My 2am burrito and thoughts.

It’s 2am and I’m sitting here eating a cold tikka chicken burrito. Actually I’m gonna have my second one now.


I tried sleeping but my mind is full of wonderful ideas. One part of myself knows if I mediate I’ll fall asleep peacefully, but the other parts of me are like ‘eat another burrito and put some cheese sauce on top’

So, here I am typing. You know which part of myself I decided to listen too.

But I’m also listening to the night. It’s quiet, dark and lovely. ย Far away I hear one guy cough outside. It must be the guy that goes out for his night time smoke break. HIs wife don’t let him smoke in the house.

*Just a minute, I’m getting that second burrito.*


As I was saying, basically I’m reflecting on my day and it’s been great. I’m tryna find an adjective less basic then ‘great’, but sometimes the basic things makes life lovely.

Like this burrito. I can feel the avocado melt in my mouth. Perfect with the tikka masalah chicken.

Like the sound of the wind picking leaves from the trees. (Tomorrow we’ll have to sweep up the leaves)

Like the smell of Marcel’s aftershave. (My husband is peacefully sleeping in bed)

Like the touch of the couch against my back (It’s really soft)

Like the orange and green flowers I see on the table (They are from Oma Van hengel)

Like the taste of water in my mouth. (It washes the burrito down)

Like my dead grandma sitting on the chair opposite me smiling.

Like this moment where everything is one and the world is a beautiful place.

Ps: Marcel loves chocolate, so I decided to make him a chocolate cake. So easy, I like how the top filling of chocolate came out. Click for the video.

Pss: Of course the girl in the picture is not me. That’s my mood right now. Source





12 thoughts on “My 2am burrito and thoughts.

  1. It sounds like you were still meditating in a sense! Focusing on your five senses ๐Ÿ™‚ The burrito sounds delicious ๐Ÿคค And that cake looks great! I just got back from the gym, how timely to be reading about and seeing such good food haha

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