What to wear when you are traveling 😊

Hey lovers 😊

I’m traveling soon,  and I like to be comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of flying,  I’m not scared. I just don’t like flying from Cape Town to London,  from London to Switzerland,  from Zurich taking a train to Gland station, from Gland station a ride to destination. This is the journey that awaits me.

So as I said,  I like to be comfortable, but also chic.

Last time I travelled this exact journey and made the huge mistake of travelling with a huge suitcase, an even bigger mountain backpack and a HUGE heavy handbag.

Perhaps that trips converted me into the minimalist I am today.  🙂

I’m proud to say that I’ve learned to pack very well.  This time I will only take my handbag and a small suitcase. For 3 months.  

Here is some outfits inspiration  and beautiful suitcases for when travelling.







Laptop bag

Laptop bag


Writing is very important to me

Writing is very important to me



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