Beyonce or Shakira?

After eating a subway with the husband, watching a documentary on aliens and space, falling asleep , I thought my day was pretty amazing.

Until I woke up from the nap.

I smiled, kissed Marcel and he had this BIG smile on his face. He was like ‘look what came in the mail’.

I was still sleepy, open the packaged and at first I didn’t get it. Was I looking at a cat’s fur, is there a cat in this box??  😀

He said open it up and take it out of the box.

Holy Moly it was this hair!!! He surprised me!!


Okay, I actually first had to breathe in and out before typing this blog post because my head was just everywhere.

I LOVE THIS HAIR!! (did I say that out loud? oops!)

Let me just go straight to the point. This hair is my favorite so far.


And of course I had to take a bazillion more pictures, because I mean, look at it.



So, you probably think this is great and all but how can I get this hair and what’s the financial damage?

13euro!! Here’s the link.

This is not sponsored btw!

if you want to know any more details, check out my video on the hair. (Btw thanks to everyone that viewed my videos. I’ve uploaded for 7days straight and each  videos got over 2,000 views!  Which is 14,000 for the week. It makes me happy so thank you)



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