Are fashion bloggers shallow?

A friend of mine inbox me this morning to borrow some money. I noticed that it was the second one in this week asking me for money. This is unusual for me. Not because all my friends are super rich, just that I don’t have any real friends apart from two people (Not the people who asked for money)

That being said, I have no objection to helping people out, as I myself have been many times in a place of needing. And kind souls have helped me out.

So, why this post about whether or not fashion bloggers are shallow?

Well when I explained to the person that I cannot help her at the moment, because the sum was huge, she told me ‘Yeah, you living the life. I see your pictures on Facebook. Every week a new outfit but now you don’t have money for me. All you care about is clothes, you are so shallow’

I recognized the emotional manipulation. However, the answer didn’t upset me much, just the idea that fashion bloggers can sometimes come off as shallow and all we care about is shoes, clothes and the shade of red lipstick we wear on our lips.


With any blog, you choose a theme for your blog. Lifestyle, writing, spiritual fashion, a little of everything’ then predominately that blog will be about those things.

If someone has a Spiritual blog, no one says ‘You are so shallow’. Β They think this person is super spiritual (however I believe all beings are spiritual, we just live in our physical bodies now)Β 

But in their daily lives they might like fashion, cars or gourmet food. They just happen to have a blog specifically about spirituality.

I'm not what you think I am.You are what you think I am

Source: I made this but used the image of DG

So, fashion bloggers, just like any other bloggers, blog about what they are passionate about.

I follow everyone that follows me, and I look through the blog posts daily and I smile. Fashion bloggers gives me what’s new in the fashion world, inspire my personal style and give bad ass reviews about things I care about.

The other blogs I follow give me insight into food, writing, beauty, mental health, poems, love,life,adventures, farms and a whole lot more. I read widely, and it is lovely to see all the creativity and thoughts. It inspires me.

I don’t think fashion bloggers are shallow. I don’t think I’m shallow.


Source: Lupytha Hermin





17 thoughts on “Are fashion bloggers shallow?

  1. I never understood this kind of thought, why would liking clothes or makeup make you shallow? It’s really rare that people like just one thing, and I personally think that judging someone on their looks, their hobbies or passions is what’s shallow. Because there is always more to people than meets the eyes. Great post πŸ™‚

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