Weight gain. Is that you?

I woke up today at 13;00. The first thing I thirst for is ice cold Coco-Cola in the morning. I had to go get some at the store.

On my way to the store, I saw a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in two years. I waited till she caught my eye and noticed me. To my dread, she didn’t.

I said ‘pssst lovely lady,’ and she looked at me for a near min. 1 min can get long when it’s not said on paper, but in reality when the sun is burning your face.

‘Chantal, IS THAT YOU?’ She ran to me and hugged me. ‘Oh my gosh, I miss you so much! What are you doing in South Africa?

I explained to her about the mvv. She nodded.

‘Girl, I did not notice you. You’ve gained some weight.’

You can always count on childhood friends to call you out about your fish.

‘And your hair, it looks like you’ve just woke up.I don’t know you like this.’

Well, I just woke up. As you know, I’m a ghostwriter, and the client’s book is finished. Just the little things that need to be done, but I’m in South Africa, and the company is in America, two different time zones, so I was up all night.

I did not explain all of that. She caught me up on her life, new home, and a new boyfriend. She’s been doing better ever since she stopped using crystal meth.

On my way back from the shop, it hit me. Gosh, I must’ve gained so must weight.

I’m not blind, but I can act blind when I passed a mirror. But lately, it’s been buzzing me ‘yeah I’ve been gaining weight.’

I have no problem with women who gain weight and is proud of it. Go, women.

Social media’s eyes have been opening to the impossible beuty standards that women are held to.

All the models are being photoshoped to perfection. Achieving those beuaty standards are impossible. Many teenage suicides because of it.I’m hoping God drops little girls in my womb, so I get how the media is being unrealistic.

But what about the women who want to change? Sometimes they’re looked upon as being materialistic, shallow beings.

Woah, how the world changes every day. Today being skinny is good, tomorrow being thick with a phat bum is good.

But what’s good for you personally?

Well, for one thing, I’m going to start losing weight. I kinda, sorta, lazily was on my way.

But I cannot lie to myself. I can sugar coat this post, which I will not, in ‘kind’ words. But I felt sad and depressed when my friend told me how fat I’ve become.

When I came back to South Africa everyone that saw me said the same thing ‘Ah, you thought you’ll always have that model body, but see everyone gets fat.’  (Weird because I never thought about it. Just shows what goes on in other people’s minds.)

They were  delighted by my weight gain.

Like ‘Welcome to the gaining weight club. Being a mommy/wife does that to you. You’ll get used to it.’

Now HOLD UP. I’m a wife, but that doesn’t say ish. I know wives are looking great as ever. I’m on my way to that. If you want to start your pitty club, good for you, but I’m out of here.

It shouldnt have to take other people to get me to take care of my body. Even thought they kind of not expect me to do a turn back.

I watched the video of Nick Cannon speaking about food. And how we are not eating real food. He didn’t go into the science of it, but I’ve been on that topic for a while.

The government doesn’t care about us, and the safest food you can eat is those growing from the ground. The less it’s processed, the better it is. Quite an interesting subject, google it.

Many thoughts run through my mind, but I’ll sum it up for myself in these ways.

Reasons to take care of my body:

1.Healthy food makes me feel better. Less sleepy, more energetic. Hap me. Endorphins. Serotonin trip, etc.

2.I’m still young (26years old) Why not be the best me I can be?

  1. I believe a healthy body is not only a result of eating delicious fruits, veggies, meat, fish, etc. but also having a healthy mental attitude.


A healthy mental attitude

I’m one of those people who believe in knowing thyself.

Part of the reason I’ve been gaining weight is probably causing for the past 2years I’ve been meditating, reading Seth and Abraham-Hicks books, instead of jogging like crazy.

*Jokes, but you get what I mean*

For some of you reading and have no clue what I’m speaking about, the basis of this belief is ‘I create the world I perceive.’

It goes so much deeper than that, but that’s the easiest way I can tell you.

When I started with the meditation, I was in an atrocious place. So, at that time all I wanted was to atleast be mentaly strong on the inside, to hell with what I looked like on the outside.

Because although I looked good on the outside, my mind was barraged with depression. And anyone in depression knows what you’ll give up to have a ‘normal’ peaceful mind.

Now that I’ve reached the part where my mind is more peachful than it uses to be, and when it gets less quiet as it sometimes does, I know better how to control it.

Now, I look in the mirror, and I’m like ‘Holy Shit, Hello Chantal.’There’s a whole 5kgs extra on you.

Yes, only 5kgs. Again it sounds pretty on paper, but in reality it doesnt look so good on my love handles, stomach, face, and arms.

Those are my problem areas.

And yes, I know, there’s people who’ve gained 100kgs, but that’s not me. I’m dealing with me right now, and that’s also important.

I know it won’t take me long to lose this weight and get back into shape. However, I’m a shape now, a potato shape. But I would like to be back to whatever shape my 26year old body has for me. Hopefully not my 24year old body, cause even though it was good at that time, now it will be too skinny.

I’ve comet o the end of this article, and yes I feel better. The sad feeling I had when I started writing this article has disappeared, and so I’m grateful for this tool of writing.

I wish I could say I feel like taking a jog now, but my bed looks pretty good. Getting under the covers, drinking a can of Coca-cola with a nice book:)

But no.

I’m going to replace some of my food now. I like eating healthy; the problem is when there’s no healthy food around, and it’s so much easier to get fast food.

So, the first effort of the day is replacing my prosessed food with food that my great grandma would recognize. Veggies and such. Gosh, watermelon is so good.

See ya! 🙂


Anyone here been gaining weight?






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