Get to know me (Reintroduce myself in case you forgot)

Hello! I’m Chantal and I like things.

What kind of things? Beautiful things.

I think it started  with my first white dress, when I was born in a little town in South Africa.


I discovered this world has a lot of beautiful things… that I can eat.




And that wild curls are beautiful


But I had to spread my wings and discovered what’s on the other side of the world. Are there beautiful things in Switzerland too?


Turns out the most beautiful thing I ever saw was there…his name is Marcel.


He asked me for a walk…down the aisle.

I said YES .. I love taking walks.


Now we live in The Netherlands, in his home town. Taking a rest from all those walks 😉


Now you know a little about me.

SO, why this blog? Let’s just say I never stopped liking beautiful things.

Here’s where I post all my wishlists, reviews,clothes etc! 🙂 Hope to see you around xx



7 thoughts on “Get to know me (Reintroduce myself in case you forgot)

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  2. Hi Marcel! I love reading these get to know me posts, there’s always something about getting to know people without actually meeting them in person? (That probably doesn’t make sense haha). You both seem like such lovely people! And I love the curls. Unfortunately I have dead straight hair haha!

    So glad I met you through blogging, you’re such a lovely person xx


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