Late night thoughts and spelling mistakes

I’ve observed that there are different people in the world. Not only by their colour or race or religion but by the way they expierance God.

Those who expierance God a-like, form a group and say that they worship the true God.
Others flock together and say they worship the true God.
Some people are born into a group who expierance God different from how this person expierance God.
So when God speaks to them and they discover in what way God speaks to them, they flock to that group. And testify that now they are worshipping the true God. Because they feel it in their soul and spirit.

The world is full of people searching for the true God. They kill and destroy over it.
Yet they are blessed because in seeking comes finding. It may take years. Be persistant in your search.

God will make Himself known.
Perhaps then you will find your group you flock to and believe in.
Or perhaps then you will see that this being who is called God, is bigger than any religion,race or believes.
In seeking comes finding. There is no wrong place to seek. Because “He” is everywhere, revealing Himself in ways only you will know.


8 thoughts on “Late night thoughts and spelling mistakes

  1. I believe that if you’re killing/destroying/hating in the name of God, you’re not following God. You’re following yourself and your selfish and twisted desires only. I’m very disillusioned right now with religion in general, but I do believe in God, even if I have trouble feeling that He believes in me.

    I do believe very much in your last paragraph tho. He is everywhere, whether you’re looking or not, no matter what religion you are or aren’t. And I hope one day, He’ll find me again. Or I’ll find Him. Whichever it ends up being…

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      • ❤ I am still struggling and cry a lot. Some days are easier than others. This weekend was good for a change. Lots of positive with a little negative, rather than the other way around, for the first time in YEARS. (decades, even… I don't know if anyone knows how that feels, but it's pretty depressing to even think about, let alone experience, but…) I am hoping next weekend will be more of the same, since I will be on my own (again) in Paris for a weekend away to treat myself. Fingers crossed that it goes well. Everything is booked, paid for (or supposed to be LOL), and all I have to do is show up. Or that is the theory…

        I also have not just one, not just two, but FOUR projects to work on, one of them time-critical, which means that yes, I do actually have work that I will get paid for. I have no idea how much, of course, but still. It's something. So hopefully things are on the up… and if I can keep the positivity going, and THINK positive, not just do positive…

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