Plastic surgery, Photoshop or makeup?

My friend asked me ‘Gun to my head, what would I choose? Plastic surgery or being photoshopped?

I had to put my drink down for that. Quite intriguing

I told her ‘I’ll pull my gun out too.’

‘No man Chantal, just play along.’

‘Oraaait, oraait.’

Lemme see. If I did plastic surgery, what would I get? More lips, bigger boobs? Nah. Not convincing enough. Maybe body sculpting?

‘What’s that’ she asked.

‘ I think it’s what it says. The surgeon sculpts your body to what you want.’

‘Woah, you went from not wanting to do anything to doing your whole body, that escalated quickly.’

She was laughing, and I thought to myself ‘My gosh she is a beautiful creature. With that freckles, the lil afro and those piercing eyes.’

‘What would you get if you had plastic surgery? I ask her.

She said ‘I’ll get my nose done and my teeth. Oh and also my arms.’

I nodded then said;

‘Wait, I’ll get my hair done. Does that count? Like putting in hair in my head, but like it’s from the root. Not like extensions where it comes out again.

‘It’s called hair transplant. They normally do it for men that are going bald. How long would you get it? She said

‘The length that my hair is now’I said

Then why get the hair transplant at all? She asked me.

Well, I didn’t ask you why you want to get plastic surgery on your arms.

We both laughed.

Okay, now if I had to choose Photoshop. What will I want to be photoshopped?

Well, on my body in a bikini. Bang pow pow!

Angela just touched her hair. You cannot do your whole body. We need to put a budget to this game. From now on the photoshop gods gives us 1000euros and you can change two things in photoshop.

‘I’ll make my boobs a bit smaller. Wait no, I want to do that with the plastic surgeon. Cause that will last right and Photoshop is just on a picture?

Why would you make your boobs smaller? She asked.

Well, when you look at my boobs it can cause some envy like ‘wow, look at those.’ But the reality is, back pain, boob sweat extreme, having to choose what outfit your wear carefully because small boobed women can wear a tank top and look fine but let me put it on then it looks overly sexualized.

‘It’s no big deal’ my friend said.

‘Nah trust me. If you are in my shoes, you’ll understand. I’m not saying I’ll make my DD go to A but maybe a C?

The conversation went on in another direction of how women are being a portraited in the media, and we never finished the gun to my head game.

But that conversation stayed with me.

If in actual fact I can have all the surgery I want, would I get it? I think perhaps not right now. Cause right now I’m happy and fine. I’ve done a lot of inner work and loving myself things for 2years. I accept myself.

But in the future? Who knows? Like when I have children and after that? Perhaps have that vagina surgery? That tightens? Or if I get droopy boobs, perhaps lift it a little bit up?

I have no problem with anyone doing any surgery. Let people have things. Let them be happy. It’s their money. Their confidence.

But for me, it’s a no at this time. Speak to me in 6year and maybe I’ll have a different answer.

The closet thing to plastic surgery I have no is makeup.  So I went and glowed myself up. 😉







Sidenote: Gun to your head, what would you change?


8 thoughts on “Plastic surgery, Photoshop or makeup?

  1. A really interesting choice – I think that I won’t change anything yet (there’s no saying if I’ll make a change I’ll regret later!) but photoshop is surely OK at the moment because most people do it for free using apps etc. In a way, photoshop is another tool we use to portray a better version of ourselves to the world, just as we do on social media. Just remember: you are beautiful, no matter how you look! x

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