Why I prefer normal bloggers above popular bloggers/vloggers

Do you prefer celebrities/ popular bloggers or the ‘ordinary’ woman/man?

It’s okay if you prefer the popular youtube people or famous bloggers over the ‘normal’ folks like us. They have great quality pictures, they always look good and well, you’ve maybe watched them for years.

I also have my favorites. I use to watch famous youtubers  and read Elle magazine’s blog like a prayer in the morning.

But little by little I’ve lost interest in them. I asked myself why?

For one, many of them have become corrupt. Elle magazine has always been a business, but youtube and blogging for the normal folks has not. In recent years it has.

It seems like lately many people are influenced by money to the point of lying to their viewers about how products work, because they get paid to promote a product.

I’m all for bloggers/vloggers making money, because a ton of work goes into blogging. We create content and so we deserve to be paid for it, just like any other job.

But it has gotten out of hand. The amount of products that I’ve used because a vlogger/blogger has praised it is embarrassing. Then it turns out that it is junk.


So, this is why I prefer the normal blogger community:

I can relate to their lifestyles more: I believe in the law of attraction in my own way. What you behold you become. But in the same breathe I want to say, sometimes the products the famous bloggers/vloggers use is so expensive. And I need that shampoo or whatever right now, not later. Also it becomes depressing when you see what ‘apparently’ everyone else have and you don’t. But we are all mature to realize to not compare yourself with other people, right?  Because you don’t know what they did to get those things (sacrifices, hard work, or maybe even maxed out credit cards) And besides, you are doing your best, I’m doing my best, we are all doing our best.

chantaldegeus.com (1)

Source: I used the lion image from veganstrongwarrior but I designed the rest.

They come right out and say what really works because they have nothing to loose. I know almost all bloggers have a passion for what they are doing, but sometimes you can see when they have lost that passion. or perhaps don’t have as much free time as they did when they where just regular folks.

Either way, you never seem to get the real truth anymore. For example I was watching this girl doing a curly hair tutorial. Throughout the tutorial she promotes products. But she never showed the real process of the hair. She skips the entire part of how she dries her hair (natural or diffuser?) Everyone can see that she used a curling iron to perfect the curls, but she insist it’s natural and that it’s the products that did it.

With all that being said, if I was in their shoes, would I do the same? Would you?






11 thoughts on “Why I prefer normal bloggers above popular bloggers/vloggers

  1. I agree with you on this. I do have a couple favorite youtubers who have manyy subscribers, but for the most part I like subscribing to smaller vloggers/bloggers…they always seem to come across (in general) as more genuine. There are exceptions of course, for example I love Kelsey Simone, she’s basically my beauty & style icon, she has a million subs, and all along she has managed to stay true to herself. xx

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  2. Excellent post, I totally understand where you are coming from! I love supporting the “smaller” people and I enjoy watching the “bigger” names too but it really is sad when you notice people lying or being vague. Would love to see a list of your favourites!

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    • You just gave me a blog post idea, thanks! The list will be up soon! Shall we do a collab, you do a list of your favourite youtubers and bloggers and I do a list of mine? If you are interested email me @beingchantal@gmail.com If not, then thanks for the idea darling!


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