This is why I have trust issues

Hey lovers!! 😚

It’s a hot sunny day outside. Shekinah just fell asleep and I was in a relaxing mood. I reached for a good book to read and while I’m at it took some grapes to enjoy. As you know,  I love grapes.

As I wash the grapes, look what I discover.

2015-03-14 15.08.51

A snail. Let’s look at it again. I took it of.

2015-03-14 15.18.49

I buy my grapes from one specific lady every Friday.  I asked her: ‘Do you rinse the grapes when you put them in containers?” She said. “Yes, every piece.” I have nothing against sellers who do not rinse the grapes, I would just like to know. No need to lie.

I always thought the main reasons I have trust issues is  cause of raisin cookies that looks like chocolate chip cookies.

Most people have trust issues with human beings they are in relationship with. My trust issues stem from food, yes that is who I am in a relationship with.  😚

Oh, and Shekinah became best friends with the snail.  I might have to change the blog name to “Chantal, Shekinah & the snail.”

Imagine I ate the snail.


16 thoughts on “This is why I have trust issues

  1. LOL One day I found a caterpillar in the broccoli. The horror! Yuk. Since then I am afraid. 😔 And I understand the raisin thing too. Funnily enough I love grapes but not raisins… Happy that you didn’t eat the snail 👍


    • LOL!!! A caterpillar? Things like these leaves a person scarred 😊😊😊 I’m really happy too that I didn’t eat the snail. I keep on picturing it in my mind though. I can hear the skull breaking. Yuk! 😆😆


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