Broke in style (Pieces under $5)

When I say broke in style, I mean broke AF. I’ve found some quality outfit pieces for under 5$. A lot of my readers attend university and I thought this post would be appropriate. I still have flashbacks from my university days.

Do you want to


pizap (3)

This post is in collaboration with Cristina and her blog is called Broke in Style. Go check out her blog, because she’s got the tea on budget items and shopping tips:)

Outfit 1.jpg

pizap (7).jpg

jumpsuit (1)

Fabric: Polyester & Lace


jumpsuit (3)

Length of fabric: 22cm


jumpsuit (2)

Fabric: Lace & stainless steel


Outfit 1 (1)

pizap (4)

jumpsuit (5)

Fabric: Chiffon


jumpsuit (4)

Fabric: Polyester & Stretch


Ali express has been my best friend for these clothing pieces. The longest item took 2 weeks to arrive and the others arrived quite fast. If you are wondering about the quality, it’s great for the price but it’s not Dior.

ANYTHING YOU CAN AFFORD ON HERE?? 😉 Let me know in the comments 😀



8 thoughts on “Broke in style (Pieces under $5)

  1. Wow those are some really low prices! I love to shop at Ross dress for less and rue 21 and sometimes I even find cute stuff at Wal-Mart believe it or not hehe. Theyte all inexpensive places to shop that have some super cute pieces

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    • I wanted to try rose gl out but never really took the liberty. I even subscribed to their mailing list. They often have 80% off and free shipping.I’m going online now to see if that deal is still on. What do you find nice at their store? perhaps I can buy it.

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      • Well at all three of those places I often head for the clearance/sale racks and find cute things there honestly. It can be possibly off season things but still super cute


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