Should you give up blogging?(The truth)

My friend, who is also a blogger asked me this question. Should he give up blogging after 6 years?

I asked him why: ‘Well, I’ve been blogging and making videos for 6 years and I only have 107 followers on WordPress and 5 followers on YouTube.’

We established that he wanted to turn his hobby into a future financial income, but failed.

He went on to explain that he has left his job 6 years ago to start the blogging and YouTube journey. He used his money to invest in a good camera and equipment. His blog was going to be a blog about bicycles, reviews , videos etc.

Now, he was sitting in front of me ready to give up.

He has tried all the advise people had given him, he watched all the YouTube advise videos and so forth.

I know many of you probably think that ‘He should not have left his job‘ but well he did.

I know these Youtbe videos very well. I’ve watched them myself at a time when I was ready to give up Youtube and blogging.

The advise goes as follows:
Create good content, choose a specific audience, work hard and be patient.

But for 6years my friend did this, and nothing really happened. I tried it and nothing happened for me too, until I found what actually works.

*Wait let me turn on my camera because my thoughts are coming too fast. *





5 thoughts on “Should you give up blogging?(The truth)

  1. Great down to earth advice. What are these softwares you mention? But honestly, glad you are giving *real* tips here. I always feel like some of the tips people give are only for people who are already very successful or do not have very original stuff

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