Get to know me (Reintroduce myself in case you forgot)

Hello! I’m Chantal and I like things.

What kind of things? Beautiful things.

I think it started  with my first white dress, when I was born in a little town in South Africa.


I discovered this world has a lot of beautiful things… that I can eat.




And that wild curls are beautiful


But I had to spread my wings and discovered what’s on the other side of the world. Are there beautiful things in Switzerland too?


Turns out the most beautiful thing I ever saw was there…his name is Marcel.


He asked me for a walk…down the aisle.

I said YES .. I love taking walks.


Now we live in The Netherlands, in his home town. Taking a rest from all those walks 😉


Now you know a little about me.

SO, why this blog? Let’s just say I never stopped liking beautiful things.

Here’s where I post all my wishlists, reviews,clothes etc! 🙂 Hope to see you around xx



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