The good type of exhaustion

I love these type of days.


Yesterday we went to the in-laws for Father’s day and it’s was amazing. We got to see the family and that’s always lovely.



My mother-in law and myself


It was a beautiful summer’s day, the tables were outside. We were all sitting around and chatting. Ate some lovely chocolate cake and Dutch pancakes.

When we got home it was about 22:00pm and I was completely exhausted. And that’s what I love. The type of day where I’m completely exhausted at the end of it. I cannot get over how light it still is at night in The Netherlands. It’s just before 22:00pm in these pictures and videos.

My husband and I still watch a documentary but I fell asleep half way. And was woken up the next morning with his soft kisses on my cheek.

Later today, after work, we went to the park for a picnic and some Kung fu for him. The scenery was beautiful.

Now I’m in bed typing this post and I’m exhausted. The good type of exhaustion.

All I can be is happy and grateful.




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