How much money you should charge for sponsored content? Beginner blogger tips.

I got my first paycheck after 3 months in 2010. It was 500$. But I didn’t know how much to ask so I let the company decide for me. I under sold myself.

So, how much money should you charge as a beginner blogger for your content?

Let’s get into it!


I know now that I was underselling my blog. I asked too little and they took advantage of that. Does that mean that they are evil? No, just good business people. When it comes to business, there are no hard feelings. Don’t take it personally.

However, after 7years I’ve learned enough to know how much to charge for my blog content. Here’s the down low.

How much you should charge for your blog content:

There is no set amount that you should charge for your blog content.
people make it up as they go. (Later in the blog I will tell you how much I charge)

Here are two popular methods people are using:

First method: Take the number of page views + the number of social media followers divided by your page rank times $0.1 divided by 2.
That equals the amount you should ask

If you want to check out your page rank click here.

Second popular method:
Number of hours spent on writing the post times the number of hours you spend on taking pictures, editing, styling, curating pictures + your rate for your blog (Minimum is $50)
This equals the amount you should ask sponsored blog posts.

Why I don’t follow those rules and still get paid
1) If you follow those rules as a beginner blogger, you will barely get enough money to survive.

Those calculations were made by big time bloggers for big time bloggers.

2) There is no set rules for how much you can charge, why sell yourself short? If you have worked hard on your blog, interactions, views, and content, you deserve a decent paycheck per post.

How much I charge for sponsored content:

This is my personal method.
I charge $100 per hour for creating blog content. It takes me about 5hours to write a blog post.


I charge $120 per hour if I take the pictures myself and edit them. Normally it takes me 5hours to take pictures and edit it.

If I don’t take the pictures and the company provides it then I don’t charge for the pictures of course.

Then I charge my blog fee which is $500.

Why charge a blog fee? When I’m not writing blog posts I’m promoting my content, building relationships with other bloggers/partners etc. I do this daily from Mon-Fri. I work hard to make my blog successful. So when I write a sponsored blog post it does very well and it’s because of my hard work.

I plus all of that together and then I charge that amount. So on an AVERAGE, a sponsored I charge $1500 per blog post, depending on what the company needs.

This is a business transaction. They give you money, but what do you give them? What can your blog offer them?

Have you built trust with your audience so if you promote content will they trust you enough to buy it? Or are you just blabbering on when you can and not really putting in work on your blog so they see you as ‘a wanna be blogger?’

Your social media:
Are you active on social media? Do you have anything to offer to companies?

If you feel depressed after this post just remember:

1) You can work on getting interaction on your blog. It’s not that you suck at blogging, it’s perhaps that you don’t put in enough of effort.

I know not everyone can afford to spend as much time on their blog. If you spend only 1hour on your blog per day then you cannot expect people to interact with you like they do with Beyonce.

What you put in is what you get out. But you know that. Don’t be depressed. Do something about improving your blog.

If you take just one month to really focus on growing your blog, setting time aside for it, you WILL see improvement.

Here are tips to help you with that. Click here 🙂

If you learned anything in this post, please let me know in the comment section. It helps 🙂

Happy living,





Two weeks ago I announced that I will be introducing a new blogger on my blog twice a week since many people I’ve came in contact with said they did not have a lot of WordPress friends.

Why not share the love you give on my blog with her blog? You can check her blog out here. A like,comment and follow will bring many smiles 😀 Remember how you felt when someone did it to you? No? Then you should probably read this post if you want to promote your blog on my blog for free. 🙂

And a big thank you to Mr. Militant Negro who offered to then re-blog your post on his blog to even more viewers!

Now *drum rolls please*

Meet Claire Pfeffer 


What’s your blog about?

My blog is about my life as an undergrad student. I also post studying tips, life tips, organizational strategies, and my beauty tips.

What  type of blogger would you consider yourself? 

A blogger who  tries to blog but life gets in the way.

What is your vision for your blog?

I want my blog to be a way to get my thoughts out but also to share what I’ve learned so far and my experiences.

If your wildest fantasy came true regarding your blog, what would it be?

My blog would be somewhere that I can share what I’ve learned and have others contribute as well. Being a millennial, a college student, and super girly all offer a unique perspective that I want to be able to share. I want to interact with my readers as well. 

What is your worst fear about blogging?

That no one reads my blog- or worse, they read it and hate it.


What is the most annoying habit that other people have?

Being late. I hate when people are late because it’s so rude and inconsiderate. 

What skill would you like to master?

I would like to become fluent in sign language. 

If you want to get to know her more, please follow her here.

500+ followers in 2 weeks

About two weeks ago I decided to start the “beginner blogger series’ and share all I’ve learned over the period of 7years of blogging.

This has gone very well since now I have 500 subscribers more than I used to. Some of you even emailed me to tell me ‘thank you’ because you applied what I shared and got some followers etc.

I work Monday- Friday 8hours writing those blog posts so imagine my happiness when I receive the emails and comments. 🙂

So, I think this post is needed to explain my ‘absence’ during weekends.

There’s a simple reason for that. Which is I take weekends off 🙂 I’m reading some books, sipping some wine and getting loved up with the husband.


If you are blogging this weekend and want to check out some blogger tips, then click here.

Otherwise, see you Monday 🙂

PS: What are you doing this weekend? Blogging? Family time?




Two weeks ago I announced that I will be introducing a new blogger on my blog twice a week since many people I’ve came in contact with said they did not have a lot of WordPress friends.

Why not share the love you give on my blog with her blog? You can check her blog out here. A like,comment and follow will bring many smiles 😀 Remember how you felt when someone did it to you? No? Then you should probably read this post if you want to promote your blog on my blog for free. 🙂

And a big thank you to Mr. Militant Negro who offered to then re-blog your post on his blog to even more viewers!

Now *drum rolls please*

I introduce to you Abbey Robinson

What’s your blog about?

My blog is about Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty and Travel. I post blogs about the latest makeup trends, bucket list ideas and my experiences in different countries around the world, and more personal topics such as myself suffering from anxiety, and just trying to put the word out there about it and hopefully help people who go through the same thing. My blog is hopefully inspiring people in different aspects of life and I hope to extend my blog with other topics of discussion too in the future. 
  • Would you consider yourself 
I’m a beginner blogger. 
  • What is your vision for your blog?
I would love to grow an audience and form a community where we can all help each other with different things in life and allow us all to have someone to talk to. I just really want to inspire and help people throughout the process of doing what I love. 
  • If your wildest fantasy came true regarding your blog, what would it be?
I would love it to become well-known. 
  • What is your worst fear about blogging?
Putting myself out there and making myself vulnerable. I use my blog like its my own personal diary. 


  • If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
Eat, blog, exercise, hang out with people, travel. 
  • What is the most annoying habit that other people have?
Rude manners and eating with their mouth open. 
  • What skill would you like to master?

How to make money as a beginner blogger (How I got my 1st paycheck after 3 months of blogging)

In this post, I’ll say things that other bloggers advise against, such as, ‘as a beginner blogger you should not put ads on your blog.’

I say put ads on your blog.

Their reason to not put up ads: When you put up ads too soon on your blog it will be a distraction to your viewers. And as a beginner blogger, you will not make enough money anyway by putting up ads.

My reason to put up ads: We are used to seeing ads on blogs. Our eyes are not distracted by it so much anymore. Keep in mind to put the ads, not in the way of your post. If you put it in the middle of your post, that will distract readers, but if you put it out of their way, they will still have an enjoyable experience.

Second reason: You won’t make a lot of money with the ads you put up. How much? About 2cents. It will teach you to get excited about 2cents and then it will go up to 5cents, 10 cents, 20cents and when you hit that $1 you’ll feel like a boss. Also, 2cents is more than nothing. When the $1000, $2000 starts coming you will appreciate it more because you know where you came from.

(I look back at those 2cents going up and up. I remember when I first reached my $100. And then the bigger checks.)

Third reason: You need to think for yourself. As I’ve mentioned the majority of people advise to only put ads on your blog after a year or two. Their reasoning behind it is valid and it has worked for them. But will it work for you? Your personality? The way you think and act. You are not them and they are not you. ‘Miracles’ can happen for you that did not happen for them. I received my first paycheck after only 3 months of blogging on WordPress (not my Blogspot blog) in 2015. I speak more about it later in this post.)

But then again, if you cannot get excited about your posts getting 2 cents in the beginning, then perhaps you can wait until after a year.

How to get ads on your blog?

Adsense: You create an account with AdSense. It’s free and easy.
When do you get paid? Many people just say when you’ve reached the threshold of $100. I found that that’s true if you are American.
But for other countries, you get different thresholds. Here are some:


Note: You only get your money when it reaches the threshold.
Something cool about AdSense: You can monetize (put ads) on your blog and other websites like Youtube. Then your threshold will be reached sooner because you have two places you put up ads instead of one.

How do you get paid? Check or bank account?
In the past, it used to be in a check like this (Here my surname is my maiden name)


But nowadays Adsense deposits it directly to your bank account.

Adwords:When you upgrade your blog to premium, you can use AdWords.
Adwords places ads on your blog and when you’ve reached a threshold of $100 they deposit into your bank account or PayPal account. I chose PayPal.

Note: You cannot have Adsense and Adwords. You have to choose one.

Promoted content

This is where you start seeing the dollars $$.
When a company approaches you to do a blog post for them advertising their brand on your blog. This can either be a post that you have written or a post they have written. Or advertising space on your blog.

This is an example of a company contacting me to advertise on my blog. This was after only 3 months on WordPress.


How do you go about getting brands to sponsor you?
Finding brands that want to sponsor bloggers is not difficult. They even find you. Brands want to advertise their businesses.

  • Make sure that you:
    Have a contact page with your email address, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Preferably the ones that are doing good. No not Beyonce good, but your good.
  • There are different types of companies, a lot that’s looking for smaller bloggers because they charge less (not cents, dollars) and often would work harder on a post and advertising.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn down offers if it doesn’t fit well with your audience and blog. Other offers will come. Be patient.
  • Know how much you will charge for sponsored content. How many hours do you have per day to spend on your post? Will you promote it also on you Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? Other social media?
    (If you want me to write a post about how you know how much to charge, let me know because that needs a post by itself)

What are businesses looking for?
They are looking for a blog with interaction. Why? because if they are going to pay you to promote their content, they have to be sure your audience will check out their business.

That’s why it’s important to build up your audience. Just be sure that when you do accept a sponsor that it is something your audience will benefit from. You have worked hard for a relationship with your audience, don’t lose their trust.

Be honest and upfront. Your audience is human. They understand that you need money to live. So don’t bullshit them. Say straight up ‘I’m doing a sponsored post because I don’t live on comments alone, Mama is getting that money and I’m bringing something useful to you.’ … Or in any other way you want to let your audience know it’s a sponsored post. 🙂

I think I will stop here otherwise the post is going to turn into a book. Would you like me to do a more in  detailed post about how much money you should charge as a new blogger for sponsored content?

If you have learned anything in this post let me know, also let me know any other questions you have or want to see a blog post on.

As always, if you are interested in more beginner blogger tips like these, I wrote a bunch of them here.

Until tomorrow.

Happy living!

PS: Don’t forget to be a human being and step away from your laptop to get some fresh air and live. Work hard on your blog but also live life.

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Unnecessary things beginner bloggers do (BEGINNER BLOGGER TIPS)

When you are starting to blog you might feel the need to spend more time on unnecessary things because you don’t know it’s unnecessary.

Today’s blog post in the ‘beginner’s blogger tips’ series will discuss what you shouldn’t waste your time on in the beginning.
(Yet I will give options for those of you who are stubborn because sometimes the best way to learn is to feel the burn 😉

Let’s get into it.


Many people get stuck on what type of theme they should get. I was one of those people. I would spend hours looking for the ‘right’ theme for my blog. Because I wanted my blog to look the way the professional blogger’s blogs looked.

I bought themes after themes and have discovered many things people don’t say when promoting the themes.

When you buy a theme you think it’s going to look exactly like it’s being advertised right? Wrong. (If you wonder why check out this post about advertising)

The truth is that your theme is not that important in the beginning. You might think your theme sucks, but if you choose a free theme on WordPress, it will do just fine.

But uhmmm. Is it free?

Just because something is free doesn’t mean that no work went into creating it. Professional people got paid actual money to make the ‘free WordPress themes. WordPress choose the best out of the lot. Remember WordPress is also a business competing against other blogger businesses such as Blogspot and so will try to give  good themes, even if it’s free.

If you have the money to buy an epic theme, one that captured your heart, go ahead. But if you are broke AF. The free WordPress themes will do.

If the theme is not important then what is?

A theme that will do for now. WordPress has many themes. Pick the one you like and start blogging.

I get that you want your blog to look professional. But that might take a while. What you don’t know is after you bought the perfect theme, your blog will not actually look like the theme you bought.

Why do I say that? When people advertise themes, they use the ultimate professional pictures, layout, font etc. The engineers are trained in what pictures work with what font etc. Yes, it’s an occupation.

You probably already tried the themes and consider to buy a theme.

Okay, fine.

If you are stuck on buying the right theme before you start, first ‘try out’ the theme.  WordPress let’s you try out the  theme before you make it public.

To try out a theme before using/buying it do this:

Go to the top left of your page and click My sites and click on themes. (Not on customize, if you click customize it will open a window for you to customize your current blog theme. If you click on themes it will show you all the themes WordPress has)


Then this page will appear. Type in what you blog about. (I used the word Blogging. ) I chose the theme The parisian.

Untitled2Then this page will appear. Click ‘Open Live demo’ (Do not click activate design, because that will make the design you choose activate without editing it)


Then this page will appear. Click ‘Try & customize’


Go to the top left corner of the page. Play around with the colors and styles. Like it? Click save and activate on the top left. If it’s free, you are free to go. If it’s for sale, take out your credit card 🙂



Considering a paid theme?

See how your content fits, with your pictures. Does the theme still look as fancy? Or do you see white spaces where there is not supposed to be white spaces because it didn’t look like that on the theme?

Companies who sell themes usually have 24/7 support. Even though sometimes you might have to wait for a technician to get back to you.

The good companies will actually help you… over the phone. Then you have to figure it out by yourself. Are you tech savvy? Do you have time to spend on waiting? Are you procrastinating on writing that blog post? These are things to think about.

I bought cheap themes and expensive themes, and after all of that I find myself right back at the WordPress Zoren theme. A lot of money and time wasted, but knowledge acquired.

Pick a theme you like, move on and start working on your blog’s content.

Themes will always be there

After you’ve published some post, you can always get back to finding the perfect theme. Just be warned the perfect theme doesn’t exist, because as you grow, your blog will grow and your taste will grow. Finding one theme that will last for all eternity is a near impossible task.

Your domain name

When the internet was made available to the public in 1991 a good domain name was very important. Google’s search engine would favor your website because of your domain name. But in this present time, 2017, it no longer does that. The internet has evolved and so will you.

However, if you want the perfect domain name that reflects what your blog is about, go ahead.

Time yourself. Searching for the perfect domain name might be a sign of procrastinating.People will ultimately come to your blog for your content and not for the domain name.

How much is a new domain name?

If your domain name is and you have met Jesus and want to change, then the price for a new domain is:

WordPress:  $18 per year
Bluehost:      $2.95 per month
GoDaddy:     Depends on what extension you want. Example: .com, .org    FREE

When I said that I’ve been blogging for 7years and made a lot of mistakes, I was not kidding. I think that’s why I can write this beginner blogger series so honestly. I know better now.

What do I use?

Currently, I’m using WordPress domain.

Here’s how to get it.

Click on ‘My sites’ on the top left corner of your blog and click on ‘Domains’


Click on ‘Domans’ and then ‘Add domain’. Choose the name you want. Finish.


I’ve used Bluehost two years ago. I had some problems and called them. They did their best over the phone but I was not tech savvy enough (Even though I had computer as a subject in high school for 5years and 1year of software engineering at university)

So I took the easier road, which for me was WordPress. My blog was already on this platform and getting a new domain name was one click away.

Godaddy I used for a business I started in 2011. I bought the domain name, it was live but that’s all I can tell you because I didn’t understand the blogging world yet, I thought one year of software engineering was enough to write my own online clothing website, how naive I was.

If you are considering Godaddy then make sure that the name you pick is your actual name.

Example: I searched for (I knew it wouldn’t exist since I have it)
They gave me something very close. If I didn’t read carefully I could’ve ended up with An extra ‘s’ that’s not in my surname.



I can laugh at all of this now, but back then it was frustrating because I’ve tried my best but felt like I got nowhere. So if you are feeling frustrated, I know the feeling. I’m happy I persisted and after 7 years I can blog for a living.

The only service I mentioned but haven’t used is the website. My one blogger friend told me it works. I cannot say if it works or not. Just thought I’d throw it in there for those of you who are broke AF.

I hope this helps! If you learned anything in this post, please comment below 🙂 Any questions?

If you enjoyed this blog post, here’s more of my post for beginner bloggers.

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How to not write a basic blog post (Beginner blogger tips)

 The headline
Don’t be basic or boring. How do you do that? Make a headline that makes you want to click and read what the blog post says.

When I studied writing in Switzerland I was fortunate to be taught by Steven James himself. As a number best seller, he said that the title of your book should grab the attention of your prospective readers.If you have a basic title, not many people will click on it. You will be just another blogger trying to blog.

Well, that’s all good, but how do you go from basic to fantastic?

There are two ways:
The first way : Go to wordclouds  . It’s free. This website allows you to upload your post to it and then it will show you the words that have been used the most in a picture form. The words that have been used the most will be bigger. The bigger
the word is the more you have used it, the smaller the word is, the less you’ve used the word.
Here’s an example of my previous post. download (1)

Take the words that are the biggest and make a title of it.

The second way to write a great headline is to make it juicy.

How do you make it juicy?
Sum up the message of your post in one sentence. Now look and see what you are trying to tell the people.

With this blog post I’m trying to tell you how to write a great post. So I decided to make the heading ‘How to not write a basic blog post.
I could’ve said ‘How to write a great blog post’ but I would not get enough people to visit my blog with that title.
No one wants to be basic. And everyone wants to learn how to write a great blog post. I used an emotion to attract an audience with my headline.
Is this cheating? No. it’s getting people to read content that will be worth their while. Your post must deliver the promise that the headline makes.

Talking about that…
Do your  post deliver the promise your headline makes?

If you have a great headline and people click on it but the content is not good they will subconsciously remember that about your blog and put it in the category of ‘just another lame blogger.’

Psychologist says that people associate things with emotions. You want people to have positive emotions when the notification of your new blog post
ends up in their email. But if you trick people, they will associate you with ‘unreliable’ and perhaps even unsubscribe from your email list.

Start with the action
When you write a post, it’s tempting to start with  how your day was etc, but people who are looking for an answer go to the blog post so that they can get that answer straight away.

I’m so guilty of doing this in the past. Ever since I stopped I saw in my stats people are reading my post from beginning to end.
If you want to grab your readers attention, start with what you promised in the headline. Then address what you will be speaking about in the post so the reader knows to read along and that the answer is coming

Example: I’ll be using handbags as an example but use what subject you blog about.

Title: Instead of writing ‘My handbags‘ You write ‘Are handbags worth dying for?‘ This raises a question that many fashion lovers would read but also it would attract a wider audience.

The beginning of your post: Consider writing something like this:

‘I love handbags and people might think I’m shallow for owning 10 handbags, but I’m really not. In this blog post, I wrote what I love about my handbags and you might find yourself surprised at loving it too.’
In that introduction you have the attention of your fashion readers because:

1) It’s not another boring post just about handbags

2) You have their interest and make them wonder ‘what makes your handbags so different?’
3) They will read your post to the end because you said ‘you might find yourself surprised at loving handbags too.’ People want to discover new aspects of themselves. Take them there with your post.

4) You will still be writing about ‘Your handbags’ but in a way
that it doesn’t interest only yourself, but ultimately the readers too.

The body:

Here you go on to explain why you like your handbags. Use pictures that you’ve taken. people can go to the website if they want to see how the company presents the product, but they are checking your blog to see how it looks after a customer bought it.
Don’t write only about yourself. If you are not Beyonce and you are just starting off with a blog, people will not follow your life like they follow Beyonce’s. Unless you are dancing naked, with a new dancing routines every. Are you dancing naked? No? Okay. (If yes, I’m gonna have to write a whole new post for that one lover 😉 )

Write in a way that your audience also feels involved in the ‘conversation’ You might even throw a bit of knowledge in the post too. Just because you are a beginner blogger, doesn’t mean that you don’t know about any other subject.

The end:

People know that they can leave a comment but often they do not. So put your pride in your handbag, and ask your audience a question: For this handbag post you might want to ask something like ‘What’s your favorite type of handbag?’
The re-direct your audience to a previous post of yours. Don’t beg or be annoying. Simply say ‘If you want to know more about this subject, then click here.’ and link to one of your other posts relating to similar content.

Now, this is the end of this blog post. So you know how this is going to go, right?

I’m putting away my pride in my handbag, and simply ask that if you learned anything in this post that you would comment and let me know because it will help me in planning further posts.’
Also, if you liked this post, I’ve written a similar post here.

Happy living!

Chantal xx

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