Uglier with makeup.

Hey lovers!!

This morning I put on my make up. I took a picture for the blog #fotd, naturally.  Nothing was terribly wrong with the makeup,  it was pretty normal.  However, it made me feel “eh”. I don’t have low self esteem or any of that. I’m also not one of that people that’s looking for attention like “oh dear I’m so ugly blah blah” and then post like a gorgeous picture expecting people to be like: ” No darling, you are gorgeous,  you are not fat, you are not this neither that.” I believe those people have their place in this life and they serve a purpose, but I just don’t know what. Like flies,  I know they are here for a purpose, but what the purpose is I don’t know. I have not had time to Google it either. And all of you know my view on beauty, I love my makeup and I love my natural…

BUT have you ever just had that moment where you like “No, I look better without makeup today.” ?

The pictures with the makeup.



The next pictures I’ve just took a tissue and rub of the makeup, I didn’t get all of it but most.


2015-03-21 14.48.42




Here is some quotes I love today, not related to this post, what what the heck? It’s always nice to look at good words 😚😚


21 thoughts on “Uglier with makeup.

  1. Yes! I have orange peely skin! Well not really bad, but I can see the pores, and foundation usually just makes them look bigger and sets in any creases, so it looks worse! Most days, I just draw black lines around my eyes and smear that in ( no joke!) and put on mascara and some lipstick. especially in summer, because everything melts! Now I put on pore refining stuff and no foundation and that’s fine, too. Only at night will I go all out anymore with eyeshadow and all that. Daytime light is too harsh and then my face really looks cakey! 😓


    • I know exactly what you are speaking about! I have dry skin and when I apply foundation and I smile, it looks like a second skin. Or on pictures, some days makeup makes me look like a different person, not in a bad way but like if I had to show my dad the picture, he would not know it’s his own child.

      Does the pore refining stuff work? Like really work?

      And I can picture you with black lines and steering it in cause you have gorgeous eyes. With your eye colour the black matches perfectly.

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      • Aww you’re so sweet! 😄 well, I use Baby Skin pore eraser and my man friend has said that it does help to make everything look smoother! 😊 but I mean, it’s relative, but for a cheap product, it works pretty well! It’s got silica in it and I read somewhere that silicone helps skin to heal? Anyway, that would make sense! You might need it in 20 years at my age but probably not now! At least, I don’t know if I would buy it if I was younger because I think it’s a waste, I would put more value on moisturizing products if I could go back in time! 😊
        I love how smooth your lips are! Mine have always been full of grooves no matter how much I moisturizer them! 😰 and I mean I smear them up with Vaseline and it’s like nothing. They are softer, sure, but never smooth! 😔


      • I’m taking the advice investing in some moisturiser! And thank you, now you are being too kind about the smooth lip. I actually have a big pot vaseline next to my bed, I never thought it made a difference, but thanks for noticing. 👄👄those emoticons were supposed to be lips.

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  2. Hi Chantal, what a lot of photos, I Don’t think that I have been photographed so much in my entire life, but then I am not as photogenic as you are. I think that you are beautiful both with and without makeup. I think many women wear way to much makeup, and often it doesn’t appear to suit them ( though you use make up very well to help develop your natural beauty) making it look like war paint rather than a beauty enhancer. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


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