigger mountain backpack and a HUGE heavy handbag.

Perhaps that trips converted me into the minimalist I am today.  🙂

I’m proud to say that I’ve learned to pack very well.  This time I will only take my handbag and a small suitcase. For 3 months.  

Here is some outfits inspiration  and beautiful suitcases for when travelling.







Laptop bag

Laptop bag


Writing is very important to me

Writing is very important to me