Hey lovers!

(This intro I’m going to use for all the post that deals with me starting my wardrobe from scratch, because it explains what these post are about to anyone that’s new to my blog.)

Yesterday I wrote about my journey with my wardrobe.  In this week I donated 95% of my clothes. Now I’m faced with the incredibly exciting task of building my clothing collection over from scratch. I LOVE and ADORE shopping!

Over the years  I’ve learned a lot about what makes a perfect or close to perfect wardrobe.  Style is personal,  and it’s up to us to embrace and find our style.  You can come on this journey with me, I will share some thoughts and tips. Just like with a buffet,  you can take what you like and spit out the bones. 🙂 I recognise that people are in different stages of their life,  so I searched the Internet high and low to find the best prices available for the items I show.

I’d advice you  strongly that you read this ( and  before reading the post you are on now.


First you have to know what you look for in the clothing and then shop according to your needs and not to what the magazine says is in or is the “right” pajamas. I had a ridiculously amount of pjs. I had the sets and the mix and match. My mum would always be delighted when I wore the sets and I would get compliments. However, I would wear the set for about the first two times, and then I’ll slowly start to ditch it and just grab a big shirt and trousers/pants. I have nothing against pajamas. I would buy a new set every year when winter comes, wear it a few times and later on sleep in random big shirts, while my wardrobe gets full with pajamas I don’t wear. I have a problem with that! Because that leads to the famous saying “I have a lot of clothes but nothing to wear”

Now, when I look for pj’s I look for oversized t-shirt like this:

dbc05ea6ceab5dc43406961ee73e78d8 1e49d5a65d8d3e97c7a3d49a6d2d95330b933214557976b63d067acc59023149

Other wise I’ll end up walking around  the house like this: Winter top with panties.

f9222128a19f70fcbf6a20b774eb6cb1 I live alone with my cat and I don’t date. So its not a problem. However when someone is at the door, I’m always running to find something more acceptable to wear.

My solution to this was: Onesies.  I need to do stuff quick.  When I get home, I don’t want to put in a lot of effort in my clothes, my main concern is being comfortable and relaxing. Putting an onesie on takes 1min and I’m done.


For winter I think onesies are cute, but they have to have the flip at the bottom, so when you go to the bathroom,  you do not have to get completely undressed and get cold. A hood is a must have on my onesies


However, onesies are not my number1 favorite. You would probably find me in something like this:

50da4e2c61c1e01f07e95b11207c92fcThere is no reason. Just more my “walking around the house, reading a book” style.

With any type of pj’s I religiously wear a thick scarf,  hat and mittens. We do not have indoor warming!


When I have to type something, I prefer these mittens. It is more comfortable to type with because it is tight against your skin and not like wool which is more thick and you can’t feel what you are doing.


You guys know I like to treat myself with expensive clothing, but when it comes to pjs,  I don’t go for expensive pjs. I go for affordable, quality and thickness. The complete maximum amount I’ll go is 30$ for winter pjs.

But if you like to spend a little more money for your pjs, Victoria Secret have almost all the items I showed above.

Otherwise,  for affordable/cheap pjs check out these places:



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