The healing power of nature

It started with a craving for grass under my bare feet.


To leave behind the walls, chairs and computers for a while.

I blog and work on ideas for my blog from Monday to Friday 7:30am-17:00pm

I enjoy it, but sometimes I just need nature to enjoy me.


So, 3 times a week, if not more, my husband and myself go to the park and feel the grass under our bare feet, look at the birds and the bees doing their thing, and whatever nature has in store for us.

Friday afternoon, I witness the most beautiful thing.

I told Marcel let’s not take our normal route in the park. let’s take another way. He smiled and said ‘yeah, I was thinking the same thing.’

We ended up walking a longer way, but it was worth it.

We saw a bird’s nest on water.

Of course, we were amazed by it. But never thought to sit down there. It was windy and the wind blew the water fountain to our side. We would get wet.

After 30minutes I realized we had sat down under the tree still amazed at the bird and the nest. The wind was blowing and the water never touched us.

But that was not the beautiful thing.

The beautiful thing was the the birds. The ‘mother’ bird was sitting on her nest which was build on water and soon we saw the ‘father’ bird bringing her bits of food and grass to put underneath her.

He would swim the entire lake, and find the best bits and parts of the grass.

I wondered about that, why would he not get grass closer then the wide open lake? Then he wouldn’t have to work that hard.

Later on I noticed that he tried it, but when he gave it to her, she refused to take it. A fussy little lady she is. She only accepts the best and he knew it 🙂

So back he would go, and swim the lake to return 5 min later with an offering to his ‘bride’

Meanwhile, on the other side, there was another bird, a little bit fatter. He came right up to us, as in to ask  ‘Are you not going to share your food with me?’

Amazed at this bird’s confidence, we gave him some of our food.

And he came closer and closer to us. Like a domestic pet.

I wondered, uhmm what would I have done if I was a bird. Would I search the entire lake for food, or just walk up to the human and ask for food?

This bird was braver in my opinion, and surely fatter. While the other bird was working very hard for only little bits of food here and there.

But I was proven wrong. It terms of braveness.

When Marcel got to close to the nest of the ‘mother’, the ‘father’ came on a high speed all the way across from the river to protect his wife and unborn children from this ‘intruder’ (Marcel)

He came fast and furious, flapping his wings. The ‘fatter’ bird ran away. And surely Marcel and myself stood back.

This little bird, taught me so much.

We saw other animals on our way walking to the park. But the birds took the spotlight.

What type of bird are you? The one take takes food or the one working for his own food? And are you respected by others for it? More importantly do you respect yourself?

PS: WE GOT TO SEE ONE EGG HATCH. *Yes, We went crazy with joy*

I made this video of the bird here.  Click on it 🙂





16 thoughts on “The healing power of nature

  1. Hi Chantal, my family originally comes from round Harlem, near Amsterdam. The bird is a Coot, and does build a little raft on the water as a nest. They are a type of bird that habituates to man quite easily, especially when they realise that there is an easy source of food, out here their are warnings not to feed the birds, as it can lead to problems. I also enjoy walks in nature, and live on the boarders of the Table Mountain national park, in Tokai, so have the whole mountain to walk on.

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  2. One of my favourite things in life is hiking. I love it particularly because of the bird noises and greenery. I absolutely love nature. Camping and hiking are two things that clear my mind! Leaving the hustle and bustle of a city life (I’m from Melbourne, Australia) is the best thing for my mind and soul! Xx ☺☺

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    • I love hiking too but since I moved to The Netherlands (here’s no mountains) I cannot anymore! But I envy you. Hiking sure does the soul good! I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in the mountains of Australia!

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      • When you decide to visit Australia, let me know and I’ll let you know where to go! We try and do it weekly over here, even though it’s freezing. We are showing the little one around even though it’s quite a bit of work for a 1 year old!


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