Grey wig review

Hey lovers!

Do I look different? Perhaps like an Elf from the middle earth? (Get the reference?)


Anyway, that’s because I tried the grey wig trend. Yes, I know, a bit late right? But better late then never. It’s a synthetic wig btw.


The price: $11

It is actually the wig in the pictures. If you are use to buying from cheap stores then you know sometimes the pictures they use is not the product you actually get, in my case, it was the exact same wig.

The hair was soft and smelled well.


Fall out.

The hair tangles easily.

Buy wig here.

If you want to see more footage, I made a video for my Youtube. While you there, mind subscribing and help a girl out? I have like 167 subscribers šŸ˜‰

Thanks in advance!

And if you are wondering about my eyes, and how you can get the same ones, here’s my Solotica contact lens video:


See you around, Chantal xx



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