In the past week, some of you have asked me about mainly two things: 

  • What my thoughts were on Affiliate links (can you make real money with them) 
  • What my thoughts were on Ko-fi (a link where your readers can buy you a ‘coffee’/donate $3.)

In this post I will tell you of 2 ways I know makes real money.


Tips on selecting affiliate links:

1. Go to the website that you shop at the most, most companies have affiliate programs on their website. Sign up.

Why use a store that you shop at? Because if you are the average person, you don’t buy overly expensive things daily.

Most affiliate links that people put up are overly expensive and people don’t click on the link because they can’t afford it. If they visit the website, they don’t buy anything which influences your sales.

2. If you are thinking about selling a specific item, choose items that cost less than what people pay for currently in other stores.

Example: I found a company that sells human hair for extremely cheap. First, I bought the hair to see if it was good quality. Once I saw it was, I contacted the company and told them I have a blog and would like to advertise their hair on my blog with an affiliate link. The affiliate link did well because it was appropriate for the audience, it was a great price and in return added value to the customer. 

3. What are your demographics? Which country visits your blog the most? Check your stats. Once you know, you can choose affiliate links catering specifically to those people. Get affiliate links from stores in those countries.

4. What do you post about? Fashion? Parenthood? Writing? 

It’s important to know this because the people who follow you are attracted to that topic. Choose an affiliate link that sells something related to that topic. If you blog about being vegan, but your affiliate links are for meat products, you won’t make any sales.


Some readers asked about Ko-Fi

Let me first explain what Ko-Fi is.

It’s a platform where creators can set up a free account and link back to their website for readers to buy them a ‘coffee’.

It’s not an actual coffee but rather a donation of $3 (the average price of a coffee ) or more (if they want to give more) In this way, your readers can support you.

How do they pay and how do you receive it?

They choose an option to pay via their bank card or PayPal and you put your bank details or PayPal into your account.

Ko-Fi will let you know when you’ve received the money and it will be available to you immediately. No threshold.

I set up my Ko-Fi account last week and have received some caffeine from some of you, THANK YOU. It’s an incredible feeling to receive a notification that someone clicked on the button, and decided to support my blog in that way.

If my posts have helped you consider buying me a ‘coffee’ click here.

Questions to the readers:

Do you use affiliate links? What’s the most difficult part for you when you think about affiliate links?

If you want to read more posts like these, I made a whole series of beginner blogger tips. Click here.

See you in the comments, happy living!


22 responses to “Beginner bloggers: 2 ways to make money”

  1. […] Source: Beginner bloggers: 2 ways to make money […]

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  2. abbeycoseattle Avatar

    I use Amazon affiliate links, and though they are good, it doesn’t hit everything I want to write about all the time. I am just barely a year into blogging and it is what has worked for me so far. I did some random links through a different affiliate program before this and that did not work.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Chantal De Geus Avatar

      A year into blogging is lush 🙂 What affiliate program was it? Perhaps you can leave the info here( no pressure) for other readers to see so they dont waste their time. There’s so many affiliate programs that’s not worth the time.

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    2. alexisicasillas Avatar

      Did you need premium to use the amazon affiliate links? I signed up for it and am having trouble putting it on my blog :/

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      1. Shaniamatanji Avatar

        No you don’t need a premium to use a link. Just try it again


  3. kaylaannauthor Avatar

    There is some really great advice in this article, thank you for sharing!

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    1. Chantal De Geus Avatar

      Thank you for reading, I’m so happy you find it useful. Are you thinking about getting affiliate links? Or do you have it already?

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      1. kaylaannauthor Avatar

        I was thinking about it since I often review books and movies, then I could place the links to Amazon where people could purchase them. Do you think it would be worth it in that situation?

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      2. Chantal De Geus Avatar

        That will work yes. Something else that would also work is, see what posts got the most response or views, then add some merchandise from that movie like cups, t-shirts or anything cool. In this way, if people dont buy the movies, because some people watch it illegally online for free, they will still buy the merchandise because they love the movie.

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      3. kaylaannauthor Avatar

        Wow, what a fantastic idea. Thank you! 😀 I really appreciate your advice to a new blogger like me

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      4. Chantal De Geus Avatar

        I’m really happy I can help, we all started somewhere 😀

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      5. kaylaannauthor Avatar

        Do you ever feel like giving your information to amazon links is potentially dangerous as they have access to your site? Or have you had no problem with that?


  4. Jojonut Avatar

    Do you need to have WordPress premium in order to do affiliate links?

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    1. Chantal De Geus Avatar

      Hello, no you dont! 🙂

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      1. alexisicasillas Avatar

        I signed up with Amazon Affiliates but wordpress is requiring me to upgrade to use it.. is there a way to use the affiliate program without having to upgrade?


  5. In other worlds Avatar

    Wow a book?! I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

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    1. Chantal De Geus Avatar

      I’m so excited! Thanks for the support! ❤

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  6. mistimaan Avatar

    Thanks for the post…….you are so helpful 🙂


  7. wealthandhealth Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this post this is very useful for me because I am trying Amazon affiliate link , no money yet ☺, but I am desperately looking for tips regarding affiliate, please post more on this, thanks again


  8. wealthandhealth Avatar

    And please let me know how to get eBook ?

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    1. Chantal De Geus Avatar

      Yes I would be able too

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  9. Shaniamatanji Avatar

    Those are very great tips. I am using cj affiliate program. I tried to use amazon but they don’t agree because I am in Tanzania Africa. But I didn’t have earn anything yet

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