Am I a bridezilla?

I use to say, ‘When I’m going to get married one day , I will not be a bridezilla.’

A year ago or so, I’ve written this blog post on body image. Read it here before you continue with this post. It will explain the part where I speak about my body.

So, yeah. Wedding dresses. Fittings. Cake. Bikini’s for the honeymoon.

Getting married is much more than how your body looks, which some people might consider as superficial. But actually, body image is an important part of being human. Our mental position on this matter makes a big difference.

Speaking about big. So I went to go fit wedding dresses.

You know how when you get married in your imaginary life or in your real life, most women already have their dream dress in their mind? ‘It should have an open back, with Vera Wang elegance, conservative for the family, but sexy enough for Jesus.’

I went to a bridal shop. In the fitting room, it was me, my clothes, the wedding dress and the big mirror. I breathe in and took off my clothes.

First, the leggings, ‘Okay, the hips look good. Seems even a bit slimmer than a year ago’. Next, I removed my shirt. ‘Ah, a muffin top. Nothing to worry about. After all, it has been winter over here. Winter is for chocolate and burgers’ I tell myself.

Now for the finale, my boobies. Holy-Moly-chicken-polony, hello mamas. There’s a whole lot more to work with.

‘How will I fit all of this into that dress?’ I thought.

By this time, the sales lady came to knock on the door. ‘Miss Smith, do you need any help in there? Does the dress fit?’

‘Uhm. I haven’t put it on yet.’ I said. She then offered to come and help me, but I declined. If I was going to cry, I wanted to do it alone.

‘Okay, let’s try on the dress, Chantal’ I told myself.

I breathed in again and pulled the dress over my head.

I struggled to get the zip all the way up and the sales lady came to help me with the zip.

‘Pull in the stomach, Miss Smith. She gave a few pulls, and I was all zipped up.

I chose a veil for my head. Who knew there are so many different styles of veils? All beautiful alike. But I saw one that caught my eye.

‘This one.’ I said.

The sales lady smiled.

When I had everything on, I looked into the mirror… and it was breathtaking. I felt beautiful. Tears ran down my face. Tears of joy.

‘Are you okay Miss Smith?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I’m crying out of pure joy. I love this dress so much’ I said.

‘Let me go wrap it up for you then Miss Smith.’

After fitting on many different dresses the sales lady probably thought finally, I’ve found the one.

‘Oh no!’ I don’t want this dress for my wedding.

The expression on her face was hopeless.

In that moment I realized how women become bridezillas.

And I was well on my way to that. πŸ™‚

Ps: I’m getting my dress made now. Found the one!

This is not my wedding dress. (Photo cred: Meeting Grace)

This dress is made by @meetinggrace. They have impeccable style. In my opinion they have a great take on the modern bride. You can view their pictures on Instagram here.

Until next time, happy living!

Chantal x



7 thoughts on “Am I a bridezilla?

  1. I first read this on my phone earlier at the bus stop but I couldn’t reply because for some reason, WP doesn’t allow me to log in on my phone. (wtf) So I had to wait until now. I agree with Arlene; I think you’ll look smashing, no matter what you wear. ❀


  2. What ?????? You are engaged Chantal ???? For some reason I had stopped following your blog and, boy, behind my back you got engaged. That’s it then I shall go and join a monastery. lol.
    Anyway my friend, congratulations and I really wish you a wonderful married life. Big hug. πŸ™‚ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

      • Welcome back Chantal. You are probably right in why I haven’t been following you recently.
        As you can see I have read your posts and caught up AND as well as finding out that you are engaged, I read that Shekinah has had kittens. Wow !! Love is in the air in your home, isn’t it my friend ? lol πŸ™‚ ❀


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