How to not write a basic blog post (Beginner blogger tips)

 The headline
Don’t be basic or boring. How do you do that? Make a headline that makes you want to click and read what the blog post says.

When I studied writing in Switzerland I was fortunate to be taught by Steven James himself. As a number best seller, he said that the title of your book should grab the attention of your prospective readers.If you have a basic title, not many people will click on it. You will be just another blogger trying to blog.

Well, that’s all good, but how do you go from basic to fantastic?

There are two ways:
The first way : Go to wordclouds  . It’s free. This website allows you to upload your post to it and then it will show you the words that have been used the most in a picture form. The words that have been used the most will be bigger. The bigger
the word is the more you have used it, the smaller the word is, the less you’ve used the word.
Here’s an example of my previous post. download (1)

Take the words that are the biggest and make a title of it.

The second way to write a great headline is to make it juicy.

How do you make it juicy?
Sum up the message of your post in one sentence. Now look and see what you are trying to tell the people.

With this blog post I’m trying to tell you how to write a great post. So I decided to make the heading ‘How to not write a basic blog post.
I could’ve said ‘How to write a great blog post’ but I would not get enough people to visit my blog with that title.
No one wants to be basic. And everyone wants to learn how to write a great blog post. I used an emotion to attract an audience with my headline.
Is this cheating? No. it’s getting people to read content that will be worth their while. Your post must deliver the promise that the headline makes.

Talking about that…
Do your  post deliver the promise your headline makes?

If you have a great headline and people click on it but the content is not good they will subconsciously remember that about your blog and put it in the category of ‘just another lame blogger.’

Psychologist says that people associate things with emotions. You want people to have positive emotions when the notification of your new blog post
ends up in their email. But if you trick people, they will associate you with ‘unreliable’ and perhaps even unsubscribe from your email list.

Start with the action
When you write a post, it’s tempting to start with  how your day was etc, but people who are looking for an answer go to the blog post so that they can get that answer straight away.

I’m so guilty of doing this in the past. Ever since I stopped I saw in my stats people are reading my post from beginning to end.
If you want to grab your readers attention, start with what you promised in the headline. Then address what you will be speaking about in the post so the reader knows to read along and that the answer is coming

Example: I’ll be using handbags as an example but use what subject you blog about.

Title: Instead of writing ‘My handbags‘ You write ‘Are handbags worth dying for?‘ This raises a question that many fashion lovers would read but also it would attract a wider audience.

The beginning of your post: Consider writing something like this:

‘I love handbags and people might think I’m shallow for owning 10 handbags, but I’m really not. In this blog post, I wrote what I love about my handbags and you might find yourself surprised at loving it too.’
In that introduction you have the attention of your fashion readers because:

1) It’s not another boring post just about handbags

2) You have their interest and make them wonder ‘what makes your handbags so different?’
3) They will read your post to the end because you said ‘you might find yourself surprised at loving handbags too.’ People want to discover new aspects of themselves. Take them there with your post.

4) You will still be writing about ‘Your handbags’ but in a way
that it doesn’t interest only yourself, but ultimately the readers too.

The body:

Here you go on to explain why you like your handbags. Use pictures that you’ve taken. people can go to the website if they want to see how the company presents the product, but they are checking your blog to see how it looks after a customer bought it.
Don’t write only about yourself. If you are not Beyonce and you are just starting off with a blog, people will not follow your life like they follow Beyonce’s. Unless you are dancing naked, with a new dancing routines every. Are you dancing naked? No? Okay. (If yes, I’m gonna have to write a whole new post for that one lover 😉 )

Write in a way that your audience also feels involved in the ‘conversation’ You might even throw a bit of knowledge in the post too. Just because you are a beginner blogger, doesn’t mean that you don’t know about any other subject.

The end:

People know that they can leave a comment but often they do not. So put your pride in your handbag, and ask your audience a question: For this handbag post you might want to ask something like ‘What’s your favorite type of handbag?’
The re-direct your audience to a previous post of yours. Don’t beg or be annoying. Simply say ‘If you want to know more about this subject, then click here.’ and link to one of your other posts relating to similar content.

Now, this is the end of this blog post. So you know how this is going to go, right?

I’m putting away my pride in my handbag, and simply ask that if you learned anything in this post that you would comment and let me know because it will help me in planning further posts.’
Also, if you liked this post, I’ve written a similar post here.

Happy living!

Chantal xx

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