My mom set me up on a blind date


I’ve never spoken  my mom on this blog ever. it’s always my dad and my sister. It is funny that this should be the first post about her! 🙂

But boy, you’ll see what I mean.

Watch it here and let me know what you think??

Was I wrong? Has this happened to you before? What do you think  about blind dates?


3 thoughts on “My mom set me up on a blind date

  1. I commented there too, but the video had me staring (and laughing incredulously). Wow. Your poor mum must have been feeling horrible after… and you too, I imagine. I know the guy must have had some awful things happen to him too, to go off on you like that, but to do that to you, just… no. Unacceptable, sorry. If you are not interested, you are not interested, you do not owe him anything at all. Even if it was a date!

    I did mention something on my comment about something similar, tho it wasn’t a blind date as such…

    It basically started at a club, and yes, I know. I did not go there to meet a guy either. I was trying to be nice. I was there with a friend who was dancing at the time, and this guy slips next to me and says his friend is having a bad day, his gf was cheating on him so he broke up with her and would I mind just saying hi to him yadda yadda… so of course, I say ok fine. nbd. (I thought LOL stupid me) so I go over to the guy and say hi. And the guy is dressed all flashy, in a suit and silk tie, leather shoes, the whole bit. To my surprise (even now), the first thing he says is ‘let’s go down to Mexico and get married’. I’m staring at him like WTF and tell him politely sorry, no. Not interested. And start to go back to where my friend was now waiting with the guy she had been dancing with, and he grabs my arm and gets his friend to give me a card. Then asks for my number, which stupidly, I give him. (tho, as I was living with my cousin at the time, it was her number I gave him. *coughs*) Says he wants to get to know me, and he’ll take me out on a proper date in a couple of days, and then lets me go.

    I thought ok, what a weirdo, and then we leave. I think nothing of it, the guy was obviously some kind of strange nutter and won’t ever call me. (LOL) But then he did. He said he did remember me, and he really wanted to meet me for a proper date, and that he would pick me up in a couple of days to take me out on the date he’d promised, and that he’d lose the suit and come in casual clothes. (but on that day, he didn’t – he showed up in a suit. *sighs* And a flash car – the one and only time I’ve ever been in a Ferrari and I don’t care to repeat the experience.) My cousin dressed me (she’s always been a bit of a fashionista and I’m a total lost cause as far as she’s concerned LOL) and off I went with this guy, to a restaurant not far away from where she lived at the time. What should have clued me in to the type of guy he was (aside from what he said at the club) was the hostess at the restaurant saying ‘another one?’ when we first got in and she seated us, and the fact that EVERYONE in the place seemed to know him. (and didn’t seem to rate him much, either…)

    It started off well enough, if a bit strange. He repeated his offer, which I still refused, cuz wut. Then he said, well I’ll give you a job at my company (he owned this company that I’d even heard of, very well-known in the city and province) – all you’ll have to do is just sit in the office and answer phones, and I’ll pay you very well. How about it. And I was just… so confused. It didn’t take long for me to get clued in to what he really wanted (yes, I really was that innocent once upon a time), and I said thanks but no thanks, I am not interested, I am not into that sort of thing, thanks… I have more respect for myself than that. And he just totally went off on me. Called me a frigid bitch, brainwashed, stupid, amongst other things… insulted me as I just sat there staring at my food wondering how the hell I was going to get out of that… In the end I just said well, you feel however you feel, but I’m still not interested, got up, dumped my juice over his head, and stormed out.

    As the rest of the patrons in the restaurant clapped.

    I still felt so humiliated by that guy that I remember it even now, over 25 years later. I walked all the way back to my cousin’s place and you know, he had the cheek to call again, and ask AGAIN to my cousin to tell her to get me to call him. That he still wanted me. She told him to screw off and that if he didn’t stop calling, she would send her brothers to beat him up. (her brothers are massive, and very protective of all of us girls) He finally took the hint.

    So yeah, that’s my story… And I kind of wish it was the only time guys tried that with me, but sadly… it wasn’t. I seem to attract all the weird ones. *shakes head* Even when married, I get nutters…


  2. OMG, I hate to laugh at your angst, but you’re so darling and hilarious. You’re so strikingly beautiful, I’m sure that you have to deal with crap like that all the time. It’s a sad, sad shame; but I’m so glad you know to handle the creeps!


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