What is beauty? Pictures of my raw face, comments on fake hair, fake everything, my ethnic roots and your face.

When last did you take a picture of yourself without makeup on? No foundation, primer,  mascara,  blush,  extensions,  chemical hair products, lip balm etc?

As  beauty bloggers, makeup lovers and fashion addicts we try to be on top of what’s new in beauty and fashion. Many ‘selfies’ are taken but only the ‘perfect’ one gets instagramed.  Normally with hashtags #urbandecay #eylurelashes #maclipstick #chanelfoundation etc. I will normally be the one to ‘like’ the pictures. I’m a big lover of all things fake. Fake nails, fake hair,  overdrawn lips etc. I did not always have the money to buy extensions, fake nails, fake stuff, but I’ve always loved it on other people. My cousin wears extensions. She is absolutely beautiful without it and she’s absolutely beautiful with it. She is confident with it and she’s confident without it. I love the idea of modifying anything and making it what you desire.  Be it makeup, architecture, food or interior decor.

On this blog I’ve only had fake lashes, purely cause  extensions, colour contact lenses for the purpose of cosmetics and  fake nails are expensive and not on my priority list. We all have our own priority lists. Clothing is more on my priority list. After Marc Jacobs,  Mr Price and Chanel I do not have a bunch of extra cash left over. If I did, I’d probably have  a grey wig by now, a bunch of fake nails and a green and black eye (kidding not kidding 🙂 but soon.  🙂

People will say “You do not need makeup and extensions” and my reply would be “I know, but I like it anyway.”  What some people fail to see is not everyone that likes makeup are insecure. (But that’s a topic for some other time)

After 4 paragraphs about “fake things” I now begin this paragraph stating I’m also very in love with everything natural. Natural hair, natural skin, natural eyes etc. I’ve just gotten out of the bath. I washed all my makeup of and washed my hair. As I did that Shekinah started meowing she wants to go outside. Normally I go outside with her cause I don’t want her to get lost. I took a ‘selfie’ and stared at it on purpose for about 7 minutes. In this picture I have no makeup on, no ‘fake things’ on. How refreshing it was. 

I started analysing the shape of my head, it’s oval. “Ah!” A light went up in my head, I have my dad’s face shape!  I have my mum’s nose! I saw my wrinkles around my eye when I smiled. I saw how the sun has damaged my skin on my nose.  I saw my face has natural oil which was very evident in my t – zone area. I also could see why some people would think I’m Asian, Indian or Mexican when in actual fact I’m from the continent of Africa, South Africa.  When I stayed in Switzerland most people would say “oh, Africa, like North Africa , Morocco side? Then I’m like nope. All the way to the South, South Africa. One thing of us as South Africans is,  we are very “proudly South African” If there’s one phrase you’ll learn in South Africa it is “Proudly South African.” 🙂  Even though  Switzerland is my 2nd home, South Africa is my first.

It was also refreshing to look at the picture because everyday we look at the pictures we post , the ones we get a 100 likes on. The one with our makeup and hair curled. Sometimes it’s easy to see that image as our true self. To a certain extent it is true. This is how we look most days when we leave the house.  The true self is also the one with nothing but your skin. The best thought I had when looking at the “no makeup selfie” I took was: ” This is how my creator made me to look. He picked my nose, my hair,  my eyes, my skin colour.  He was satisfied with it and called me beautiful.”  I’m made in His image and likelihood,  I’m fiercely and beautifully made. Without makeup, without other things. I came to appreciate myself in full.  I am beautiful. I’m not conceited to say it neither am I ashamed to say it. My creator creates masterpieces,  and He said it.

My conclusion to fake things and natural things are: It’s not about what your husband, boyfriend,  the media or your mum and your best friends think is beautiful, but it is coming to a place in your life where you decide “this is beautiful” and love it.

Now here is the point where most people would say “You have to come to the point where you look in the mirror and accept and love yourself” I agree with that. However, I’m not naive to the reality that there are people who will never be able to accept that. There are people who were in accidents and got their entire body smashed , or burning victims or just normal beautiful girls who don’t like the way they look. Life is a journey. To stop and to look deep down inside you is important. I am 24 years old . Don’t let a 50 year old tell you “a 25 year old has nothing to reflect on. ” or a 25 year old tell you “you are too old to start reflecting now.”

My theory is you decide what is beautiful to you. If it’s all natural, great. If it’s full cake face,  plastic surgery and bigger boobs , great. As humans we tend to be judgemental over other human beings preferences, forgetting we don’t have a say over the next person.  The only person we have a say over,  is ourself.  The need to have a say over other people’s preferences is a bit conceited of our humankind.

Now, here’s the selfie: I’ve realised the sunlight also plays a role so I took one in the shade and one in the sun 🙂


2015-03-02 20.42.51

Here is one with foundation on my face to see the difference compared to the other two on top.  I love all three pictures.



40 thoughts on “What is beauty? Pictures of my raw face, comments on fake hair, fake everything, my ethnic roots and your face.

  1. Great post. I’m decades older than you and would even attempt a selfie let alone make-up/BB cream free. So refreshing to see a young, beautiful women expressing such honesty. Great piece of writing. I look forward to reading more from you xoxo

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  2. This post made me think about a lot of things. To be honest, it made my evening better. All of the things you mentioned up here were the most beautiful and purest things I have ever read. I will read this post everytime I feel insecure about myself and I will definitely not allow anyone to make me feel bad about the way I look. Thank you very much for this post ! You honestly made one of the best posts I have ever read. 😊


  3. I have no problem with fake everything! lol I’ve had relationships with men with fake teeth, fake hair, and it never bothered me! I slap on my fake hair when I go out, I wear false eyelashes, I jus don’t give a crap! 😄 that said, no one ever liked me for my hair, clothes, handbag, etc. the few friends I have made were always long distance (at least, at first) so objects and faces/bodies never entered into it. Anyway, your pics are great and you look lovely as ever! 😘🌹💕 be good!


  4. If I had time to be high-maintenance I would probably get a kick out of it. All the makeup-, hair-, nails- and costume-foo is creative to me and entertaining to others. Fortunately, “au natural” still works and hasn’t become “oh please put some makeup on it” yet.


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