500+ followers in 2 weeks

About two weeks ago I decided to start the “beginner blogger series’ and share all I’ve learned over the period of 7years of blogging.

This has gone very well since now I have 500 subscribers more than I used to. Some of you even emailed me to tell me ‘thank you’ because you applied what I shared and got some followers etc.

I work Monday- Friday 8hours writing those blog posts so imagine my happiness when I receive the emails and comments. 🙂

So, I think this post is needed to explain my ‘absence’ during weekends.

There’s a simple reason for that. Which is I take weekends off 🙂 I’m reading some books, sipping some wine and getting loved up with the husband.


If you are blogging this weekend and want to check out some blogger tips, then click here.

Otherwise, see you Monday 🙂

PS: What are you doing this weekend? Blogging? Family time?