Tom Ford- Reasons to like him besides the expensive brand, my views on gays, and how I afford expensive items

In our world today, when we see the name “Tom Ford” it is linked to an expensive brand. Having a Tom Ford blazer would directly put you in the category of people with “taste” and  people with “money”, because the brand Tom Ford represents a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle for the rich, gorgeous and happy.

Automatically if a Tom Ford item is featured in a #ootd it will get more “likes” as apose to an item from Target. My point here is not to say buy expensive brands to get more “likes” , but to point out a truth, that most people find rich people more desirable. I’m not saying its right, I’m not saying it’s wrong.

If you shop at thrift stores, amen to that! If you shop at designer brands, amen to that! There is no competition or battle. Everyone has their preferences. The person who buys designer brands and look down on the people who buy from thrift stores,or the people who buy from thrift stores and bombard people that buy from designer brands with “oh I will never spent that much money on a shirt like that, that I can get at Macy’s for 4$” Both of that scenarios are wrong. People have their preferences,  let them be. Either way, we do not have a say over their lives, only our own lives.

I love my thrift stores, but  I’m also a lady with expensive taste, but I do not have a credit card. Not that I’m rich and can buy a Tom Ford blazer cash, it just I hate debt. When I get my money, I don’t like it when the money that comes in, just disappears into debt. This happened to me once in the beginning when I started getting money.  I bought three books, a bag and a bunch of cosmetics on credit. Finally when I paid everything, I had 5$ left for leisure. Then and there I decided I will save up each month until I can afford something from Tom Ford or whatever brand I like and buy it cash. This way I don’t have debt, I buy more responsibly and I don’t overspend. Also debt just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hate debt like I hate my wardrobe being messy or my wifi being slow. I guess that’s personal and the way I grew up also affects my decisions I make today.  If you love being in debt, or at the moment it works for you, then great! We all gotta do what we gotta do to survive…and then thrive. We do not want to stay stuck in survival mode. Surely this life was made for something better than only surviving daily life. (But that’s a post for a next time)

In this post, I want to take a step back from the brand “Tom Ford” and take a look at the person “Tom Ford”. In some way to take a look at “the person” of someone,  you need to know them. I, however do not know Tom Ford. I will be looking at facts about Tom Ford.  Briefly Analysing parts of  life and share why this guy is a stunner, much more than just expensive taste. Also, how he inspires me and how we can learn from him.

Tom Ford went to Parsons the new school for design and graduated with a degree in architecture. While studying architecture he realised that he loves fashion design more. He misrepresented himself when he applied for fashion design jobs saying “I graduated from Parsons.”, but he left out that he studied architecture and not fashion design.  Parsons is known as one of the leading schools of fashion. He got the job and soon became the creative director of Gucci. His career flourished to the point where he was designing 16 collections a year for Gucci and YSL.  Here I just want to take a moment to stop and breath:

This guy, was not famous yet, did not study fashion design but he went to apply for a fashion design job. Even if he had to misrepresent himself.  I do not know what you call that,  but I call it believing in yourself,  going after your dreams, overcoming fear while being humble. He called Cathy Hardwick for a month everyday, hoping to get a job with her. Keeping in mind he was not known yet. It takes humility and dedication to “beg.”

I want to move on to the second reason why I love Tom Ford.

He is a perfectionist.  He says: “One is born with perfectionism. ” I, Chantal,  do not admire perfectionism.  I do not see it as a strength but rather a weakness.  With perfectionism comes striving. There’s always striving and nothing is exactly perfect.  However, when I buy my clothes I like to buy from a perfectionist.  I have peace of mind that he did his best and I’m wearing the best.  Upon seeing how he designs his clothes, I’m utterly impressed and satisfied.  He works with a close team of people to create the best design they can possibly design. Afterwards they make the design, creating a gorgeous garment and let the model walk with it. Tom would then start ripping the garment apart, removing what he doesn’t like, adding what he does, and molding it into perfection. His designs goes through this until he is satisfied with it. When you buy Tom Ford, you can rest assured that what you are wearing has been molded to perfection. It is not just some stupid design with an expensive price tag , because the name “Tom Ford” was slapped on it.

Tom says that the brand Tom Ford and the person Tom Ford is very close to being the same. He mentions that when he creates his designs, he looks deep down in himself and ask himself “Who is Tom Ford?” which makes his designs very personal.

The third reason I love Tom Ford is because he has wisdom. Yes, he is handsome. Yes he is a brilliant designer. Yes he is well known,  but above all those things, he has wisdom. Personally, I believe through trails and tribulations one gets understanding and ones character evolves. Some people will make many mistakes over and over, but once you reflect on your life and learn from trails and tribulations you get a sense of wisdom.  Why I say Tom has wisdom is when he discovered that he was no longer happy, because he was too busy designing for Gucci and YSL he stopped. He quit his job. It takes someone with a lot of guts to do that. In this world where everybody is about making money and making more of it, someone with such character is hard to find. He realised and saw that money is nice, but in the end it’s about the relations we built.

Speaking about relations. Tom Ford is handsome and gay. He has a partner and got married. Here is the part where some might question my Christianity. So let me adres it. I love Tom Ford, just like I love my gay cousin and my three gay best friends.  I know the bible (I studied the bible) and I know the verses,  but I’ve always believed in loving people above judging them.  Judging people is not up to me, but loving them is a commandment straight from God. On the same note, I’m not going to make a song about kissing a girl and liking it.

I can go on to say how much I love the fact that when he stopped designing for  Gucci and YSL, he said he’s going to make a movie and everyone laughed at him. However he went ahead and made the movie. When he made the movie everyone was astonished at it.  He later said that he didn’t know people were laughing at him, which to me shows that he is not paying attention to people’s comments,  but rather focuses on his passions and creating.

Tom has just blown me away. I mean he goes into fields that he never studied for, but he looks inside himself, figures out what he wants to create, and goes for it.He is breaking rules and redefining education. He doesn’t ask permission from anyone or listens to anyone’s comments.  He just believes in himself and works hard. He mentions that when he creates anything, be it clothes, a movie or a business he doesn’t think “Will it reach the masses”, rather he creates everything to the best of his ability. When he made the movie “a Single man” he created a movie that he would like to watch.  I watched the movie and it is brilliant.  Brilliant brilliant brilliant!  I cried, laughed and found pieces of myself in the movie.

This post can go on and on, because he has just done it  all,  and keep on doing more and more.

So why did I write about Tom Ford? I was hoping that his way of life inspires even just one person to see the power of believing in yourself and also the power of not focusing on people’s opinions of you. His life shows that it is difficult, take a lot of hard work and believing in yourself. His life shows that money is important but being happy is more important.

..also, he is just so freaking gorgeous.  I mean, look at this picture. Yes please. 🙂


Lovers thanks for reading! I’m typing on my tablet,  and my auto correct keeps on “correcting” the wrong words. If you happen to run into a few spelling errors,  I’m sorry!


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