Meet the blogger Katy Bronsk

Last week I announced that I will be introducing a new blogger on my blog twice a week since many people I’ve came in contact with said they did not have a lot of WordPress friends.

Why not share the love you give on my blog with her blog? A like,comment and follow will bring many smiles 😀 Remember how you felt when someone did it to you? No? Then you should probably read this post if you want to promote your blog on my blog for free. 🙂

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I introduce to you Kathy Bronsk

My name is Katy Bronsk and I’m an international student studying Finance in the US.

What is your blog about?
1.) my blog is mostly about studying, high school, and college. However, I also sometimes write about other random topics that I find interesting or personal topics that some of my friends or followers  had requested in the past. Once I start getting Finance related internships, some of my blog posts will probably end up being about that as well.
What type of blogger are you?
2.) I would consider myself a beginner blogger. I only started in March.
What is your vision for your blog?
3.) My vision for my blog is to use it to talk with fellow college students as well as to give honest advice to people who are starting out on their college journey or are still in High School.
What is your biggest hope for the blog?
4.) That it goes viral, of course.
What’s your biggest fear about blogging?
5.) As you had probably guessed, I’m not writing this blog under my real name so that I can have the freedom to be controversial and give my honest opinion regarding different topics, without the fear of offending someone (since people find anything and everything offensive this days). My biggest fear about blogging is that something that I write might end up having consequences for my personal or professional life.

The other fear that I have is that I get too lazy and/or life will get in the way of me writing it.

Wild Cards: 
If you had extra time what would you do with it?
1.) I would spend it drawing and probably working on this blog.
What do you like least in other people?
2.) That they do something stupid and than blame others for their failures.
If you could learn an extra skill , what would it be?
3.) I always wanted to learn to play the piano and to be good at music. I guess I never grew out of the “I want to be a pop star” phase but understand that it will not happen for me and so decided to focus on becoming the next Gordon Gekko instead.
The link to her blog is:


14 thoughts on “Meet the blogger Katy Bronsk

  1. Wow What an amazing blog, I have just sat and read five of your posts straight!! Thank you so much for your insightful posts this site is a real gem. The blogging world is all new to me and your words give great encouragement. Thank you for your blogging tips, I cant wait to read more!

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