Beginner blogger tips: How I got 1000followers in 3months as a new blogger

From last week’s post on my series ‘Beginner blogger tips’ I gathered that there are two type of questions that you want to know; ‘I’m a new blogger how do I get people to come to my blog’ and ‘I’ve been blogging a while but how do I find the confidence in sharing my content with my friends and family?’

It’s two big questions, with a lot of tips I’ve learned over the years.

So, today instead of posting my initial post, which was ‘How to improve your blog content’ I’m posting what you actually asked for. (I’ll upload the other blog post on Friday)

But it’s a lot of information so  I’ll split it up in two sections. The question  ‘I’m a new blogger how do I get people to come to my blog’ will be this post.

And the question ‘I’ve been blogging a while but how do I find the confidence in sharing my content with my friends and family? Will be uploaded on Tuesday.

So, let’s get in to it.

I’m a new blogger how do I get people to come to my blog?

When I began blogging I really didn’t know that you can promote your content, or that it’s even important to do so. After a while, I saw that some blogs received more likes, comments and followers than my blog and I thought to myself ‘It’s probably because that other blog have been around for a while, I have to wait my chance.’

But 3 months later, I reached my first 1000 subscribers. As a three month old blogger at that time, I was very new to WordPress.

As a new blogger, to reach a thousand subscribers, in 3 months, should have been ‘impossible’ , but it happened to me. Thinking back about it now, I know how it happened.

Forget that you are a beginner blogger and have to wait your turn. It’s not about being new, this isn’t primary school where you have to go through the grades.  You can grow your blog, fast or slow, this depends mostly on yourself.

So if you are new, try this. This is what I’ve done.

  • Put aside 1hour of your day, if that’s too much,  take the amount of time you can afford. For me it was 1hour.


  • Go on top of the WordPress bar and select the ‘Reader button’reader full
  • Then click on searchsave as search crop


  • Search the topics that you are interested in. Here I’m using ‘horses’.horses crophorses fullNow a list will appear with all the blogs that have that content.
  • Go through them, and find the ones you genuinely like. How do you know if you genuinely like a blog? Did you read their complete post and liked it? Can you comment something meaningful? Were you tempted to read another post from their blog? If yes, you genuinely like the blog.


  • Now go ahead, subscribe, like and comment on the post.


  • Do this for all the blogs you genuinely like. Sometimes it’s only 1 blog, sometimes it’s 5 blogs. Just don’t go on a spree of following blogs left to right, because people often know that you are doing that, and then will not follow you back because you have nothing in common and don’t add value to their blog.  It’s about keeping up to date with the blogs you follow. You don’t always have to like and comment on their every post, but reading it is important. Because when you meet them on the blog-sphere again, you will have something to ‘speak’ about. You know what’s on their blog and they will appreciate it. Sounds overwhelming right? But if you genuinely like a blog, then it’s really not.

Secondly tag your blog post correctly.

Say you are writing a blog post about fashion, then the popular terms for fashion blog post are ‘ootd (outfit of the day) , fashion, fashion bloggers, skirt, dress etc’

How do you know the best tag for your blog post?

Find someone that does well on WordPress and blogs about what you blog about, go to the bottom of their page and see what they have tagged. Then use the tags they used, but of course it needs to correspond with what you wrote about.

Some other tips about tagging: Look at what you wrote about in your post. If you wrote about techniques of horse riding , then you will likely have your horse in the picture. And some tools. So your tags can be ‘horse riding, techniques, tool, how to’…. but then also tag ‘animals, love, friendship’ Even though you might not have written about love , animals and friendship’  that is also what your post can reflect to other people. So people who are interested in those things will discover your blog and follow because you are writing about something that they like.

The first picture on your blog or the featured image

I’ve learned this very quickly in the first 3 months of blogging; people will click on your blog because your picture took their interest.

If you do not use ‘feature image’ to put a feature image on your blog, then WordPress will use the first picture in your blog post to use as a feature image when people search for a certain topic that you have tagged. That’s a mouth full. Let’s cut it into pieces.

What is feature image?

It’s the image that you want to put on top of your blog post, almost like a header.

How do you use it?

Very easy just click on it, it will ask you to upload the your picture, and voila! 🙂

Where do you find it?

On the right hand side of your blog.feature

So, good ideas for pictures that I’ve seen work for me was clear pictures. Kind of cropped so that people can see me, at the first glance. When people search for topics, your picture is rather small, so let it stand out.

Still don’t get it? I’ll use some examples of my own posts.

For my blond wig review, and my grey wig review, I used these pictures as my first pictures.


For my ootd post I used these pictures. You still want to stand out, but also show your entire outfit. Again, try to use clear pictures with not too much distraction in the background.


Here the background is green and the clothes are in contrast to the background


Shirt: Gift Leggings: Mr Price Leather jacket: Woolworths Shoes: Mr price

Since I’m a personal blogger, often times my pictures are about me. But you don’t have to use pictures of yourself. These tips you can apply to any type of picture.

Still stuck? Tell me in the comments down below with what type of pictures you deal with. And I’ll check it out and help you. Free of course.

Your title

Think of your title and picture as twins. They give the same message.

If your title is ‘my outfit of the day’ then don’t use a picture of a house. Use your best picture with that outfit. Rock it. Put your best foot forward. Grab attention. You can do it.

Titles are as important as a picture. Make sure they don’t get lost in the wordpress search. Write something that will spark curiosity.

Promote your blog on other blogs.

How do you do that? You can promote your blog here free on my blog. I did a post about it here. Or search for someone who does the same.

There is so much on this topic and I fear this post is getting to long, so if you want me to make a part 2 of this blog post, going even more in detail on the subjects mentioned here, then comment down below.

Did this post help you? Or do you have more questions? Would you like video on this content? (For those of you who do not like to read)

Until tomorrow,

Happy living!

Chantal x










46 thoughts on “Beginner blogger tips: How I got 1000followers in 3months as a new blogger

  1. I think this is both a fair and well done post with useful advice! Proper tags and a good title/picture seriously make all the difference! And of course networking and making the effort to reach out to the other bloggers :p Awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was very helpful. Even maintaining a blogging schedule is very important. That is what I feel. Initially I used to blog every week. But then due to some personal reasons, I took a break. But after a couple of months, I started reading posts on wordpress in readers section and even gained some followers that way. That’s the same way I found your blog and I am glad that I did.! Eagerly waiting for your next post! #GoGirl ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • The blogging schedule is so important! I find myself working on post in advance and then scheduling it in so that my blog doesn’t go empty for days on end. I have taken so many breaks myself and getting back into the blogging community I did exactly what you did that’s why I included it in the tips.Thanks for your in depth comment, it made me smile! I appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, thanks for this. I use featured images and tags but I guess my images are not catching enough and I need to work better with my tags. I’d check what other people that post similar content tag in their posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Chantal, you are AMAZING! I really mean this. Thank you so much for your advice. It has really helped me 😊

    Also I tried to comment on your post about growing older and not putting in effort as you grow old but I couldn’t seem to post it. I really liked that post and related to it alot… I will try again 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you. I like the post.. I try to ready articles everytime on wordpress and leave a real comment.. hopping someone does the same to me haha.. but I will follow your advices


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