Broke, In Style (Fashion Collab with Chantal De Geus)

Here is Crisitna’s budget blog post. Really great stores she’s introduced me to. 🙂

Broke, In Style

HI guys! So I found that Chantal De Geus was looking to do a collab and we decided to do one together! Be sure to check out her blog, she has great content!Since this blog is about showing how to stay in style while being broke. I know lots people can relate to this topic because they are in college and that’s why I decided to dedicate my blog post and my entire blog to it!

Here are several pieces of clothing that won’t break your bank account!

hmprod (2)

The first one is a Short Camisole Top from H&M. It comes in two colors: black and white, perfect for any occasion and they go well with everything. They are only $2.99 dollars.


This Rib dress is from Alcott, one of my favorite stores as you can find great products at very low prices. And one example is this dress, it…

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