Winter basics – Starting your wardrobe collection from scratch (boots addition)

Yesterday I wrote about my journey with my wardrobe.  In this week I donated 95% of my clothes. Now I’m faced with the incredibly exciting task of building my clothing collection over from scratch. I LOVE and ADORE shopping!

Over the years while I was modelling and working in different spheres of society,  I’ve learned a lot about what makes a perfect or close to perfect wardrobe.  Style is personal,  and it’s up to us to embrace and find our style.  You can come on this journey with me, I will share some thoughts and tips. Just like with a buffet,  you can take what you like and spit out the bones. 🙂 I recognise that people are in different stages of their life,  so I searched the Internet high and low to find the best prices available for the items I show.

I’d advice you  strongly that you read this ( ) before reading the post you are on now.

I’m all about comfort, not getting cold, looking good and spending 5min getting dressed. Like Chanel said: “A women with good shoes can never be ugly.” While I was picking out the winter shoes,  I kept in mind that when the shoe/boot gets added to the outfit it should instantly make the outfit appear like I spend a lot of effort in my outfit, but actually it was done effortlessly. I’m about looking good in 5min. 

When I look for shoes I wear at home, I want something comfortable,  warm, and slide in my feet easy for when I want to quickly take a walk or get fruit.


These are the boots I’m looking into buying and also good inspirations!

1. Normal casual days: (usually at home or the local food/fruit market)








With these boots I would style a pair of leggings, with an oversized warm sweater.

Something like this: a0a7ff1bf1745f37b75ceb49cd47c77cor 91d759d54fec0157dd596c6e07249bfd

If you are looking to invest in boots: I ordered it today. It was on sale. It was 790$ now it’s 474$ (

If you are on a budget 39.99$ (

If you don’t have that much money, but still want to look good: 9.99$ Most of their shoes are 10 dollars and less. I have a friend that shops here and she loves the shoes. (

2. When I go out (shopping, restaurants, etc)

When I shop for shoes to go shopping or go to restaurants to, my main concern is comfort & highly stylish because these places normally have a more fancier vibe than your local meat market. I want to present myself stylish, but I do not want to suffer or get cold. I love wedges, but I always make sure to inquire if the heel is light or heavy. I detest heavy heels. I want to move quick, and look good. Small things like these that makes a big difference in your day or when you think about going out. No one likes the thought of “I love going out, but the heels leave blisters on my feet for a week.” I’ve been there and done that. Nope, nope not again.







With these I would style a coat and a handbag and choose either the coat or handbag to be the statement piece.

Something like this  f782b125f70fe3aecbe31a8e72dcfc59or 6803cd57cb6a8eda36b5119b731c7575

If you want to invest in boots: Burberry. Com and are always good options.

If you are on a budget: Top shop.  I saw boots from 36$. I personally shop here and their shoes are quality.  (

If you do not have money but want boots similar to this: 12$ I have not tried this place yet, but the reviews are good and the boots are fashionable. With boots only 12$ I think one should consider that the quality equals the price. And it really works for some people! It looks great, but don’t go buying it thinking it’s Marc Jacobs quality and then end up writing a bad review. (Haha).  (Btw I’m not sponsored for this post)

3. When I feel ‘fancy’ or I’m in the mood to dress up.





With any type of heel I normally look for something like a platform of some sort. I find it more comfortable while looking fashionable.

I would style it with trousers (pants) and a fur jacket as the statement piece.  Or a dress, with a coat and maybe a hat as an accessory.

Something like this: 85b0a01931ebd53f3392c9a424592555or 674dc0b9364e8eddb80b62aa7d5a27a8 1cf04caf97bb98f59eba1ffeebac519eplus

That dress plus this coat

That dress plus this coat

If you want to invest in boots: Marc Jacobs is my personal favourite

If you are on a budget: 40$ . I bought a plain coat here before and I was happy with it.

If you don’t have money but still want to look good: Like I said I have not tried the shoes for myself, but my friend recommends it. All their boots are like 10$.

Here are some accessories that goes well with boots as accent pieces.

Different hats, bags and shades:2015-02-17 23.31.49

As I’m starting my clothing collection from scratch and writing these posts, I’m also buying some items. I will do a haul soon on what I have so far. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this!

Sweet dreams or good morning  lovers! 😚


10 thoughts on “Winter basics – Starting your wardrobe collection from scratch (boots addition)

      • You’re welcome! 😀 That’s amazing! I need to do that too hehe, it’s so helpful if you already know all the price range for different brands! 😀 Haha definitely! Shopping is so therapeutic, it’s addicting! 😛



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