How to get a Sporty chic look ft FANATICS! #ootd

You all know I’m a fanatic when it comes to dressing chic, in whatever I do.

So ofcourse when I’m out on the field playing or supporting my favorite team, a girl’s gotta look good. is the perfect shop that I go to when I’m looking for that quality statement piece!

I hope you like what I came up with 🙂 I included my sporty chic look & for the second look I used jersey as an accent piece for a statement.



2015-02-13 19.24.53

After training

2015-02-13 18.45.16

Add shades, lipstick and leather jacket to complete sporty chic look

2015-02-13 18.43.22

For more inspiration, here is another look I’ve put together.


For my sporty chic looks I selected an accent jersey of my favourite team and in the colours I like. It is the perfect statement piece. I like the jersey because it’s long wearing. I can pair it with selected clothes to get a chic sporty look when I’m supporting my favorite team or I can wear it when I’m training. The material is perfect for both situations (100% polyester) I like the fact that they have an easy 365 day return on products! If you are looking for a legit,  high quality jersey of your favourite team, go on their website. They have ALL the information on there that you are looking for. They even have a section for people who are not that into jerseys but wants to look good. Quote: “For those fans who may not want to be a baller and drop big money on the authentic jersey, we have some Reebok NFL Jerseys still in stock and on sale” Amazing, right??!! Yeah I’ve been on this website quite a few times… 😊

You can find the jersey here:

Check out Fanatics website here

and their jersey page for a huge variety of jerseys:

See you later lovers!! 😚


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