The 3past weeks- Switzerland

Hey, lovers!

I haven’t been blogging for 3 weeks and I am officially having withdrawal symptoms because I am addicted to blogging and all of your blogs.

As you know I am back in Switzerland. I am busy writing a book! Writing this book has been really good.

So, what’s new with me?

I’m not drinking that much Coca-Cola anymore, not because I am making the conscious healthy decision, but because here we drink water with our food. And salad. Always eat salad! I have missed that for a while.

The cows are still moo-ing, and the countryside is beautiful.

I made a new friend, her name is Elizabeth and she is my kind of person.

I’m blogging from a new computer, which had its difficulties in the beginning- anyone that switched from PC to Mac will know…and switching from an English keyboard to a French keyboard. After 3 weeks I can say that I have figured everything out. Or most of it. I deserve a coke for that!

I have also realized what a jerk my ex is. I have since decided I am no longer going to date good church boys because they hurt the most! I am working on getting healing for my soul.

Although I have been here for a while I wished I could say something like “I went to the Balmain, Chanel,Yves Saint Laurent,etc” since I’m so close to the French fashion designers, but no I haven’t. (I actually got more American clothes than anything else, but that’s something for later)

So yeah! That’s what’s been up in my life the past three weeks. I will add some of my #ootd pictures.

Now that I have figured out this computer, I will be blogging daily again.

Oh wait, if you want to see little videos and my daily life over here, check out my Instagram Chantal_and_shekinah.

See you around xx










19 thoughts on “The 3past weeks- Switzerland

      • *falls on floor dead* *can’t even type* Are you serious? It IS? ………. damn I’m good.

        I would seriously love to… (is there some way for you to email me? do you need my email? tho I guess I have yours…) I will have to see what hubby has planned. I seriously really need a car, so I could come on my own… (well, with Fifi, but….)


      • I’m kind of worried about her. She’s been weird the past few days, clingy even more so than usual, had a slight fever for a bit but nothing big. But the biggest worry for me is suddenly she’s started falling over herself for no reason, sometimes without even moving. Even usually sceptical hubby is concerned, and agreed this morning that if it continues, we will take her to the dr to get checked out.

        (emailing you now, slowly… and not too coherently, sorry…)


      • Sweet dreams in colours ❀ I just sent it now but no worries, it's fine to read it whenever. *hugs* I'm keeping an eye on her and if it gets any worse, doesn't get better, or she starts having anything else weird going on, I definitely will. (btw, my laptop is set to Swiss French keyboard cuz it's the one I am used to for years…)


  1. Chantal! I’ve missed you so much. 😊 Switzerland sounds fun! I hope I am able to travel someday. I’ve never left the United States. Actually, I’ve been to Canada, but I was barely 1-year-old…that’s another story for a different time πŸ˜….

    I laughed at your comment about “good church boys”. I agree with you on that, and I have a good story behind that. However, again, that’s another story for another time πŸ˜‚.

    I love the third and fourth picture of you!! So gorgeous. 😍


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