Hello, are you awake? The artistic mind.

Because blogging and writing is my income, I have to get my hours in as with any normal job.

the artistic mind

And sometimes with my bipolar my sleeping habits are unpredictable. So to make sure that I get the normal amount of sleeping hours and working hours in, I sometimes treat my nights as days.

The first thing I eat in the morning would be breakfast. So, why not breakfast at night?

Yip, my favorite night time breakfast has become egg benedict (bacon cupped around egg) with bread and topped with olives and tomato. Here’s tonight meal. (Btw this is an unplanned post, but I just thought perhaps someone can relate to it)

For the green smoothie I just used what was in the fridge, and added some whole strawberries and raspberries on top.


My sleeping routine started of like this:

I will not be able to sleep at night and fall asleep at 6am. Then I will sleep the entire day, and at night I cannot sleep. The cycle continues.

At first I would feel awful about not being able to sleep at night. Like it’s this big sin, like I’m not normal (says the one with bipolar)

If you tell any given person you are not able to sleep at night, the normal response would be, ‘You should take sleeping pills, you should see a doctor, you should drink Chamomile tea before you go sleep, no cellphone before bed time, create a playlist with sleeping music etc’

Yes, I’ve tried all of that.

However, I know many people would stress out if they cannot sleep at night because in the morning they have to go to work.

I’m lucky in that regard that I make my money by writing and blogging. That means I have to monitor myself and see my behavior and sleeping patterns.

If I see I sleep through the night and wake up in the morning, I normally start with writing from 7:30am-17:00pm.

But if I sleep during the day because I didn’t have a good night’s sleep, I wake up at 16:00pm.

Then I clean the house, make food, take a shower and my husband comes from work.

I spent the entire evening with him, go to the park, do naughty fun grown up things 😉  until we go sleep… and I’m still wide awake.

In the first months of our marriage he was worried that I’m not sleeping but now he is used to it.

I’ve found that many other creative minds also work at night. Do you?

Besides, I know it’s daytime somewhere else in the world right now.

Happy living,

Chantal xx




10 thoughts on “Hello, are you awake? The artistic mind.

    • That sounds delicious! I made blueberry pancakes 4days ago. breakfast is my favorite type of meal. I have never eaten hashbrowns, what is it?

      Lol, maybe you should ask your granma to make it again! (in the unfortunate situation that she passed away, I’m sorry and ignore this sentence)


      • My grand mother started teaching me to cook at age 8, she was the reason I went to culinary school after 9 years in the military and telling uncle sam to kiss my entire Negro butt.

        She passed in 1983 while I was overseas. Hash browns are potaoes shredded, fried in a cast iron skillet until golden brown, you then take tow eggs over easy and gently lay ’em over the top of the hash browns.

        Now if you dislike egg yolk, fry ’em until hard….it’s delicious served with MANY strips of crispy bacon.


  1. I’m a night person, but unfortunately years of office work have trained my body to wake up early. Perhaps someday I can go back to having late night breakfasts again 🙂


  2. I have had issues with falling asleep for quite some time. I read at night and that helps. I also am now on hormone replacements and I feel like that has made a difference. Bipolar Disorder (as I see you said you have) definitely can also play a big part on your sleeping patterns. Many smart people I know tend to work best at odd hours. But who’s to say it is odd? After all, just as in Matgaritaville, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. 😉


  3. Sometimes I just cannot sleep at night. I wish I could, but that’s just how it goes. Some nights I have to get up and watch animal programmes which help me relax. Some nights I have words come to me that demand to be written. Some nights one or both of these things will help me go back to bed and maybe squeeze another hour of sleep out if I’m lucky. Some nights it just doesn’t work. But I love to nap. So like a cat, I find myself an afternoon sun-beam and I catch up that way 🙂


  4. I sometimes have trouble sleeping, but not to this extent. People all have different ways of functioning, and we don’t have to do things just because they are culturally acceptable. (Unless you have a job where you have to get up at a certain time.) I think it’s neat that your job is not as time sensitive as a lot of jobs. 🙂
    Thank you for following my blog!


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