My cat’s new diet

It’s 6 o clock in the morning and I’m busy cooking chicken. Not the normal breakfast, you might think.

As I’m standing in the kitchen, I can see frozen morning dew on the window. I inhale the hot coffee-smell and a teardrop leaves my eye.

When you know something is wrong, it is wrong.

A few months ago I switched my cat’s food from Whiskers to Catmor. Inside me I had a feeling that it is not the best decision. Yet, some guy told my father that he switched his cat’s food from Whiskers to Catmor and it works wonders.

Over the months I’ve noticed my cats loose weight and their coats where not  shiny and healthy-looking at all. I thought it was because round about the same time my cats decided to be outdoor cats. They love the lovely summer weather. But something inside me kept telling me, it’s not that.

Until three days ago, my cat Herald looked rather unwell. I decided to do research on cat food in general. The shocking things I discovered. Horrifying.

Catmor is terrible. Whiskers is better than Catmor, but still terrible. I should’ve looked at the ingredients.

When I got my first cat, Shekinah, the vet told me that Whiskers is the best. Who am I to argue with a vet? Well, I’m Chantal. I’m a person who cares about my cats. A little bit late on the food discovery? Yes. True. That’s why a tear dropped down my face, cause I do feel guilty. I’ve been feeding my cats complete crap.

Yet, I see no point in punishing myself.  I’m a firm believer in self-love. I made a mistake. The important thing is that I do better now that I know better.

There’s a vast amount of information out there on the internet about this topic.

Cat’s are carnivores. They are meant to hunt and eat meat. Here’s an article that explains why dry food is not good for cats.

If you are wondering what I’m cooking for my cats, here’s an article that explains how to cook a balanced diet for your cat.

Before I go take the chicken out of the pot, let me end with this: I do not recommend anyone do what I did. I’m sharing my experience as to where I am in my journey with my cats. If you feed your cats dry food and it seems to work,  good for you. There are many starving cats out there and if your cat is eating, that’s great. I get it.

I made this choice for my cats, because in my heart I feel much better about it. It makes more sense to me. Later today I do have an appointment with a vet to get a professional opinion. If I disagree, I’ll be sure to tel the vet why and be open to a discussion about it.
We need to do our research and think for ourselves.

Ps: The cats enjoyed their meal. Herald licked the plate clean. I can now get some sleep.

Oh and if you are wondering where Shekinah is, she now has her own part of the house where she resides to get away from her 4 children. A mamma cat needs her rest. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My cat’s new diet

  1. Oh boy ! If we laid down on Daddy’s laptop we would be in big trouble. Don’t tell him, but when he is having a rest we both lay down on his keyboard and “bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb” fills his comment.
    We missed you Shekinah. Lots of love Sonic, Samantha and China Cat ❤ ❤ ❤


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