Adjusting to different cultures

It’s been a month that I’ve been in The Netherlands. I’m not one to miss my family, friends and country easily. I think it’s because I’ve travelled often and I’m used to being away.

No on second thought, I think it’s because whenever I left, I was fed-up of the people and the country. It’s harsh words to say, but it’s true. I love my country and my people, but sometimes a girl just got to leave. There’s a lot of worlds to see out there.


As you know, I’ve been travelling for the past 5years and not once did I miss home. I might miss my cats, but that’s about it.

I think it’s the realisation that I’m married now and that I’m living in The Netherlands never to return entirely to the place I called home, South Africa.

Family and friends said getting used to the Dutch culture would be the tricky part. But I’ve noticed that’s not true. The Dutch culture is nothing too weird. So far, I’ve not seen much difference in the way I grew up and the way they are.

Of course, I did not grow up with a special cardboard for chocolate, which is refilled every time it’s empty. Neither did we have ten different tea’s to choose from in the house. I’m used to Rooibos and 5roses; that’s it.

The main difference here, as I see it, is the people here have more, but in fact, they remain people.

I’m always intrigued by how similar people are. With my travels through Europe and Africa, I’ve noticed that humans are more similar than one might think. Yes, some have more than others, different physical features, they have their various ways, different thinking, etc.

But wherever I went I’ve found that humans have an underlining bond that makes us human. I’ve noticed that all humans have similar needs, wants and hopes. We have a need to be loved, hope to be accepted and want to be understood.

I love it here in The Netherlands.

Happy living! 🙂

Chantal xx


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