Should beginner bloggers do free promotional posts?

As bloggers we work our butts of creating content, taking Instagram worthy pictures and occasionally cleaning our sunglasses to carry on writing. So, is it worth it to do a free promotional blog post for companies?


A while ago I wrote a blog post about how much money beginner bloggers should ask for sponsored blog posts.

I thought this next post will be fitting.

If you are a beginner blogger should you do free promotions?

If you are thinking that companies are not even contacting you to do free promotion on your blog, think again because chances are if you’ve been blogging constantly for 6months, have been tagging your post and left your email on your contact page, that these companies would have found you by now or will in future.

Here are 3 different examples from 3 different companies contacting me.



The email normal starts of by them telling you that:
They’ve read your blog and they like it.
They have a blog idea for your blog.
They would like you to promote their website.
If you agree, you write the post and send it to them so they can check it and change a few things.
With these type of promotions, you don’t get paid, or send any products. Basically, you give the company free publicity. Some of the companies enter you into a ‘draw’ and you might be chosen to be featured on their website.

Firstly, pat yourself on the back, you’ve done it. A company recognized you. Secondly, don’t pat yourself on the back too hard because they’ve recognized you and 100 other bloggers. They are not paying you, they want free promotion from you.

They know a few things about the blogger psyche:
They know that we love to be recognized by a company or brand.
If they’ve checked out your blog they know that you’ve never or seldom worked with a company before, so you don’t know what to expect really.
They know that flattery gets them a free promotional blog post.

How can you use this situation to your advantage?
You can tell them that you will do the post, but in return, you would like them to give you a review of your post. What do I mean by a review?

They can say something like “Very insightful, clear and funny blog”- Coca-Cola (or whoever)

Then you take the quote they have given you, add a page to your blog called ‘Testimonials’ and write the quote there including the company name etc.

This will help build your blog profile. When potential advertisers visit your blog, they will see that you have worked with different companies and this raises your credibility.

Should you accept all free blog promotion offers?
No. Try to do 4 or 5 ones that you really like. And get the reviews for your blog then don’t do any further. Why? PR companies talk. If they realize you are doing free promotional post all the time, no one would want to pay you to write a post in the future.

I think doing a free blog post does have benefits.
You get to experience working with a brand
You get a ‘review’ to build your blog
You build professional relationships
You get exposure to other parts of the blogosphere.

But do keep in mind, that you’ve worked hard for your blog. It takes time and effort to build a relationship with your audience and create great content. Don’t overwhelm your readers with so many promotional blog posts that you lose their interest.

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What do you think? When given the chance, would you do a free promotional post?

Happy living 🙂