Am I pregnant?

Has this day been a shit one!

My period is in town and it brought the mood swings.. but also the cravings.

It’s 01:44am right now and I got up from bed, baked eggs and bacon. Sandwiched it between a bagel with cream cheese.

‘Is she pregnant?’

If I hear one more person ask me if I’m pregnant, I might just give birth to a baby.

Three people told me they had a dream that I was pregnant. My neighbor gave the sex of the baby too. (I was satisfied with the sex of the baby)

Perhaps people just want to see me pregnant, because they think it would be nice. Or maybe it’s because I’m married now? This happened to anyone?

To set the record straight, no I’m not pregnant. However, children is in our plans for the future! 🙂

Now for the husband to go fetch me a warm pack  for my cramps, sleep tight bloggers!

PS: This is the ootd 🙂

Step Outin Style! (3)


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