Nothing new, but oh so lovely.

I’d be lying if I say that this is the first time I’ve taken ootd’s but never posted it.

Tonight I’ve come across a little a lot and decided to post it anyway. I’ve scheduled them across this week daily, so if you happen to see two ootd post in one day, I didn’t switch outfits ( I really don’t have that much clothes) it’s just these forgotten ootd’s.

I hope you like!


Choker: Mr Price


Dress: Mr Price


Bag: Mr Price

I’ve got on the choker train very late, but I’m loving choker’s now so no one will stop me wearing it. 😉

I’m also into the off the shoulder trend from 2016 that went into 2017. Shoulders are sexy.

But both these styles have been around in previous eras, who are we kidding? Nothing new, but oh so lovely!


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