Love 💟

What is love?

Many people have different answers to this question. In one way or another our perspective of love is formed by perhaps religion,  personal experiences or whatever was taught to us about love.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about my understanding of love. It may differ to yours,  but that’s what makes life interesting.

First,  to explain my understanding of love,  I will explain my perception of love with this hypothesis:

Love does not change. Love is not influenced by situations.  In all realms,  physical and spiritual,  love is consistent. Out of time and in time,  love remains the same.

With that hypothesis in mind,  I’ll explain how I’ve seen love.

Many people say you get different types of love.  Romantic love,  love for your parents,  love for your friends etc. The love you feel for your husband would (hopefully) differ to the love you have for your friend. Which makes sense.

However,  after further meditating on “love” I think it’s important to add that the basis of love remains the same. Take for instance a tree.  Different branches grow from a tree,  but it comes from the same stem. So also,  different relationships come from love,  but the basis remains love.

The “problem” with love is that everyone has a different understanding of love or what love means to them.  On the other hand I would not say that it is love’s problem but rather our problem,  as we are the ones that change.

People blame a lot of things on love.

We fail to see that it was not love that walked out on us,  but rather a person.

It was not love that abused us,  but a person.

Love didn’t cheat on us,  but a person did.

With all of these songs today singing about “love that changed” it is expected to see people are not having a clear understanding of what love is anymore.

I’ve been meditating on love for years.  What is it? What’s the basis of it? What does the bible say? What does the world say?  What do I believe?

I’ve searched in Judaism,  Buddhism,  Islam,  Christianity,  Wicca,  Witchcraft,  most of the eastern religions etc, and I’ve found love in it.

Which as a Christian,  would not be a good thing to say.  Sometimes we as Christians are very ignorant to think that love is only in the Bible.

When in fact we believe God is love. We believe God is everywhere.

I think the main reason we as Christians are so easy to denounce anything that doesn’t fit in our Christian box is because we do not know our bible.  We quote scriptures to make a point.  Forgetting the context in which the passage was written.  Statistics says that 90% of Christians have never read the entire bible once.

Another reason  is that we as Christians have this fear of exploring outside of our Christian thinking. Because the bible warns us not to entertain other gods.  I agree.  Yet,  God is not intimidated by us questioning our beliefs.  Paul says in Phil 2:12 that we should continue to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Also, Peter says  in 1Pet 3:15  that we should be ready to give people an answer for the hope we have in Christ.

What is our reason for our hope?  That the pastor told us?  Or that we heard from our parents or friends?  Why do you hope in what you are currently hoping in? Is there anything personally that has happened to you in your life that made a change in your life?  Or are we quoting the bible and its examples but have no personal evidence that the word of God is true, in our lives?

The next testimony might not be useful to everyone.  One of my testimonies.  Ever since I was a child I have always believed in the spiritual world.  That might not have been Jesus, God, and religion.  More I was aware of spirits. Eventually,  living in this world, you learn about God.  Religion.  For me eventually Christianity.  I believed the entire bible blindly.  Without asking questions.  I was just happy I was in the “right” religion. And I was “saved” by “grace” through “faith” in “Christ”.

After a while,  when life happens,  as it does,  those words are not enough.  What does “I’m saved by grace through faith in Christ”mean when you don’t have bread to eat?  Where does that leave me? In Christianity, we have this thing we say “I hate religion,  I love relationship with God” I’m one of those people who say that.  However, after a while, it’s difficult to worship and obey a God that claims to want a relationship with us,  but never pitch up. That claims to provide for us, but we hungry etc.

So I said fuck it.  I’m tired of this God.  I’ll go back to witchcraft.  At least it worked.  It was wonderfully weird how when I went back to witchcraft,  I began to see the God in the bible.  The God that pursue his children.  I was so deep in witchcraft,  and I would continually have dreams where God comforts me.  Me, the sinner.  Witchcraft is not that glamorous as on TV.  It’s a very deceiving place. On TV, I laugh when I see the glamour of witchcraft.  All lies.  I want to go as far as to say,  if it is pure and good,  then it isn’t witchcraft. Ask anyone in it,  it’s a hell whole.  You are continually being deceived,  believing you have all the power  when in fact it’s all a lie. The worst part is that you can’t even see  it’s a lie  because you are so deeply deceived.

Anyway,  in that time I’ve got to see the God that I’ve learnt about when I went to study the bible.  In power and in truth.

The God that is love.  Because He is love,  he doesn’t change.  He is not influenced by circumstances. He remains the same in every realm. Spiritual and physical.  In time and out of time.

Although I was in witchcraft , He did not forget me.

Although I am a sinner,  He loves me the same. He doesn’t change.

When the Christians and church people have said “Chantal has lost her mind”, God renewed my mind.

That is love.

Perfect love casts out all fear and I am loved perfectly. The worse part or the best part is,  I don’t deserve the love.

I am such a sinner.  Besides that,  people who judge by outward appearance  would agree more. If I was God,  Chantal would be the last person that I would love. I’m a very naughty, hardheaded child of God. I take His word and I test it.  If it doesn’t seem to be working,  I put up a fight with God.  After everything I have experienced,  I know I am safe in God’s love.  Nothing can take away God’s love for me.  It’s not just mere words to me. I have experienced it over and over in my life.  People are pissed off at God because they are always in church doing good things and I’m here writing this blog with the words “fuck it” in, and yet it is clear that God loves me. It is unimaginable how blessed I am.

Before I stop writing this post,  I just want to clear up a point.  Earlier I said I’ve found love in all of those religions.  I meant love. I do not mean they’re a million ways to heaven.  I believe there is one way.  But who am I to tell you?  Or force my perspective on to you?

What does all of this mean to you,  if you have experienced none of what I’ve written?  If everything just seems like rubbish?   If you are an atheist,  or a scientist or just randomly stumbled on my blog?

It’s not my job to bring people to God. I’ve tried.  I was that person who would stop people and say “Excuse me, can I tell you about Jesus?” “Do you want a pamphlet? ” I worked with homeless people in Africa and France.  I’ve travelled Europe to tell people about Jesus. I’ve worked with prostitutes and drug addicts. People have been really rude to me cause of Jesus and I was an almost stab in South Africa, my country, speaking to people about Jesus.  I’ve done a lot of “Christian stuff” because I thought that’s the way it should be. I’ve definitely learned a lot in those years. I do not regret those years.   The most important thing  I’ve learned was, I cannot make people believe in God.  No matter how many bible verses I quote, outreaches I do and pamphlets I give to anyone. If God doesn’t show up and enlighten our minds. Burn you with fire or something, then He will remain the God of the bible,  the far away God or the myth God.

See you later,

Chantal xxx


20 thoughts on “Love 💟

  1. Jesus… You almost gave me a heart attack! – I’m used to the polite fashion statements!

    Love is… well, whatever it is for the individual parties involved. Love is not Sex – that’s a different thing altogether although when we are younger we may have difficulty telling the two apart.

    Love may be the foundation of Christianity and just about every religion but that is a different sort of love – We like to think of it as being the same but it isn’t. Each of the religions expects you to love God first and then express your love to other humans second. God is the reason why you do this… And thereby hangs the question – do you need a God to tell you to so domething that you were probably alr eady doing???


      • I always feel that God is there to guide us – and if we all show love and understanding to each other then world can be a better place – but we do need to make sure that God is everyone’s God other wise it isn’ty going to happen 😦 Thanks for the hope for the future (and the fright) 🙂


  2. Hi Chantal, (how is Shekina, not much about her any more). believe that love is out there but the world needs more people top find and use it. I believe that there is only one God, who has sent his spirit in the form of a messenger over and over, these messengers have brought a message that the people of the time could follow and comprehend, that is why there are so many similarities in all the various religious books of the various religions, and that there is conflict between them, has come about by mans interpretation of God’s word, which has not always been correct. I do not think God discriminates between the followers of the different religions, as they are all followers of God. I think one should be the best person one can be in your chosen religion, learn about the others, and keep to the covenant that you have gone into with God through your religion. I am a Baha’i, but revere all the all the messengers that God has sent down to us on earth. Hope that all makes some sense, it is after midnight and I am half asleep! Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hey Charles! There’s a post about Shekinah today. I posted 9 weeks ago about her and wanted to keep it as a surprise post that she is pregnant 🙂 Remember you and I had a similar discussion about religion Bahai etc about a few months ago. Seems we still agree 👌👏😊 I’m a bit sad now cause one of Shekinah’s kittens passed away, but will speak about religion etc soon again. Send my love and greetings to Gen. Blessings! 💟

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My friend has gone home now (since Tuesday) but it’s been non-stop go ever since. I only get a chance to be alone and to myself really late at night, so here I am. There is so much I could reply but it would be really convoluted and confusing (I think) and for me, it’s just really personal and depressing.

    I don’t judge you for what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and what you will do in your life. That is up to you and not my place to say anything. Or even think it. (I don’t think any less of you for any of this, either. Rather admire you for admitting to it and saying how you feel and believe. Not many people are that honest and tell it like it is for them.) One thing I believe strongly is that whatever people do, it’s between them and their God/deities of choice/higher power/what have you, and not anyone else. Nobody has any right to judge, to pass any sort of… (how to explain it) to tell you you have to do ‘x’ thing in order for God to love you again. That’s not how I believe it works. God loves you. Pretty simple, really. It’s Man who screws it all up. (humans, I mean)

    Like Charles said – there are many truths out there, but it’s Man who obscures and twists it to suit their own purposes. It’s up to us to be the best people we can be with what knowledge of Him we have.

    Anyway, take care and hope you enjoyed your swim. 🙂 I keep meaning to take The Bean to the pool but even tho I’ve figured out an easy way to get home from there now, I just need the energy. And the confidence. (nobody really should be subjected to me in a bathing suit. Ever.) And the time. LOL Tho I suppose I do have the time if I want to make it.

    (PS I have the photos together for you. Had to re-organise everything cuz the printers screwed up my photo organisation. *super picky* How do you want me to send them to you? They’re all printed out and everything. Not all of them are the greatest I’ve ever done, but when you’ve got a baby half hanging off you and an annoyed/annoying hubby… LOL I did the best I could.)

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      • There’s rather a lot of them. I’ll try and get the files together and send them. (I had them all printed out LOL I don’t have any way to edit them or make them smaller in file size. 😦 )

        It was fun (I lost over 4 kilos the first time she was here, and I’m sure I lost more this time too, from all the stuff we did) and I’m kinda sad she’s gone. It feels even more lonely without her here. Doesn’t help that this cold/bronchitis is just not shaking, no matter what I do. Running out of OTC medicines I can throw at it.

        *hugs again* It’s always hard to lose a pet, even and especially one so young. It makes me sad too.


      • *devastated* All my holiday pictures, and all the photos total from my camera are gone. I tried a recovery tool and it didn’t find them either. I don’t know what to do and am really upset. (it’s just generally been a shitty day to cap off a shitty week, so this didn’t help…) I am going to keep trying to find them somehow. Really sorry… 😥


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