Living in Italy- Our home

Hey lovers, family and friends 🙂

There’s a reason people say that things are cliche. Because a cliche is true.

We arrived in Italy. The first 12hours of being here I’ve seen 3 cliches about Italy.

They eat lots of pasta:

Well, I have not been here long enough to confirm that, but Marcel and I went to the grocery store. At the entrance of the store, there was pasta.

Okay, nothing unusual. A second later I walked around the corner and the entire row (both sides) were stacked with pasta. All shapes and sizes. Different textures. Some of you might think, ‘yeah, we have that in our country too’

Nope. You do not. Not like the Italians. It’s another world of pasta… but I’m not complaining 😀

The Pope:

Whenever I watch a movie about Italians, somehow the pope and the Catholic church were involved. Be it in a funny way or in a serious way. I’ve thought it was exaggeration. Guess who’s the first person I saw as we leave the airport? Yes, the Pope. Just kidding.

However, I saw his face printed on huge buses all over town, on candles, on flags, on watches, glasses, etc. The Pope is alive and well… in printed version 🙂

Italians are into fashion

Yes, yes they are. I’m loving every second of it.

You know how you get the people who would normally dress well, but the rest of the nation are just like ‘nah, only on special occasions?’ Not in Italy. The women dress to impress. But, it’s not only women, it’s the men, the children, the elderly, I even saw a dog dressed up in a pink tutu!

If Italians were perfume, it would be called CONFIDENCE. Cause they reek of it.

Thank God for the Italians.

Most of you are probably reading this post to see whether or not we are alive. My elders are reading to see if I’m eating my fruit &veggies. Does avocado on pizza count? Well, here’s life in Italy.

I’ll show you our new home.

This is the view from the balcony. We live one min away from the beach. We are happy about that:D


More pictures of the beach and us 🙂


Lovely chairs 🙂


Lovely Marcel


Lovely us. Having pizza and bread and Italian stuff in the new place we call home

All in all, I’m content. I’m happy and I’m in love.

Ps: My husband is God sent.



16 thoughts on “Living in Italy- Our home

  1. Hi Chantal,
    I Just read your story. You’re writing very happy. Nice place to live! I hope you both will be very happy there for many years!
    Maybe we shall visit you one day!
    Love from your aunt Anneke from the Netherlands.

    Liked by 1 person

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