‘These damn shoes’

If you ask me whether I like these shoes or not, I would tell you I hate them.


But yet I put them on every day over all the other shoes that I have, I pick these ones.

I was sitting outside this morning, looking down on these shoes and I thought ‘These damn shoes.’

The first time I put these shoes on was when I came back from The Netherlands. It was hot in South Africa, and I had a pair of boots on. My dad greeted me at the airport with these guys. Thankful to get out of my boots, my journey with these ‘flip flops’ started.

When I was between the ages of 4years- 12years I would wear these shoes religiously. We use to call it ‘vissies’.

I’d wear them every day. Back then I wasn’t as picky I suppose, or there probably wasn’t any money to have a range of shoes.

Somewhere along the road, I’ve stopped wearing these type of flip flops because ‘it didn’t fit with my outfit.’

Now at 26years old, I’ve come to love them again. For the simple reason that it’s comfortable and easy to put on.

I don’t like this picticular pair because I fell twice with it. Once I almost broke my leg. It was raining outside, and the tiles were wet. I did not blame the rain, or that I was in a hurry. Oh no, it was these damn shoes.

Last week, when I met my friend at the store, I had these shoes on. The South African sun was at it’s hottest, and on my way back, I stepped into a thorn, it went right threw the shoes. Ouch!

I complain to my dad ‘I hate these damn shoes’ as I put them back on.

‘Chantal you have a new pair of pink flip flops in the closet, why don’t you throw these ones away?’ My dad would say.

When observing the shoes, you would see how dirty it looks. It doesn’t matter if I wash them daily, as I also wear them in the shower, the moment it hits the ground it eats dust. Not a cute look.

Yesterday I saw that a piece of the shoe came off. How? The dog bite it.

‘These damn shoes.’ Again, I blame the shoes.

Why can’t I just throw it away?

I’ve realized I had such fond memories of these type of shoes when I was growing up. All my friends had them, and we would wear it until there’s no piece left of the flip-flop.

And when we got new ‘vissies’ it would be a big occasion. My friends would all admire the new ‘vissies’ and I would have my Sunday dress on, on a Wednesday.

I’m holding on to those fond moments.

Now that I’m slightly older walking with dirty feet and gross sandals are not cute. But back then oh man, it was a right of passage in my small town.

Tonight I’m going to visit my aunt. I’m looking at all my heels and other beautiful shoes.

Hmm, I think to myself. What shall I wear tonight?

My Sunday dress ?…and these damn shoes.


Sidenote: What did you call these shoes growing up?


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