Balmain fw 2016 women’s wear collection

​When Balmain sends me an email:

‘Miss Smith, shop the best tops at the new fw 2016 women’s wear’.

It was 00:17am and I woke up for my midnight sip of water. 30min later I am typing this post cause Balmain blew my mind.
My first impression of the Balmain fw2016 women’s wear collection.
The look:
Balmain’s fw2016 collection has a bit of everything. I gather Olivier focused on a structured look vs a flowy look.

The catwalk was fulled with very structured corsets and skirts.
The boning in the garment is somewhat visible through the corset.

Olivier took fabric and shaped it into the desired bodyshape that many women go for nowadays- the hourglass figure.
The structered bodice, goes into a tiny waist and accentuate the waist- giving it an hourglass figure look.
Most people can wear it and look like they had plastic surgery done to their body. And Olivier did that with fabric and boning.
A few dresses has open shoulders and there’s some interesting draping in some garments.

The fabric:
If you are not a  corset person, then you might want to go with the more flowy clothes. As the models walk, the soft loose movement of the garments were evident. There’s quite a few (what I assume faux ) fur items. Also loose strings strang together. Lace. Satin.Sheer.  Some fabric I have only seen tonight online and never before in my life.

The colours:
The colours are greys, soft blue, soft pink. Then later in the show it goes a bit more vibrant. Gorgeous golds and black.

The music:
Not only were the clothes refreshing, but they had a live band playing daring music.

The models:

There are many famous models in the Balmain fashion show. Kendall, Jourdan, Gigi, Karlie, that whole squad plus every other model was someone you’d know.

I love that with Balmain, you see a HUGE varaity of races. There’s so many different ethnicities in the show, compared to 99% of the other well known luxuary brands.
My favourites:


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