Winter basics. -Starting your wardrobe collection from scratch

I’ve moved recently and donated 95% of my clothes. This made me indescribably happy as I always wanted to give all my clothes away and buy new clothes. Go-WINTER-GILL-AND-MYRA

Now I have the perfect excuse. With 5% clothes left, I have to start my clothing collection over. I’ve decided to take the minimalistic approach to create an everyday – gorgeous – look.  I love looking gorgeous,  but I never have the time, so when I shop, I shop for pieces  that goes well together. It must take less than 5 min to complete a look and give the impression I put effort in, but in fact it was effortlessly done.

Here is a few pieces I’m looking in to buying for winter. Winter is only in two months, but I had my fare share of summer. I fainted twice and was hospitalized  once, because of heat. So shopping for winter clothes two months in advanced is understandable.  It is also cheaper, you will have the clothes when winter starts, which means you look good before everyone else and you never have to worry about clothes being sold out! This is inspiration and also the pieces I’m looking in to buying.

Faux fur coats (throw it over any outfit and the outfit will instantly look gorgeous! ) b4922b0af1c82013fb16b4b63ff9ec52 cd528953f425d1f3b67ebfee1b9bd754 09417d4d5b0eedded7a55cc518d7002e acf77d4f2addba1993861f8f2a0c4bb9


If you want to invest: direct link to designer faux fur coats:

If you are on a budget: I know someone with a fur vest from there, so I can say that it is quality. It starts from 38$

If you really do not have much money, you can still look good: Amazon. I saw there is a really good looking one for 23$. However, you have to check the reviews and I can’t personally say whether it is good or not. I guess it’s a risk.

Either way, when you look into buying a faux fur coat, it’s going to be more pricey than your normal clothes, because it does much more for your wardrobe and style. Also faux fur  fabric is expensive to manufacture.

2. Leather jacket with a dress. (This is my go to look. It takes less than 5 min.  Just grab a dress and a little leather jacket and the result will be a fashionably put together look)





Dresses and leather jackets are everywhere. Around every corner. It’s not necessarily for me to give prices and shops, as there are so many eh!

3. Leather trousers/pants (This is not a winter basic, but it makes for a good look and also a way to bring dimension to your wardrobe if until now it only existed of different colour jeans 😉




4. Accessories (add this to finish of the look)

2e0d19e656b12ad752708d8831347e51 (As an accent piece, maybe with a black outfit)

acf77d4f2addba1993861f8f2a0c4bb9 (Neutral colour bags goes well with different outfits)

u3m4aw-l (A pair of shades completes the look)

I like “one piece” like a dress, a jacket etc so; I only take two items to put on . I’m not a big fan of layering. I do not like to layer( just because layering takes more time and thinking “what matches what”) But that is just me. If you do love layers,  go ahead 🙂 Also, I do not like to get cold therefore I buy thick coats and thick dresses.

My next post I will be discussing vital basic shoes for winter  🙂

I hope this post helps and that you enjoyed reading it! 😚


18 thoughts on “Winter basics. -Starting your wardrobe collection from scratch

  1. What a great excuse to go shopping!! HAHAH! I’d love to donate my clothes but then I’m too broke to shop for a new set of wardrobe. Maybe after I graduate and get a job. :))


      • If only I could only wear all my clothes for a one-time use, I definitely would, but I would be all naked by the time I ran out LOL I just can’t wait to get a job and shop any time I want!! xD Yes I’l definitely do a post on that in the future or sooner! 😀


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